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Paper Pleasures featuring Anzu : Shards of Memory (Icarus Publishing)

Softcore Reviews of Trinity Entertainment’s Air Erotica : In-Flight Fantasies DVD &
Erotic University DVD

I was going to theme an entire month around softcore porn but Icarus Publishing sent
me new stuff to review so they got a space this month… so we’re doing a step theme
this month (guess who’s at the TOP of the steps!)

Softcore Reviews featuring Trinity Entertainment Month

No, it’s not a new company that is putting out Hentai Anime. This is one of those
companies that handle live action hentai content here States-side that is more on the
softcore side than hardcore. Not one of the most well known companies, maybe, or do
you know them? Either way let’s browse some of their pocket saving budget line-ups
from Barnes and Noble and see what’s up with them in our first month of reviews.

First off, before we begin, a few points about softcore porn.

1-It’s all an illusion (just not a very good illusion)

Unlike hardcore stuff where you see just about everything (Icarus Publishing, for
instance, would be called hardcore since you see all the action that goes on), it’s all
illusion here. You never see either vagina or penis, and never ever see penetration
at all. It’s all an illusion… just not a very convincing illusion. If you were thinking that
they could somehow trick you into making you think they really were having sex…
well… that just ain’t happening. It’s obvious that they’re not doing anything.

2-It’s all fake… acting wise.

Well maybe it’s the lack of penetration that breeds the lack of real acting, but
somehow all the “sex” is about as fake as Simon Cowell’s personality. Of course at
least the women of these could at least verbally fake it When Harry Met Sally style…
which nobody ever does in these two reviews. Please, people, at least sound like you’
re having sex. Is that too much to ask?

3-Speaking of fake acting.

Not that I’ve found the cure for the emotionless Duchovny acting style (it can only get
worst than Duchovny), but the acting in both of these is abit on the flat side. Obviously
you are so not watching these because you’re entranced with the acting styles of
these people, no you are not, so I guess this particular point is not really as much of
an important one. At least English voice dubs of hentai animes sometimes yield fairly
decent performances, but this is not fairly decent. It may be at least better than the
worst dubbed English dub hentai, yes, but it’s not much higher. Thankfully you’re just
here for mostly naked people writhing together in fake sex. That’s about it.

4-Lack of “positions”

Because this is softcore there is a limit of the amount of positions the twosome can
engage in in order to maintain an “illusion” of sex without showing any penetration,
this kinda makes each scene a dry carbon copy of each other as the scenes are only
dragged out in length to make up for the lack of multiple (I.e. somewhat imaginative)
positions. Sometimes you do find a DVD which has a wee bit of variety or variance
(Erotic University is the most varied of the two) but don’t expect too much in terms of
the dance patterns the people in these DVDs do.

5-It’s comfort sex

Basically you want to see mostly naked women and buff manly mostly naked men (they
always have to be somewhat buff in these which doesn’t yield the greatest acting
talent but does yield good eye candy for you ladies out there). Sure, the sex and
acting is fake, but it’s mostly naked people writhing and rolling with each other… for
those who don’t want a hardcore experience to show your significant other to get him
or her in the mood for hardcore sex (sex that requires male penis A to be inserted
into female vagina B). (Well, anything that actually requires sexual penetration I
suppose is “hardcore” in comparison to these two DVDs). (Have a girlfriend who
wants to be tantalized but gets pissy at you if you show her a hardcore pussy dicking
flick? Here, total lack of hardcore but still some sexual content (illusion of it).)

And now the actual reviews:

Air Erotica : In-Flight Fantasies

2 hours stuck on the runway out of 5

Here we go again. Another day of airline passengers trapped in airports because they
couldn’t get out of snow bound airports BEFORE they became snowbound (I should
totally update my list of GBA slash PSP slash Nintendo DS games slash PSP UMD
movies for travelers just in case they‘re trapped in an airport). Well, you might say
they did the right thing, or the wrong thing, but one thing about this is this… it has
nothing to do with airflight even if it’s called “Air Erotica : In-Flight Fantasies.

This first entry in our double feature of reviews comes up with the concept of setting
up a “Gentleman’s Club” in the Mile High Club of a flying plane, with the stewardesses
as the “in flight meal” for the sexually hungry male passengers… except for the fact
that this concept never actually gets off the ground. Instead the audience is “treated”
to two rather bland sets (one in the main female lead (a pilot) house, the other in a
nearby strip club she has some interest in). Why this is all about flying sex stewardess
and nobody gets into the air is something you can probably blame on the crappy
budget of the film, but… well… whatever.

Anyway the main female of the title wants to make an airline that serves men sexually
(reviving a failing airline a that was owned by a relative of her‘s), and while that is a
most interesting concept (I mean stewardesses + sex should equal something
interesting) we never actually leave the ground as sex varies between her humping
guys in her apartment, and prospective stewardess candidates “performing”
lapdancing stripper style for men (which ends in sex, of course).

This is nice (I suppose given the budget and the restrictions placed on this being it‘s
a softcore porn and all), but unrealistic as the women would most likely have to
“perform” far different in the tight confines of a plane (compensating for air
turbulence and so forth) which is never really touched on as they perform the same
sex scenes over and over again with only a change of “partners” and rotating back
and forth between the apartment and strip club to break up the monotony of the

There is a little innovation (one couple focused on the female’s needs masturbation
scene which is abit lengthy but uninspired as only the brink of orgasm brings out the
most “vocal” response from the women) but for the most part it’s cookie cutter sex
rotated only here and there to bring some difference.

There is a little woman on woman dancing at the start, but all the sex is male/female
only, no variations or real oomph to the sex which is abit sad. Mostly watching naked
women/guys “dance” softcore style is the only attraction here, as it is not the most
interesting of views (or recommendations).

In the end of the day this is a bargain priced hentai that gets a bargain priced score.

Air Erotica : In Flight Fantasies, like a certain airline that had a flight meltdown during
Valentine’s Day (and again now as Spring Break is about to Break out), fails to get off
the runway with 2 “Will they add stripper poles inside the plane cabin” inquiries out of

Erotic University

3 lesbian studies degrees out of 5

Icarus Publishing isn’t losing any sleep over releases like this.

Unlike their array of school themed antics (which recently included Taboo District (4
out of 5) which I’ll review next month) you would never even come close to mistaking
these three as to being anything less than over 18... Over 21... Older? What? Too
harsh? I guess… sorry. Anyway, cough cough, as to these NOT cute school buddies let’
s just say that the extra point isn’t for the “perky” schoolgirls… there isn’t any.

Variety (and innovation) actually sparks a little here as we are treated to both lesbian
sex and a threesome in this one, which centers around three archeology classmates
(one guy and two women) who somehow, while “studying” some research or
something (yeah, right) get “locked” into the class and forced to find someway to
“entertain” themselves… entertain as browse the archeology website only to
accidentally find “locked” files holding sex scenes. Yes, there are two scenes (which
look like they were filmed outside) with male/female but the real belle of this footage
is a lesbian makeout scene. It’s dragged out, not very varied, and the tribad scene is
too short for words, but it’s a slice of different from last review. Too bad there is NO
vocals (or a real little amount of it) because this would really have spiked up an extra
point if at least the lesbian scene was really vocalized and vibrantly energetic with
these two actually vocalizing their pleasure (but it’s abit dry with the awkward silence
between them).

Eventually the watching trio’s hormones kick in and they start to do it, first a
male/female and then (surprise surprise) a second lesbian scene… too bad this isn’t
as well laid out and we don’t get past oral here, but to make up for it there’s a
threesome which is another little slice of innovation in this one. Mostly if I had a
problem with this one, however, it’s that it’s far more “silent” than Air Erotica in the
vocals, and that was fairly silent on it’s own right. Still, with abit more variation
including lesbian and a threesome, you have to give this one props for being more
varied even if the scenes could have been better laid out (and included more vibrant
audio “stimulation”.

It’s because of this little innovation in the pairings for sex that this one gets a leg-up
over it’s counterpart, and earns 3 lesbian erotica degrees out of 5.

Anzu : Shards of Memory

4 reincarnations done You’re Under Arrest! style out of 5

Surprise, surprise. Everytime we review an Icarus Publishing book it usually scores
well. Yes, a few books did kind of bottom out a little (only to a 2 out of 5) but for the
most part it’s all been solid. Here’s another romp on the solid side, just mind the tad
bit of violent content and rape in this one.

Anzu is your typical schoolgirl heroine (legal age, darn you O’Reilly, no underaged
stuff here) who is about to have a bad trip with reincarnation with her sister Kaede
getting the short end of the reincarnation stick.

It’s bad enough for Anzu, especially since she’s seemingly suffering from Sailor
Moonitis (the inability to wake up early for school), she's also stuck with a “friend”
who has that whole “You’re Under Arrest!” thing going on for him… I mean her… I
mean… well, it would be worst for Anzu/Kaede if it wasn't for the Charles Bronson
tough love this "guy" gives out to the bad guys during the story (but you'll see that
during the story). While watching someone play soccer outside, Anzu begins to have
strange daydreams about a violent incident in the distant past. This can’t be an actual
memory, thought, right? Well… maybe so. In fact, as it begins to chew at Anzu more
and more it begins to come to light that the event she’s “remembering” may be
playing out again in the here and now as more than herself seems to be
“reincarnated” (and thus part of this whole turn of events she’s now remembering),
especially now that a trio of jerks seems to be running a little rape syndicate in Anzu's

Of course Anzu could just be kept out of all of this, but eventually she'll end up being
dragged in as her sister eventually becomes a victim of these three jerks. Somehow
everything will turn out well in the end, but it is abit brutal in the middle (just so you
know). Yes, there are scenes of rape here, but it also has a good ending as (unlike
Slave Contract) we will not have a single guilty soul escape their fate. It’s not the
same as having Kratos drop in and give them the sharp Blades of Chaos slash
Minotaur head rending “fatality” treatment, but it’ll do.

While the sexual content dips into the harsh violent rape throughout the middle of the
book there is more than enough story (and interesting characters on the female side
of the coin) to make this more than a book for people who like their sex on the harsh
side. Add to that a nicely written plot, slathered with a lovably well balanced female
lead cast who you'll actually care about , as well as a beautiful artstyle that does bring
out the violent aspect but also the beautiful aspect which equals an overall well done
book. Overall the rape scenes can be forgiven because in the end the guys who did it
get theirs, and there is more good about Anzu : Shards of Memory than bad. That is
why, at the end of the day, Anzu : Shards of Memory get 4 fond memories out of 5.

Next Month

So far I got two confirmed reviews.

Taboo District from Icarus Publishing

It’s back, back, back to school now yahhh… so lock away your Conservatives, bar
whiney political candidates running for President, and shun the O’Reilly. Taboo is for
lovers… who are also brothers and sisters, because while there are a few alternate
tastes here and there (patient and nurse, teacher and student, students) most of this
flavor is brother on sister passions raised high (though not perfect as you’ll see).

I already said this got a 4 out of 5, now find out WHY it got a 4 out of 5... (hint, it’s got
that solid content that makes it worth reading).

Sapphire Volume 1 from Amerotica

Now that we‘ve seen the perfect lesbian erotica experience (Small Favors) how about
something that has lots of women and little action? Here you go, a not so satisfying
experience set in a fantasy experience with a ton of elf like girls, catgirl like girls, and
not a single lesbian erotica moment in the whole book. What the!

I’ll leave the last spot open (just in case Icarus Publishing sends in another book for
review before deadline). Otherwise that’s it for this week, take care and we’ll see you
back here in a month.
See ya.
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