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Presenting Paper Pleasures and all things Icarus Publishing

2006 rolls into 2007. As I write this it’s 10 days remaining to Christmas… apologies to
my Editor for shaving the deadline close on this review by the way… anyway it seems
that we are almost done with the year and heading into the next, which means… I need
more things to review.

That brings me to the point of Icarus Publishing, the
only hentai company be it Anime or
Manga that actually spent time sending me anything to review this year. Thank you,
people at Icarus, thank you very much. Anyway this is important because I am about to
finish my run of Icarus Publishing reviews from the rather impressive stock they sent
me, which is nice because I didn’t want to inquire about what comes after this until I
had a score for everything they sent me (more or less).

And for the most part Icarus Publishing did rather well, hanging their titles primarily on
the 4 out of 5 range it has hit a few offshots (2 that were 2 out of 5) and one home run (a
5 out of 5), and for the msot part did rather well for itself if I do say so myself. Full
accounting of all reviews after the reviews, but for now… let’s review.

Or preview as the case may be, because while I am all for a good review some of these
titles do not have enough content in my hands (through the anthology magazine that I
received several issues of for review) for review. Mostly 30% to 40% of content was
available, and at the very least I’d like to work with at least (bare minimum) 50% for a
review. So, with that said, let’s look at a preview of three Icarus Publishing anthologies
that might be on your short list (if you haven’t gotten them already).

Preview of Anyway I Want It

Sorry, no score. These are only previews of the titles. Scores will be available upon full
reviews in the near future.

Of of two titles with 30% ratio of material to overlook, this one basically ran the gambut
from threesome to gang rape to a little one-on-one. Here’s what I read…

Twin System

Apparently you can know next to nothing about that twin (I think it’s her twin) of yours
even if you thought you should know it all. One twin finds out the other is heavily into
sex… oh, and the obligitory male in the scene means we’re getting a threesome and
heavy useage of sextoys for this one. Get the chargers ready and pack extra batteries!

An Echo From Silence

Not so much a surreal ghost sex story as a bunch of punks raping the hot teacher’s
assistant in the school library, and making an audio recording it for posterity. Uh… nice?

After School

Not so hot as the one story I praised last month in Innocence, but this teacher/student
love affair does have it’s quirks as you’ll see.

I think this one might have a 4 out of 5 hung on it’s ratings if it doesn’t, you know, blow
it once I do the full review. Otherwise we’ll see what happens, and where the “chips”
fall, when the full review comes out.


The only 40% review (close but not quite to a scorable review), this one runs the
preview gambut between force and consentual sex.


Ever heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions? This lady slash mother
in law should have minded those words as she is about to learn her good deeds will do
her no good in this rape story (though the guys she’s being raped by seem to have
fallen off the short bus as you hear their final comments).

Private Room

Guy who is losing faith in his 9 to 5 office job finds a new reason to stay when he finds
the hot office lady masturbating in the men’s bathroom, and after hot sex decides to
become her new “master” (and she couldn‘t be happier about that)… yeah, like that’ll
happen in a real office. Uh-huh.

Let’s Party

One guy, one wide awake female and one sleepy female… somewhere along the line we
might have a threesome, or at least two twosomes along the run of this short story that
seems to happen after a party or the sex is the party or whatever.

Go, Go, China Girl!

Here we go, the endearing story of the preview! A bit of a twist on the Endless
Serenade plot as guy who finally realizes the woman of his dreams is unaccessible
quickly (and I mean quickly because this is a short story) finds out the woman he saw as
sisterly is in fact the woman he was meant for. Liked the twist ending (don’t worry, it’s
not a horrible twist!)

Basically another potential 4 out of 5... Wait, one more.


Back to the 30% content for review quota as we hit a title that seems to have a theme
with abit over the top sex antics. For instance…

Family Ties Part 1 to 3

No, not a hentai about the TV sitcom starring Michael J. Fox (I think), this one is about a
guy who “keeps” two women as “sisters” and teaches one of them to use her
womanhood in a way only seen in La Blue Girl The Original Manga… and yes, it is as
disturbing as it sounds. Basically threesome bizarre sex that leads to an ending you
might have not seen coming… would you have wanted to see it coming if you could,
however, is more of the question than why you didn’t see this coming. I mean really.

Sister in Law : Titty Hell

Seemingly a story that was supposed to have been a multi-parter like Family Ties from
the way it’s laid out. Huh? How so? Well it’s short, feels as if the story is left hanging at
the end (but not in the “well hung” way, and yes I did mean that pun completely), and
you’re left with the feeling there should have been more.

Why this ended the way it did I do not know, but it is weak for the hanging ending.

Ok, this one may not get a 4 out of 5 for having not so exciting stories in this short look,
and unless the other 6 stories pick up the pace it might only get an even handed
straight level 3 out of 5.

OK. That’s the previews, let’s get the full reviews done with now.

Miku’s Sexual Orgy Diary

2 roadmaps to cut and paste orgasms out of 5

Diaries, the tools by which people used to record their memories and experiences for
posterities sake before the invention of MySpace. Apparently nobody bothered to tell
Miku about MySpace because somehow she felt it necessary to keep a diary of her
sexual antics in Miku’s Sexual Orgy Diary. Uh huh. If there was a diary in need of
“dramatic editing” it’s this one.

Talk about the disturbing side of the fence. Miku somehow ends up the sexual
plaything of a disturbingly gimpy “underdog” kind of guy who uses and abuses her to
excess, making you wonder just what kind of grudge this title’s creator have against
the not-so pretty people out there. With a long line of cut and paste more of the same
sex between her and a dirty old man, students, and a long line of cookie cutter guys
with zero personality this title quickly degrades into a paint by numbers sex fest that
lacks the pure eroticisim that Icarus Publishings’ top 5 out of 5 title Blue Eyes had.

In short if it’s a paint by numbers slogfest of sex scenes that don’t really excite then
there is little reason to spend the full monty of $20 on this title (is there). Sure it’s a one
shot and all, but with far better titles in the Icarus Publishing line-up you can’t help but
feeling you can do better than this.

OK, breakdown time.

Miku’s Sexual Orgy Breakdown

Hentai Hot?

Well… there’s lots of group sex scenes here, but if hentai was sex only we wouldn’t
have had La Blue Girl the Original Manga as a worthy 5 out of 5 for it’s plot driven sex.
On the bright side if you got this as part of a bundle pack of Icarus titles (for either a
discount of so many titles for a few free) then you “paid” what this is worth, a reduced
price to free.

Hentai Not?

As I said above, this is so-so and while getting it for a lowered price is considerable if
you have to pay full price for this then it is so not worth it. Don’t drop $20 for this one,
you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Sexy Bytes?

I guess… the group sex? I am kinda blanking on what’s good about this one.

Scary Bytes?

Oh belive you me there is lots of disturbing here, just not the good kind of disturbing.


Apparently Miku’s creator wasn’t a fan of the gimpy looking average person because
we have a poor guy here who is… well… NOT handsome by any account and he’s
treated like a total jerk. Yeah, nice one. Anyway since the creator aimed low you should
do likewise, and refuse to pay full price for this one.

2 lesbian interventions out of 5.

Slave Contract

4 change of hearts out of 5

Let’s face it, the reason why this one was so long behind the eight ball with a flat even
3 out of 5 (talked about in previous reviews for the past few months) was more because
I wasn’t enamoured with it’s content than any fault of the title itself. Still, it’s not the
work of Slave Contract creator Gorou Horikawa as it is the content of said work that is
bothering me… not a good thing.

This genre is not my fave. Women enslaved by fucked up men, raped and tortured by
said men, not my thang without a question but that isn’t the point isn’t it. This is
whether or not this is recommendable, not whether or not I liked it (right?). This might
not have been my cup of Holiday Pepsi (I miss you Holiday Pepsi! Come back!!) but if you
are into the whole hardcore torture enslavement thing then this might be on your short
list for consideration regarding a spot in your collection.

This stuff creeps me out, yes, majorly. However that didn’t stop me from being even
handed with it as I have been with the horror genre despite the fact I don’t like it,
thanks to Dark Horse mostly since they keep sending me horror titles despite my dislike
of it. Maybe they’re trying to cure me of my dislike of horror titles, though no, no, no,
Icarus Publishing doesn’t need to cure my dislike of titles like Slave Contract. Thanks
but that’s OK, I’m fine the way I am.

In that sense since it’s not all about me and we should focus on the title let’s do it.

Despite the fact it’s not my thing it is solidly done, well crafted, and if you are a fan of
this kind of genre then Slave Contract may be for you. So for a honest score let’s shelf
the oft said 3 out of 5 and be more fair and even handed with this and give it a 4 out of
5 changes of hearts.

There, I did my good deed for the day… maybe… now passeth me the chainsaw ‘cause
most if not all of the creepy males in this title deserve to get spanked Deadite from
Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead video games style. And yes, hail to the king baby, hail to
the king!

One more and we’re done! Hold on!


4 Patriotic turn-ons out of 5

Despite the name, Patriot has nothing to do with flag waving patriotic fevored hentai
sex… though I do have to admit a title about sexually active female officers of the
armed services… oh, wait, best leave sleeping O’Reilly(s) lie… BLOVIATE! Anyway
Patriot is an anthology from Masumaro Jyuubaori who has a thing for Blue Eyes style
women with hefty breasts. Yes. Check it for yourself.

Sibling hate turns into forced sex in Uoroboros as brother and sister relations
breakdown into something of the forced sexual variety with brother on top (figures).

Green shows the ills of public voyerism as a female voyeur becomes her own peep
show when she’s assaulted upon by a group of males only to realize she likes having
sex instead of just watching it.

Punishment brings us back to the dysfunctional family lifestyle as a new mother-in-law
finds out her new son and daughter are doing the naughty together, only to have both
of them jump her and make it a threesome.

Don’t show this one to Marmalade Boy slash Ultra Maniac’s creator, somebody is using
the sport of tennis for ill (and a chance for hot sex) as two female tennis club members
stump for a new member by using their bodies as “incentive” to get him to join (is it
really worth that much to get the table tennis guy to join us?)

That’s Aim for the Aces.

Finally we have Off, which features a new slice of lesbian erotica that once again uses
the whole Parade Parade thing with one female who has that extra something on her for
the threesome to come between her and two sisters who have claimed her as their
“new sister”. Oh, and another sister dons a strapon so there’s a little sextoy action
here too.

Otherwise what the heck. Why is it fans of Yaoi can find a ton of stuff of guy/guy sex
while it is a bit of a hardship to find girl/girl sex that doesn’t seem to somehow involve
a little dickgirl action. Really.

Breakdown time.

Patriotic Breakdown

Hentai Hot?

Yes, this has nothing to do with hot sexed up ladies of the military but it’s still
servicable. Nice.

Hentai Not?

This had about the least stories I didn’t like in terms of likes/dislikes in an anthology
from Icarus. Not bad.

Sexy Bytes?

“Aces”, “Off” (despite one disturbing scene), “Punishment” and (believe it or not)
“Green” are on my list.

Scary Bytes?

There are a few off ones here, just not as many as there were in other anthologies I’ve
reviewed these past few months from Icarus.


I’d say a title about romantic lesbians in uniform might be a hot thing indeed… shhh!
Don’t want the sleeping O’Reilly or any of the culture hating conservatives! Shh!

(whisper) I give this strangely satisfying unpatriotic title Patriot 4 Sleeping O’Reilly(s)
out of 5.

Sleep on, O’Reilly, sleep on.

That’s that! And we did it in our word count! See you next month!

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