Your Ass
by David Rutter

It’s time I demonstrate
My deep respect
My awe
To that shining monument
To erotic perfection
Your ass
In my heart I believe
The pinnacle of creation
Here on earth
Is that miniature mountain
Of satin enrapture
Your ass
Would gladly trade
Their souls
To be worshipped
The way I worship
Your ass
Your ass has got my body tingling; my senses
burning; my head reeling. I need to get my hands all
over it; to rub my naked skin against it; to press my
swollen cock against it; to experience it in all it’s lovely
facets. When I look at your ass I say to myself, “Look
at that exquisite work of art. If there is an ass like that,
there must be a God. And God is benevolent. And
God is good. God is a loving God. For he gave this
world the sea and the sky. He gave this world the
plants and animals. He gave this world his only son.
And he gave this world…YOUR ASS!!!
So allow me to tremble
With anticipation
With lust
As I offer myself
At the holy of holies
Your ass
About David Rutter:
The best way to experience David Rutter's work is to DIVE IN, fists-balled,
teeth clenched, knuckles white and heart seared open. So please- take a
deep breath and JUMP, just don’t say we didn’t warn you.To date: David’s
work has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Dressing Room
Poetry, EunoiaReview, Wilderness House Literary Journal and The Los
Angeles Review of Los Angeles to name but a few. He can be found at the
website of his evil twin @
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