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you’ve been a good girl...
by Audinx Oberon

now spread those legs
and lay back.

you have been working all week
and trying to get home
and workout
and watch some crap
and sync your ipod

so you can go to sleep
and do it again tomorrow.

you are looking for something different today,
but you are going to drink that swill
and talk to some cookie-cutter guy
who tells you nothing knew
and is full of chauvinistic undercurrents.

why don’t you just talk my ears off
and surrender your body?

you will be licked well
and love the sound
of your own squeals.

you are a pretty
and such a clean girl.
it’s time to stop your blabbering
and start your comely stammering.

see that lovely face contort
for the lord of your thighs?

give a thank you and smile
and your mouth for a kiss
that you will never forget.
About Audinx Oberon:
Audinx Oberon works downtown and rides the married people train. He sits
beside himself with reverie every happy hour.

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