by Ginalynn

I imagine your hands running over my skin
and this is where my fantasy begins
I inhale its there
Your exotic smell I know so well
and deeper into my fantasy i just fell
close my eyes and i am looking into yours
for you hold the key to all of pleasures doors
Lick my lips and I taste you
and think of all your kisses on me
close my eyes and all theses thoughts set me free
and I cant wait until the next moment
you and I
are we.


I am your vessel that you ride through the night
Pounding me harder Until you feel right.
Its me underneath you  cant you see?
But the revenge in your thrust belongs to her not me
For shes under someone else now this you know
But you'll give me her punishment
For its the only way you know
I lay before you  so I'll take this lashing
Eventually its ME you'll find,
When you find yourself crashing
For now I'll remain torn to pieces
Healing will come when your revenge towards her ceases.
About Ginalynn:
Ginalynn is a 28 years old New York native. She started writing when she was
11 and it has remained a constant through her life. Ginalynn starting writing
erotic pieces about 10 years ago and it flows from her so naturally. She can't
imagine it not being part of her life.   
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