Would You Believe?
By Violette Early

Would you believe …?
There will always be wars
Just like some women will always be whores.
The people who think they have reason for hate.
It’s just like having an excuse when they’re
Wrongfully late.
Someone said to me, “don’t be arrogant; it is wrong”.
And a minute later he’s laughing at a humble man’s song.
A great congressman was put out of his seat?
While a prejudice governor was eyeing the
President’s seat.
Someone said to me, “I wish you were white”.
And as we moved closer, they turned off the light.
I know a poet and people laughed at his beard.
But it is just the thought of Jesus their sinful
Eyes feared.
There are some people who hate any race.
And if you look closely; to them life is just a waste.

Would You Believe …?
Someone said to me, “how could you like Sweden?
Where there’s suicides all the time?
But here in New York City murder is just a past time.

Last night I heard a man screaming for help.
When I arrived he said he was drunk and lost all
of his wealth.
With the world going at its present pace.
Who knows tomorrow we might be all blown away
From the whole earth’s face.
An old woman was robbed and hit on the head.
The thief was shocked and cried, for it was his mother
To whom he had did
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