Your Woman
by T.L. Hughes©

I wish I could be your woman
On ebony nights when the haunted
jasmine moon
Sweeps low through skeleton trees
I wish I could let go
On quiet breezes of passion
that escape your lips
Cast me away on the rise
of Hips and thighs in a sea
of bliss and kisses from sunset
To a crimson sunrise
I wish I could warm myself
with just a spark from the fire
That lingers in your eyes
If I could only crawl up inside your soul
Complete your love
Make your fractured spirit whole
Why do I freeze when you come to me
Naked and alone
My man
Submitted only to me in the shelter
of my arms
Cradled soft and gentle
against my breast
Your mouth lingers
But my mind is far away
Lost in the day
Dry as the desert in the harsh light
Of my glass and plastic existance
I wish I could slip from within my skin
And drift away in your embrace
To that place
Where love is a perpetual state of mind
Yet here I am often near sighted
And mostly blind
to the pain you never share
Because the measure of a man is more
Than the distance from here to where
your heart breaks in pain
If I am not your woman then
Do I diminish you by degrees
The masculinity wasted on something
less than me
If I could be your woman
If I could be
You would be forever satisfied.
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