by Adia

Tonight I will be inspired as I
Undress you with my eyes
My fingertips and my hands will undress me
As you undress me, slowly I will want for nothing
And want everything, all of you. tonight I will submit to
The wetness between my legs
The rubbing of my thighs
And now my breasts are full, supple and womanly.
ALL because of you, I feel my body crave in ways that only
you bring out of me.
Tonight there is no need for the rabbit, the rabbit will play
on a rainy night, a lonely night but tonight, we will play.
I will play and you my love, will watch my fingers indulge in
my labia, my clitoris my pussy scented
That, morning scent vagina,
That, bathe in cucumber melon body wash scent vagina,
That, long day at work scent vagina,
That, sweat scent vagina,
That, daydreaming of you scent vagina,
And here and now that, luscious, sweet dripping taste of
And yes it is mine to tease you with but baby this is all yours.
Yours of the taking, yours for the touching, the kissing and
yours for the tasting
And you know how I like it.
Wet, slow, fast and tornado style
My pussy senses are in overdrive, baby don’t stop
Because a talent like yours is a terrible thing to waste.
Remember when you fingered me in the kitchen,
In her dorm room, next to my sister hoping she wouldn’t see
but we both know she could hear my pussy,
Smell my pussy and you remember how my pussy tasted?
Oh baby, read this and remember what a woman tastes like
when she sweats for you
Curves her breasts for you
Her legs inclined to move and shake for you
And yes her pussy drips and tastes like sweet nectar
heaven for you
Because she needs this too.
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©2006 by Adia
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