Venus in Chains
by Rhonda Laurel

I took a sip from your golden chalice.
Intending to find a fruity, vibrant, voluptuous nectar
conjured up by the Gods.
Intoxicating in smell and visually pleasing to the eye.
Decadence infused with sultry exhilarating passion.

Surprisingly the taste did not agree with me.
You asked if something were wrong.
I replied that I didn’t think your syrupy hand could produce something
that would make me wince.
Tasted more like something made by Mars.

Then suddenly a breeze blew by.
A breeze that was hot and cold and wet and dry.

Should I shield myself from the heat?
Or should I bundle up in a winter parka?
Should I put up my umbrella?
Or should I perform a ceremonial dance and pray for rain?

If only love were simple.

Immune to the elements and even in temperament.
Seen through blind eyes and heard through deaf ears.
No lies of false beauty and marred expectations.
And felt with the beating organ that sustains us all.

You asked me if this taste was something that could go grow on me.
I replied that I would regret adjusting my palette for something that was not
quite as delicious as it initially appeared to be.

Perhaps if Venus had not been in chains I would have been more
willing to become your impermanent captive.
About Rhonda Laurel:
Rhonda Laurel lives in New Jersey and is pursuing her dream of being an
author.  She began her writing career in 1995 with her first written, first
published short story ‘Playing For Keeps’ in the quarterly review A Place to
Enter.  She has been published in The Writer’s Post Journal, on 400 Words.
com, The Concelabratory Shoehorn Review and Bareback Magazine.
In addition to poetry, she also writes short stories, essays and novels.  She
is currently working on Duality of Love a novel with a compelling heroine
that she hopes to bring to life in the future.  

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