Christmas Loving & Hello!!Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Loving
EyesSoBlue ©

Hey little girl...Have you been good
Done all the things you told Santa you would
All those thoughts in your pretty little head
Blushing all over as you lie in bed

You better get up and get yourself dressed
Pick out something sexy and look your best
Hang the mistletoe and turn on the lights
Get ready for Santa..He's coming tonight

Wrap your presents and put'em under the
Light the fire-place..Turn off the TV
It won't be long..The time is near
You'll hear footsteps and know he's here

Go through the rooms..Make everything right
It may be Christmas..But this is your night
The candles are lit..The fire-place aglow
You better check again on the mistletoe

The coffee is perking..The eggnog is chilled
He thinks I won't..I'll show him I will
My heart's a flutter..I'm nervous as can be
I love him so but will he still want me

I remember all the good times we had before
Like'catch me if you can'and'race you to the
It's been so long since we've had a night
'Oh look at the snow'What a beautiful sight'

I think it's all ready..Now let me see
Put on some music..'Oh lord look at me'
I have to get ready,what's the time,I don't
Will he want me like this..I don't think so

I'll take a long hot bath..Just see if I care
What time is it now..DAMN,look at my hair
I am so excited..Where's my smelly stuff
Look at the bubbles..I think that's enough

I'll pat myself dry so I'm all rosy and pink
Look in the mirrow,now what do you think
Put some of this powder in just the right
And now to do something about this face

I'll put some of this here and some of that
Now brush the tangles out of my hair
Dab perfume here and here and hereee
Put the gold hoops in my ears

Now I'm ready..This didn't take long
'I don't even have my panties on'
I can't answer the door naked as can be
But I bet that's how he would like me

Panties and bra..'Where the hells my dress'
Am I shook up..Oh hell yes
'Lipstick'Lipstick'There on the bed'
This I do know..He'll want my lips red

Now I'm as ready as I'll ever be
Go down stairs..First I have to pee
All this work and getting dressed to
Just to be naked before the night is through

And all the naughty thoughts going through
my head
I have to calm down..Oh look at my bed
Fluffy and full and already turned down
Just the place for some messing around

Will he remember the look on my face
The nights of pleasure at'The House Of
All the loving that two people could do
The sighs and cries and yes I love you

I need to stop thinking of these sexy things
Go downstairs..'Where's my watch and rings'
I'd lose my a-- if it wasn't with me
He'll have fun tonight..Tee Hee Hee

I've checked everything..Went over it twice
He'll be here soon'DAMN I look nice'
This dress is a killer and fits like a glove
'Oooh I look hot'and so much in love'

I'll show a little leg and maybe just a bit
Of these fantastic looking'AW S---'
What a time to break a nail
What time is it now..'Dammit it to hell'

I'm like the little virgin of long ago
Not knowing what I want but wanting it so
Those hot breathless kisses that made me
And those funny feelings I had never felt

'Was that a car door I just heard slam'
'Am I ready for him'..'You bet I am'
'Is that his footsteps coming up the walk'
'My mouth is so dry I can hardly talk'

There's the door bell and here I go
Now open the door real easy and slow
On my face will be a surprise
Once I look into those big blue eyes

He said'hello honey'it's been a long time'
'I hope tonight is just yours and mine'
I jumped in his arms and kissed him so deep
The love I was feeling I started to weep

As our lips parted he gave me that grin
And said'I think we better go in'
'We don't want the neighbors to see what we
'When I scream your name it's for only you'

As I shut the door he gave me a pat
Said'cute as ever and lord I loved that'
Then he pulled me to him and gave a soft
When he kissed me again there were tears
in my eyes

He said'Merry Christmas love'you're a
beautiful sight'
I said'Merry Christmas honey'what a
wonderful night'
He said'I love you and I'm home to stay'
'Do you still love me in the same ole way'

If he only knew what a day this has been
I'll break his neck if he ask that again
I just kissed him and put his hands there
What time is it now'hell I don't care'

I just felt him and loved what I felt
As he touched me again I began to melt
All he was doing I just wanted more
I felt my dress sliding to the floor

I heard him whisper'this is our night'
And hells bells'what a beautiful sight'
As he undressed..what should appear
A shiney red nose and it wasn't a deer

This was all him and he was all mine
I knew this night would last a long time
With kissing me here and touching me there
All I could do was cling to his hair

Then somebody screamed and said'I love you'
I didn't know where and I didn't know who
I was climbing up to that place in the sky
Then he filled me up and I started to cry

The stars exploded and the sky turned to
Over and over I screamed out his name
I pulled him so deep and held him so tight
This was Christmas and this is our night

Then he whispered'it's just as before'
'And just like before I just want you more'
We were so close and he was so deep
Tonight for us there would be no sleep

While still inside me he began to grow
And then my hips were moving real slow
'Do you know the time'he whispered real low
I grinned and said'who the hell wants to

Then I took him to heaven and met him
right there
The sensation of loving just laid our souls
This was a passion that dreams was made of
This was Christmas and this was my love
Hello !! Merry Christmas !!
EyesSoBlue ©

Hello!! Merry Christmas!! Hope you are fine
Want you to know that you're on my mind
Memories come around this time of year
Like ole hometown and when you were here

Guess I shouldn't even mention this
Remember the night we first shared a kiss
That erotic moment we couldn't let go
Hello!! Merry Christmas!! Just want you to

We had special times back in our past
I think we both knew it couldn't last
But the times we shared made memories for
I'd do it again just so we could be

A lot of years have went through my mind
And you were there many a time
You filled an emptyness when I was alone
I filled a need while you were gone

So Hello!! Merry Christmas!! From deep in
my heart
Know that you're missed since we've been
All that you were and all that you are
Look to the skies for I named a star

It carries your name and it's filled with love
At night it twinkles and sends down the love
Look real close tonight you might see
Hello!! Merry Christmas!! To you..from me
©2005 by  EyesSoBlue
All rights reserved.
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