by Diar

The damage has been done.

My love for you has gone viral,

and my bloodstream is saturated

with the constantly rolling

current of the madness of desire.

The dream of your lips against my flesh

bruises worse than

the third-degree burn

that ate away at my left shoulder

as I laid there by your side

watching your soft, smooth Macedonian skin

turn a deeper and deeper brown under

the heat of the afternoon Australian sun.

My love for you has gone nuclear

and there were no sirens scratching the air

warning me that you were coming to disease me for

You stole my heart away when I wasn’t looking

and now all I can feel is you

as I yearn for a return to the sea,

the waves as melancholy as my soul

longing for a chance

to kiss your lips and caress

the bronze-cast shore of your body.
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About Diar:
Diar is a freelance copy editor/proofreader pursuing full-time work in the editorial division
of the publishing industry. His educational background is in Literature, Art History,
Philosophy, and Religion. He is a poet and critical prose essayist, with several publishing
credits in both genres in print and on the web. His literary field specialization is the long
19th century from the French Revolution through the early Modern novel, with particular
focus on the evolutionary changes of the Gothic, Romanticism, Decadence and
Aestheticism, and Orientalism. His religious and philosophical interests focus on the
various sects of mysticism, as well as Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Overall, he
continues to hold a strong interest in and love for the different aspects of the arts and
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