Warm Mouth
by Dean Jéan-Pierre

Your mouth is warm, inviting
Wet like a dream I had of you last night
Inside surrounded by white walls I’m easily captured
Sucked into a river of hot saliva I relinquish control
In this world of the unknown
I’m no longer sure of who or what I am
Darkness wraps itself around me and I quiver
All my senses are drained and I lay there weakened
For a moment, paralyzed, unable to move
I look to you for all the answers
You reach for me again
It will be sometime before I regain my strength
For now, I will rest, soft in my sleep.

Sangria Nights

Dinner was wonderful my love
Across the table you sit so serenely beautiful
The Sangria reminds me of Spain and sombreros
Each fruit I swallowed tasted like you
Strawberries I savored,
Sucking all its juices until it was lifeless
Soon my love, your nectar will replenish my mouth
The bedroom is too far away
We can make a bed right here on the table
Tonight, every orifice on your body
My tongue will fill.
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