by Randy Resh

Virgin's dew reminds me of you
bathing in bond of lover's hue.

Virgin's dew, Le juste milieu:
when we're Here,
en France;
solving the green, red and gold.

Virgin's dew chains me to you;
'mordial mortal matrix,
duplicitous double helix:
alchemic sol et lune.

Virgin's dew tries me too...
how I put up with your husband and
all of his pitifully-insignificant whinings of
something which mercifully escapes me right now.

But virgin's dew endears me to virtue;
that giggling little girl I woke up with,
frolicking unashamed
in the mouth of our naked morning star.

Virgin's dew, my babe of the Babylon blue.
So 'deuscing and delicate, inspirate you:
Slut and my saviour;
'suaging, sagely screw.

Virgin's dew smells like you
sweating magic tears of pheromone
in the light of God's very own breath.

And virgin's dew fuels fantasies of you
when I'm all by my lonesome,
in sublimest, finest fucking form I
cannot help but possibly think of you.

Virgin's dew, my tailored taste of taboo:
kissing Rose Crosses with a feather of silk
on this begging body when I'm all tied-up.

Yes, virgin's dew still reminds me of you
when I'm not quite finished here yet;
savouring enigmatic, idiosyncratic,
mmm... samadhic you.

Virgin's dew, my confessor & confidant who
calls on God with my feeble name of something less;
I am not worthy of you.

Virgin's dew, so becumming of you:
my None and 0nly;
I Adore You.

Virgin's dew, how ever I love you too:
with every aching ounce of
my sun and bonum;
this day am I hopelessly devoted to you.
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About Randy Resh:

Randy Resh is a media producer & former gallery director who has enjoyed the
honour and privilege of working with many distinguished figures in such capacities.  
As a poet, his credits include a solo title ("In Search of the Master Rose", Sol in
Ariez 1995), with contributions to numerous journals, anthologies, CDs and
broadcast spots.   He is currently cutting more videos and documentaries while
finishing 2 books which are to be collaborations with visual artists Harold Klunder
and Menno Krant.  He lives in Toronto, Canada with his cats Ashlar and Samadhi.