You: The Book of My Desire
by Diar

I want to read

the book of your flesh;

I want to learn the scriptures

of your skin off by heart,

and keep the verses penned

on your fingers

locked away

in the poetry-cluttered archive

of my savant’s memory.

I want to run my fingertips through

the endless chapters of your long,

light-brown hair, and kiss

the secret Braille whispers

hidden in the bold print of your lips.

I want to search the index

of your smooth alabaster limbs

for the answer to the riddle cast

in the silent Mystery-play

of your bright blue eyes;

from the As of your arms down to

the Ts of your thighs, thumbing my way up

from the Cs of your calves to the

Ns of your nipples and

the soft white foam of your neck.

I want to listen

to the audio-book of your heart

and trace the patterns of its voice-beats

in the lines of the palms

of your hands. I want to finish

the autobiography of your body

by adding the pages of mine

to your own, and rewrite the meter

of the rhythm of your breath

to fit the prosaic systole-diastole of my own.

I want to explore the plotlines of your legs

and delve into the fluid characters

of your shoulder-blades, down the tightly

spine of your back

to the table of contents of your ass-cheeks.

I want to learn how to read

the book of your naked form

without needing a translation,

a dictionary, or thesaurus.

I want to wake and smell the natural scent

of your text-taut skin against my own

as I embrace the unworn binding

of the book of your body

and kiss the marks my lips left in your margins

when I first recited the medieval romance of
About Diar:
Diar  is a freelance copy editor/proofreader pursuing full-time work in the
editorial division of the publishing industry. His educational background is in
Literature, Art History, Philosophy, and Religion. He is a poet and critical
prose essayist, with several publishing credits in both genres in print and on
the web. His literary field specialization is the long 19th century from the
French Revolution through the early Modern novel, with particular focus on
the evolutionary changes of the Gothic, Romanticism, Decadence and
Aestheticism, and Orientalism. His religious and philosophical interests
focus on the various sects of mysticism, as well as Christianity, Hinduism,
and Buddhism. Overall, he continues to hold a strong interest in and love
for the different aspects of the arts and humanities.   
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