Woman's Natural Treasure
by Roague

in the deepest recesses

of my "mine"
not the brain

in my head
but that gold filled mine

of a treasure "chest"
about a foot lower

than my breast chest
that diamond cut peak

buried right below the mound
warmer than a fresh baked brown-ie
particular only to she,

w/o trying it tantalizes he
the heart is the strongest muscle?
well with the pull this organ has
constantly flexin more "muscle"
singularly surrounding, engulfing and in some ways swallowing
whole - a member

of that reproductive gang
also known as

that seductive gang
nite after nite it bangs
digging deeper and deeper
into an abyss

of reflexive pulses
more electrifyng

than magnetic pulses
sending shock waves

not just the miner
but the ore

nestled within
to the core

of each being
drawing forth

the riches of nature
in its rawest form
yet beautifullest for him
and her
his stick
her fire
who can match
Our truest Desire
About Roague:
Roague began writing poetry and short stories in elementary school.  Dance
and choreography soon took over as her main focus, but writing remained an
important form of expression.  Eventually songs joined the many poems
throughout the years.  After graduating with an A.A. in Liberal Arts, Roague
moved to Las Vegas. She is currently a dance instructor. Roague plans to
obtain a degree in Performing Arts as well as further her career in the
entertainment industry.
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