"Who Said Married People Don't Fuck?"
by Ebony Princess©

a slow start to the ultimate climax.

i start by teasing you with the form fitting, scoop neck tank i'm wearing. it hugs my
waist and stretches over my hips stopping just above the white boy short panties
i'm wearing. they fit my ass like a glove. i should be a spokesperson for Nelly's
applebottom jeans. at least a model.    

damn! talk about FINE!!

my pussy is freshly shaven and the skin is smooth & stimulating as i rub my legs
together in anticipation. i hear the shower running so i insert the flic you just
rented from the store you vowed to never enter. i fix myself a drink and leave the
bottle for you. all thugged out; know how you do. i roll a blunt & wait for you to fire
it up. the play button is pressed as you climb in bed naked. no need to get
dressed. we puff puff pass    rubbing, stroking, & squeezing ass.  you drive me
insane when you get on my tits;  loving your tongue & finger flicks.  i respond by
moaning, groaning & grinding my hips.            

i lick my fingers before i stroke your balls and your dick.                    
finally i put my mouth places my fingers had been.    

you moan & squeeze my titties as i take you in.      
i kiss, lick and suck you again & again;   
til its shining,    gleaming.  
it's swollen & throbbing...jumping!    
you?re fingering & caressing, getting me wetter & wetter.   
almost got the clic lick down to the letter.
keep doing it like you doing it;
you're getting better & better.                                                                   

what drove me to the brink,            
and pushed me right over the peak is when you did that reverse 6 - 9 on me.

that thing drove me....

wooo  wee!!!

when you were stroking my mouth with that big black dick AND kissing, licking and
sucking my clic

ooooh  ooh that...that shit...

when you did that shit.  that...that was it.  

that...that did the trick.
i was cuming & cuming & you were all over my clic.
i shook & i screamed but the sound was muffled by your dick.

oh shit
i'm getting...     
i'm getting too into this.   
i think i feel a little twitch.  
getting...getting all moist just remembering

About Ebony Princess:

Ebony Princess was born in Mobile, Al. She currently resides in Stone Mountain,
GA She is employed full-time as a Traffic Manager of interactive (online) media.
Ebony Princess is a divorced, single mother of one. She loves reading, writing,
riding horses, watching movies, cooking, and spending time with friends & family.

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