Two Times A Lady
by Errpo

i feel your warmth from behind

the slippery tug of ecstasy

i look into eyes like my own

rimmed with bushy darkness

brows heavy and wet with

sweet perspiration

in front of me, lost in pleasure's kiss

the roll of hips against my rhythm

the fire in my loins

edging the surface, threatening

our eyes meet again,

exchanging a secret passion

a touch, hand to hand to hand

3 times over, electric

3 times over, the lust of 3

i feel the familiar heat in my loins

and burst at same with the room

the delight like stars in my field of vision

i am sinking into the deep

once, twice, three times

and six eyes watch

we come together and she

is once, twice, 3 times a lady

six lips touch

and sleep is like a cloud

which takes us in
About Errpo:
Atlanta-based freelance writer and self-proclaimed poet and lyricist.
Currently in event planning and promotions in the Atlanta area, as well as
working as a personal valet/assistant. Currently working on 3 book projects,
each markedly different from the others. 35 years young and still looking to
life for more experience to draw from and report on.
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