Your Lips
by The Rambling Poet

I bet kissing you would be a profound and overwhelming sensation
I bet your lips would send me on a enrapturing felicity
Shutting down my nerves, sending me into a hypnotic state of  passion
Your lips, I bet, are so warm and inviting to the soul
I can just about feel them in places the sun don't shine, it has to be a sin
I bet your lips will cause your tongue to behave so naughty
Leaving me at you will, leaving me wet, leaving me panting
They already have me here sweating
I would lick your lips like they were a delicacy,
You lick your lips?
I bet you look so dam sexy if you do,
I bet you do, don't you?
I bet they would fit perfectly between my hips
I bet your  lips alone could take me to ecstasy
I may even get  stuck there, which is fine baby
As long as your lips bring me back slowly
Softly bring me down, gently, regardless if I'm begging you to stop
Ignore me, I know not what I say
Just let your lips play
Until mine cry  in release of that sweet nectar
About The Rambling Poet
The Rambling Poet is a 30 year old writer originally from Morganton, North
Carolina. In 2001, she moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to find outlets to help
bring out her writing skills. In 2006 she let her job relocate her to Montgomery,
Alabama, where she is at present,  however she's working on relocating back to
Charlotte or even New York so she can be around those of common ground in
writing. Her love is poetry and writing stories, this is her way of retreating from
everyday life. She hopes to use her talent to make a difference in others lives and
be a published writer one day.
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