Hentai Review Poppers
by David Rasmussen©

Presenting Paper Pleasures’ Reviews of Casa Howhard Volume 1,
Sapphire Volume 1 and Small Favors Volume 2.

2006 has gone and rolled into 2007, and with that we‘ve reached the 1st
Anniversary of Hentai Review Poppers. I was going to do an all lesbian theme
review but, dang, is that not the easiest topic to hang your star about (or find
sufficent content to review)! Still I managed, with one of them being a perfect
title with a perfect score… guess which one that is! But first… how about an
underachiever to start the reviews off.

Sapphire Volume 1

2 Subscriptions to Lesbian Erotica of the Month Bookclub out of 5

Much like last year’s substandard reviews of Sin Sorority and Sexy Sailor
Soldiers, it seems the makers of Sapphire had the wrong idea about what
would sell this title, because for the life of me how can a title that is technically
swimming in lesbian erotica potential fall so short of said potential! A title that
should have celebrated the love between two women becomes instead
cannon fodder for substandard tentacle slash monster rape, and that is just no
damn good in my book.

Color me curious, but a title drowning in naked elfin like females and catgirls
really could have done a helluva lot better than all the excessive
tentacle/monster rape in the title, and focused more on it’s nubile female cast
than on monster molestation. Yet it seems another Japanese creator has
dropped the ball, deciding to go right down the dirty rabbit hole of bad cliché
sex scenes than forging something original and fresh, like 5 out of 5
praiseworthy title of the month Small Favors, which is Sapphire’s lost and
Small Favors gain in my book. But if you’re wondering… the title is about one
(the title’s namesake heroine) who must go against traitor Jade and her
monsters who are out to molest and rape her fellow elf-like female clansgirls
and their catgirl lovers… boring. Even the series few moments (like a
threesome between the lead female and her two catgirl companions) is
completely passed over for the pointless tentacle/monster rape, which is
useless considering all the “good” stuff is edited out for some reason.

What was the point of having all this female energy in this book if they are
misused? Front to back of the title the female on female content is nil while
the boring content is too rampant. Sure, there’s an evil female running
rampant with her monsters and all that, yes, and while I’m not expecting the
kind of emphasis on female romance that, say, Small Favors have I do expect
better dammit! You didn’t have to hack out the one threesome scene in the
title near the start, you know, that sucked!

Long story short (no breakdown needed this time out).

Excessive tentacle/monster rape when that genre is worn, old, and didn’t
really need a resurrection in Japanese hentai (forget Amerotica) is bad.

Non existant lesbian erotica in a title that overflows in near naked elfin slash
catgirl females? Bad.

In the end Sapphire Volume 1 is more disappointing than encouraging, scoring
a low 2 missed opportunities out of 5. Bad title. Bad.

Casa Howhard Volume 1

4 Optional Extras Packages out of 5

It’s weird enough when a person you can actually see associated with said title
does a foreword for it… didn’t Rob Zombie do the foreword for 3x3Eyes
Volume 1... But when famed sci-fi writer Mobieus does the foreword for a
transexual erotica title like Casa Howhard? Well… it makes you go “phew”? (As
in your confused, not that it stinks).

Well Mobieus is a great writer and all… he just doesn’t know nothing about

Sure, I am about as much an expert in transsexual erotica genre as Donald
Trump is an expert in not being a total jerkoff (allegedly) but there is little
redeeming value in this title short of it’s one saving grace… Casa Howhard is
a total guilty pleasure read if such a thing had ever existed before now.

You’re not reading this for the deep plot and romance pacing.

You’re not reading this for the deep sex scenes and vibrant sexuality.

You’re reading this because it’s totally guilty of being packed with sex,
shameless flirtation and getting laid over and over again, and a wee bit of
likeable personalities that you don’t get to know very well but still somehow
end up liking regardless of the shallow personality they pack.

There is not much of a plot here, that is the first thing you need to know.

Yes, the main “female” of the cast (Angela) is out to become a porn star (like
her idol, the straight female female pornstarlet Alice X) and wants to work
towards a career in porn, but for the most part the title is a long string of sex
scenes amongst the many transsexual females (who are all hot looking women
with dicks) that only occasionally touch into the “plot” of the series (and it’s

This, of course, has garnered this title criticism for being an immature read,
whose creator had a immature approach towards sex that is pointless and
shallow. This is true in a sense, as all sex scenes in this book are quite
shallow, short (as all the women in this apartment building apparently need to
take sex enhancing pills for a lack of stamina during sex and repeated quick
ejaculation) and more than half of the scenes are mainly plotted around sex
(which means there is little plot going on half the time as scenes are only
patterned for the immediate and quick access to sex between these
“females”). This means Casa Howhard lacks the depth of story of 5 out of 5 La
Blue Girl the Original Manga, it also lacks the deep sex scenes of 5 out of 5
Blue Eyes, and lacks the rich and beautiful relationships formed in newest 5
out of 5 Small Favors. Thus, with the title lacking the essentials of greatness,
why is it still scoring high? Because it’s guilty of being guilty.

This isn’t a great title, it isn’t a deep title, it isn’t a tremendous title or a
groundbreaking title.

There is simply only one fundamential reason you are reading this, let’s not
beat around the “bush” shall we? You are reading this… if “reading” can be
said of this title… because you want to see girls with dicks fucking each other.
There. That’s it. There is no other reason you’re dropping the amount of
money you’re dropping on this title ($11 a pop or about that much), this title is
about as deep as the shallow end of a wading pool. Still, once you realize you’
re not here for anything other than the spontaneous and many short sex
scenes (each of these “women” are unable to withstand more than 2 pages of
sex before one or more orgasms which has to be a record for hentai’s
shortest stamina during sex without the scene being “edited” (I.e. the sex
scene jumping in time from panel to panel compacting a long scene into a few
panels)) you’ll realize that this is indeed good… as a guilty pleasure.

It can achieve nothing more than this, and will not be the great hentai
literature of your collection, but if you don’t mind having a shameless fuckfest
in your collection once in awhile this should fill your short and shallow

When your ready for depth and staying power try Small Favors, Blue Eyes and
La Blue Girl the Original Manga, three 5 out of 5 that shine as perfect hentai
each for their own reasons.

Otherwise Casa Howhard gets 4 guilty pleasures out of 5.

(NOTE - If you ARE wondering, if you were to demand a higher standard of
rating for the title and are not interested in a title as “guilty pleasure” then
Casa Howhard dies a horrible death by underachievement at a substandard 2
out of 5... If you, you know, demand better out of your hentai.)

Small Favors Volume 2

A Perfect 5 out of 5

There are titles out there which are the measuring stick by which all other
titles of the genre should be measured against. These titles are the highest
achievement of each genre and should be looked upon with admiration and

For the “grotesque hentai” genre that level of perfection would be La Blue
Girl the Original Manga. With a fine mix of story, sex and demon/tentacle rape
you have a title where one element doesn’t overpower the others, leaving a
balance between story and sex, consentual (sorta) and rape, the grotesque
and the occasional “beautiful” (in a sense) for a read that excels by being
perfect for all the right reasons (even when it is abit on the “grotesque” side).

If there was a genre covering the fascination for women with gigantic breasts
it would be Blue Eyes, with detailed sex scenes and characters with a nice
balanced personality matrix each that make them interesting to read about
(and care about). But what about the Lesbian Erotica genre? What is one of
the defining titles of the genre that speaks volumes about how the series can
be “perfect”? Up until now I have not found a title that fit that level of
perfection, and I soon became bitter about it to the point that I thought only
the Yaoi (male on male) genre would get it right while the Yuri (female on
female) one would be forever doomed to mess up. Sure, there was
Adventures of a Lesbian College School Girl but it only got a 4 out of 5 (one
step short of perfection). So where was the 5 out of 5 in the lesbian erotica

As it turns out I already had a good idea what title would strive for perfection,
way back when I first started these reviews one year ago. One title was on my
shopping list in terms of a title that I already had a good notion would reach
that level of perfection, one title… but it took me a year to finally get ahold of
that title, which I am now finally reviewing. That title is Small Favors, and true
to form it lived up to all my expectations and delivered what I knew it would…
a perfect yuri title that scored on all points with me.

Now while I am going to save my review of Volume 1 for next time, here’s what’
s going on… Annie’s 21 and she’s spent quite abit of time masturbating to
thoughts of getting it on with her hot neighbor Yuriko. Long story short
through a sequence of events she’s given a diminuitive“keeper” named Nibbil
who completely throws all her inhibitions away the moment she hooks up with
Annie (you go girl). Once they’re together, though, something unexpected
happens and the two bond quickly as soulmates who were always meant to be.
This is only improved once it’s shown that Nibbil can become Annie’s size
(human), which makes the two quickly unseperable items and soulmates for
life… and the lesbian sex is hot too.

Now you’d think the two that assigned Nibbil to “watch” Annie would catch
them and ruin their love, but as it turns out Annie’s “main” keeper Janus
makes a wrong turn while trying to “inspect” Annie’s living arraignment only to
end up stumbling on Yuriko masturbating which quickly leads to another one
mystical lady (the aforementioned Janus) making her own love connection
with Yuriko… which brings us to now.

The first half of the book concerns the coming of a new member of the cast,
whose name is Sage. She is a lesbian who is abit frustrated by the lack of a
suitable significant other in her life, which doesn’t last long as she gets
hooked up to Annie and Nibbil who invite her into their inner circle as their
third loving companion slash friend. After some sexy adventures, including a
picnic that quickly becomes a food orgy to a little TLC with nursely SEX, we
come to a costume party at Yuriko’s pad which (after much fun with costumes)
leads the trio of Annie, Nibbil and Sage to the realization we already knew from
the end of last time… yes, Janus had converted and was now Annie’s sexy
neighbor Yuriko’s sexy lover (and god does that just irk Annie abit… but not
long since she and Nibbil are total soulmates now).

One more bonus story that kinda puts the kiboshes on the last possible “soul”
who could have put the brakes on Annie/Nibbil’s relationship and we have a
endless road thrown open to a love that can only grow and grow from here on
out, and become more beautiful with each passing volume… except for the
fact that this was published in 2004 and we’re now at the start of 2007 (2 years
going on 3 as of May of 2007) and seemingly no Small Favors Volume 3 to
speak of.

For now. As of next month’s review of Small Favor Volume 1, though, I’m going
to go on a little fishing expedition… you see, there’s a bit of info here about an
e-mail address and website concerning Colleen Coover that might yield the
answer to why Small Favors seemingly has stopped after a strong beginning.
Come back in a month and I hope to have a few answers for you… then.

But if you didn’t know how I swing with this title already? Solidly done beautiful
lesbian erotica that is as well written as it is finely crafted both sexually and
plotwise, Colleen Coover’s “girly porno comic” is something any who thrive to
write the perfect lesbian erotica (Japanese, American or European) should
have on their list as their homework of what perfection looks like. Why it
seemingly ended before it’s time, with a great future still ahead of it? I’m not
sure… but I want to know… which means next month? Damn me… it’s Mulder
time everyone… just no David Duchovny channeling please!

In the meantime Small Favors Volume 2 is perfection that gets a perfect score.

5 girl on girl lovings out of 5.

Next Month

Katrina : Vampire Queen Volume 1

Katy : Sexy Magic Volume 1 to 2

Sure, Halloween isn’t for some months from now but… well… let’s get an early
jump on the hentai halloween themes of sexy witches and hot to trot vampire

Small Favors Volume 1

Because Colleen Coover, she who should be your queen of all things lesbian
erotica, demands it… well technically she didn’t actually demand it but since
we reviewed one you should know the other, and why it too is another… yes…
5 out of 5. Oh, and we dig into those two sources of “info” I mentioned above
and see what I can come up with. That’s all next month!

That’s that. See you next month! Bye!
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