We are one
by Rejowen

I hear the rumble of your little red truck and my heart skips a beat.
I open the door and step outside. One look and I can't breathe.
Your eyes are shining with their hazel gleam as you help me in my
seat. I wonder what is on your mind. You hold my hand on the way
to the little one bedroom trailor you call home. When we arrive you
open the door for me. We sit on your old leather couch and talk
for awhile.

Suddenly you lean over and press your sweet full lips on mine. I
moan as your warm wet tongue strokes mine. I run my fingers
through your short brown hair and press closer to you. That's
when you pick me up with such slight ease and carry me to your
bedroom. You lay me on those blue satin sheets and ever so
slowly slip my shirt over my head.

I struggle with every button as I bare your chest to me. You kiss
my neck as I run my finger tips across your back. As you fuss with
my lacey bra I nibble the sensitive area behind your ear. I beg you
to take me now. Yet you still take your time, paying attention to
every inch of searing flesh as it is exposed. As we remove the rest
of our confining garments you caress my breasts. Teasing each
nipple into hard twin peaks.

You slide your tongue across my belly until you reach the rosy
flesh and taste me. I cry out your name as waves of pleasure heat
my skin. I am pleading with you now. Needing you inside me. Yet
once again you wait. Suddenly I am racked by both pleasure and
pain. My world is spinning as you rise above me. As you push
inside me I am tight and wet. You capture my scream with your
mouth as we find our rythm in this dance of lovers. We rock and
moan and you whisper how much you love me. I scream your
name and rake my nails down your back. Now we are sweaty and
shaking. I can tell your close. I raise my hips to meet your every
thrust. Our breaths are shallow and quick as our bodies join
together in harmony.

I begin to quiver as your hands tighten on my skin. Then in a flash
we are screaming each others names as we find our release. Our
eyes are wild as stars flicker before them. You kiss me lightly as
you lower your glistening body next to mine. My legs are shaking
as your fingers trace my arm. This is when I realize not only are we
in love.
We are one.  
About Rejowen:

Rejowen is a 24 years old, christian. She is married and a mother
of two. She has a 3 year old daughter and a seven month old son.
Rojowen has been writing for almost all her life. She has
composed in all genres. Her other passion is singing.
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