by Asperwood

I want to run my hands along your neck
Slowly dipping down your spine
Touching you seductively
Enticing you like w! arm red wine

I want to run my fingers down your back
Pressing myself into your curves
Removing the tension you feel inside
Awakening all off your nerves

I want to run my nails along your skin
Pressing them deep into you
The heat arising on your body
There is nothing you can do

I want to see your nipples become erect
Touching them so smooth
Making your body hot beneath my touch
As you become completely soothed

I want to run my tongue down your breasts
Caressing every part
Sliding over and under and around
Your body is like a work of art

I want to kiss your delicate mouth
Twirl my tongue inside
Feel your wetness begin to rise
Let it slip and slide

I want to run my fingers deep inside
Feel you shake beneath me
My fingers deep in you
As I bring you over the edge of ecstasy

I want you so bad I can taste it
I want you so bad I feel it
I want you so bad I crave it
I want you s! o bad I hate it
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©2015 by Asperwood
All rights reserved.
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