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Paper Pleasures featuring 2nd Look at Blue Eyes Volume 3, and reviews of Casa
Howhard Volume 1 and Council of Carnality Unlimited.

I was going to go into this whole rant about the latest anti-adult entertainment rants I
heard over the web, but my Editor likes me better when I just review things and not
get into whiney censorship loving bastards faces… so let’s review something! Before
we do that, however, a bit of a news update on a title I reviewed in the not so recent

Icarus Publishing’ Innocence Sells Out

You remember the review. It got a 4 out of 5. Well news from Icarus’ site is that the
first edition of Innocence (by Tanuki Kamogawa) has completely sold out.

Here’s the good word from Icarus Publishing themselves.

Icarus Publishing’s website on the news of Innocence First Printing selling out.

“We’ve reached an emotionally significant milestone at Icarus… the first edition of
Innocence by Tanuki Kamogawa has completely sold out. This little book was pretty
special to us… it was the “test book” that cemented our strong relationship with
Comic House Japan, and led the full blossoming of Comic AG. While Blue Eyes was
first to be released in trade format, Innocence was the project around which we drew
our blueprints and charted our roadmaps, and served as the model for all future
Icarus Publishing books. And within those 180 gorgeously rendered pages was our
face, our voice, our soul.

Barring any miracle warehouse finds, the last of these precious gems have left our
care this week to grace the counters of comic book stores perhaps one final time.
While another shot at the presses can never be ruled out completely, whatever
copies you may have now are likely the last for the foreseeable future. So please hold
on tight to these babies, dear retailer, and lay them gently on your shelves. Their
wings have grown strong, their plumage vibrant and golden… and they have left us
for the world.”

I still have my copy, by the way, for the record. Let’s hope the 2nd Printing comes
soon for those of you who still need to get their own copy. Speaking of things you
should be getting your copy of soon…

2nd Look at Blue Eyes Volume 3

As this Hentai Review Poppers goes to site it looks like we’re about to get our next
taste of Icarus Publishing’s first 5 out of 5 wonder, Blue Eyes. Set to publish this
month (March 2007), Blue Eyes continues where we left off with Blue Eyes Volume 2.

Tatsuya, like Calgon, is taking us away… Tatsuya, take us away… (ahem) from it all as
he leaves the home country and travels to Europe, when he’s invited to visit Maria’s
family in Britain where he’ll see the sights, memorize the streets of London for the
next time he plays Gangs of London on the PSP, and possibly mate with the top of the
female “food chain” in Maria’s family as well.

There he hangs out at a big ole’ mansion, and enjoys the comforts of everyone’s
favorite mature lady (I.e. somebody married a total LOSER because he had the
dumbass idea to dump her) Cecilia (apparently she forgot to do something with
Tatsuya during her first time with him in Volume 2... Maybe she’ll correct that now).
Oh, and Tatsuya goes Daniel Radcliffe on the title by probably going barenaked for a
mysterious stranger on horseback… only, mind you, he’s not doing it for the horse…
yes, I know, that was a Harry Potter actor in Equis with his nude scene reference that
not many people caught but, well, whatever.

Check out the large assets of Maria’s British family (and find out who the “Horse
Whisperer” with the large breasts is) when Blue Eyes Volume 3 hits this month (short
of any delay in publication of course it should be out this month).

And if the above wasn’t enough enticement? How about a new not previously printed
in Icarus Publishing’ anthology magazine story AND a brand spankin new cover
exclusive to it’s english release! Should be more than enough to justify the $20 you’ll
drop on it, especially if it’ll probably get a 5 out of 5 rating!

For a full review stay tuned, it should be coming ever so soon.

And now our two full reviews...

Casa Howhard Volume 1

4 “Parade Parade” references out of 5

It’s weird enough when a person you can actually see associated with said title does
a foreword for it… didn’t Rob Zombie do the foreword for 3x3Eyes Volume 1... But
when famed sci-fi writer Mobieus does the foreword for a transsexual erotica title like
Casa Howhard? Well… it makes you go “phew”? (As in your confused, not that it

Well Mobieus is a great writer and all… he just doesn’t know nothing about erotica
from what I know of him… then again maybe he does, who can say. Sure, I am one to
talk since I am about as much an expert in transsexual erotica genre as Donald Trump
is an expert in not being a total jerkoff (allegedly) but that being said there is little
redeeming value in this title short of it’s one saving grace… Casa Howhard is a total
guilty pleasure read if such a thing had ever existed before now.

You’re not reading this for the deep plot and romance pacing, because it doesn‘t
have any of that.

You’re not reading this for the deep sex scenes and vibrant sexuality, it doesn‘t have
that either.

You’re reading this because it’s totally guilty of being packed with sex, shameless
flirtation and getting laid over and over again, and a wee bit of likeable personalities
that you don’t get to know very well but still somehow end up liking regardless of the
shallow personality they pack.

There is not much of a plot here, that is the first thing you need to know.

Yes, the main “female” of the cast (Angela) is out to become a porn star (like her idol,
the straight female female porn starlet Alice X) and wants to work towards a career in
porn, but for the most part the title is a long string of sex scenes amongst the many
transsexual females (who are all hot looking women with dicks) that only occasionally
touch into the “plot” of the series (and it’s “lead”).

This, of course, has garnered this title criticism for being an immature read, whose
creator had a immature approach towards sex that is pointless and shallow. This is
true in a sense, as all sex scenes in this book are quite shallow, short (as all the
women in this apartment building apparently need to take sex enhancing pills for a
lack of stamina during sex and repeated quick ejaculation) and more than half of the
scenes are mainly plotted around sex (which means there is little plot going on half
the time as scenes are only patterned for the immediate and quick access to sex
between these “females”). This means Casa Howhard lacks the depth of story of 5 out
of 5 La Blue Girl the Original Manga, it also lacks the deep sex scenes of 5 out of 5
Blue Eyes, and lacks the rich and beautiful relationships formed in newest 5 out of 5
Small Favors. Thus, with the title lacking the essentials of greatness, why is it still
scoring high? Because it’s guilty of being guilty.

I know that doesn’t make any sense but hear me out here.

This isn’t a great title, it isn’t a deep title, it isn’t a tremendous title or a
groundbreaking title.

There is simply only one fundamental reason you are reading this, let’s not beat
around the “bush” shall we? You are reading this… if “reading” can be said of this
title… because you want to see girls with dicks fucking each other. There. That’s it.
There is no other reason you’re dropping the amount of money you’re dropping on
this title ($11 a pop or about that much if you can find it on sale as I did), this title is
about as deep as the shallow end of a wading pool and about as complex as the
songs written by a boy band. Still, once you realize you’re not here for anything other
than the spontaneous and many short sex scenes (each of these “women” are unable
to withstand more than 2 pages of sex before one or more orgasms which has to be a
record for hentai’s shortest stamina during sex without the scene being “edited” (I.e.
the sex scene jumping in time from panel to panel compacting a long scene into a few
panels)) you’ll realize that this is indeed good… as a guilty pleasure.

It can achieve nothing more than this, and will not be the great hentai literature of
your collection, but if you don’t mind having a shameless fuckfest in your collection
once in awhile this should fill your short and shallow expectations. Oh, and there’s
two more volumes after this so in total you’ll have three opportunities to read the
most shameless fuckfest geared with transsexual love in mind.

When your ready for depth and staying power try Small Favors, Blue Eyes and La Blue
Girl the Original Manga, three 5 out of 5 that shine as perfect hentai each for their
own reasons.

Otherwise Casa Howhard gets 4 guilty pleasures out of 5.

(NOTE - If you ARE wondering, if you were to demand a higher standard of rating for
the title and are not interested in a title as “guilty pleasure” then Casa Howhard dies
a horrible death by underachievement at a substandard 2 out of 5... If you, you know,
demand better out of your hentai.)

Council of Carnality Unlimited

5 Redrafts of the Council Minutes out of 5

Oh no, it’s ANOTHER title set in a school setting!

Once again you better hide your conservative claptraps and sedate the O’Reilly
because school is about to become just that much more special… and by special I
mean we’re having hot sex going on here.

First off take note that the characters are abit more than they seem… maybe with the
exception of the one “evil” person in the title… but the rest have abit more depth
than you thought possible.

Satou here is just your typical underdog male character who just so happens to have
the potential for greatness (and a spine when push comes to shove or he’s
motivated). Today he’s just been caught masturbating in the student council office by
hot aloof popular girl Asuka (who actually has a softer personality hidden under her
tough girl cool as ice personality she shows on the outside), and once she (who is
quite turned on by Satou’s display) gets it on with him we have the creation of
another one of hentai’s great couplings (because no matter what happens here you
just know he and Asuka are just so meant to be).

Of course she quickly becomes addicted to sex with Satou (not to spoil it but I think
you’ll be happy with where the two end up at the end of this book) and it looks like
they’re going to be doing it quite abit in this book… but since that would only be a 4
out of 5 we need more in the mix to keep things going well.

I mean, sure, it’s good enough that the story is written well enough, drawn beautifully,
and has a perfect coupling in Satou and Asuka but let’s up the ante abit!

How about throw in nice girl (who hides abit of fiery spirit under her “weak” mask of
compliance) Umehara, who has her own mean bod and who ends up before the end
with as much real feelings for Satou as Asuka. Then how about an evil rich blonde
bitch (Sakurako) and her perfectly wicked (as in cute naked) twin
henchwomen/sidekicks, who tries to hurt Asuka (and brings out the angry guy in
Satou)… oh, and Sakurako also picks up a habit for being spanked since, well, she
gets spanked… deserves it too. Throw in a nurse and (again) that great but possibly
doomed to failure relationship between Satou & Asuka (Umehara can always pick up
the pieces if the relationship falls apart) and we have a finely crafted piece of adult
hentai that has all the necessary elements to make such a title great.

It has sex. The sex is hot. The sex involves characters that both look great and ARE
great because they have full personality and they are (as characters go) quite
likeable (even the evil one). There is a story, and it’s nicely written. The series ends
with a possibility of a “Sequel” (which we’ll probably never see but I’d like to think
that one day Yanagi Yuki will come back to these great characters and give us one
more go with Satou, Asuka, Umehara and the twins… I can live without Sakurako. And,
finally, it’s all done and wrapped up nice and tight in this one shot that gives you
everything you could want out of a solidly done hentai. Yes, the price is $20 a pop but
like Blue Eyes this is worth the investment and should be part of your collection.

I really don’t know what else I can say that doesn’t become a ranting overbloviated
talking point that just says the same things over and over again. This title is
pleasantly surprising, sexy, hot and delivering you pleasure in all ways (intellectually
with a nice enough story as well as the guilty pleasure of it’s just hot to watch finely
crafted sex scenes) you can’t go wrong with this one.

I’m giving Council of Carnality Unlimited the Principal’s Recommendation List of 5
Asuka for President buttons out of 5.

Next Month

Here’s a first for us -- whether or not this is a good first for us or not remains to be
seen. However let’s change the pacing abit by having an entire month themed to
reviews of hentai from… now here’s where things get tricky.

Yeah, originally I had planned an all PSP month but, well, Sony is so damn tightwad
about allowing sexual content of anykind (softcore or hardcore) onto their damn PSP!
That means, of course, that this should be a very very short themed review and
probably only done once a year.

So let’s throw in something else to review. How about one-hit wonders?

Preview of Bouncy : Virtual Lap Dancer for the PSP

Cathy the Co-Ed UMD for the PSP

And one more… to be announced.

Otherwise? That’s that. Don’t forget to get your copies of both 5 out of 5
recommended Council of Carnality Unlimited and upcoming Blue Eyes Volume 3 this
month! And, well, we’ll see you next time with more reviews… more weird reviews in
this case but…
well, see you in April!
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