Wondering Hands
by Kyle Driver

Fingers rolling over your breast
Thumping heart inside your chest
Slowly the pace stops on a nipple
Warm and soft fingers did ripple

Hand that is firm but soft did it cup
Left you wondering wonder what's up
Curved is your body this hand caress
Under laced bra clip and undress

Full your breast warm soft and supple
Soft warm lips slowly they suckle
Firmly together nipples collide
Over nipples tweak fingers glide

Lower the movement did this hand
Sliding softly where will it land
Tickling over womanly hip
Softly and firmly pressing moist lip

Five wondering fingers over your mound
Searching out heat moisture and sound
Moans you make setting the pace
Pleasure experiencing shown on your face

Wrist and forearm move into action
Insert two fingers a lifting reaction
Slowly flexing forearm muscle
Working firm hand under sheet tussle

Extremely wet warm with friction
Harder now hand with conviction
Moans and groans twitching and lift
Aiding the hand motion more swift

Continuing action experience pleasure
Nearly impossible feeling to measure
Flushing with moisture final reaction
Slower now ease every contraction

Slower slower the hand does caress
Your hand over his sexual mess
Together warm rub inside your thighs
Deeply looking satisfying those eyes
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