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Summer of Reviews 1 of 4 : Picnic Basket Review Month (but not really
for a picnic perse’)

Featuring Paper Pleasures featuring Katy : Sexy Magic Volume 1, the
previously “lost” Small Favors Volume 1 review & Taboo District

While I don’t think you’ll actually take any of these out on a picnic (especially
since one is an underwhelming title and the other is only average), we do
have a variety of reviews of print for you today (hence the whole reference
to the picnic basket thing).

First things first, some clear up from last time (mainly Small Favors month).

I did have an article done reviewing BOTH Small Favors Volume 1 & 2, but
when I went back to look at it (now that I’m assembling my first Hentai
Review Poppers review novel) I found that the review wasn’t the one I
thought it was. No matter, here it is (the missing Volume 1 review) (touched
up abit).

Small Favors Volume 1

“Pretty girls make people happy!”

Colleen Coover (from the introduction to Small Favors Volume 1, June 13th

Way back in 1999 Colleen Coover created a small title that would become a
wonder to behold.

Created to make people happy, as well as to celebrate sex and the pretty
girls who enjoy sex, Colleen Coover (through either purpose or accident)
ended up creating what can only be described as the Essential Lesbian
Erotica. This title, one of the titles of it’s genre upon which others of it’s
genre (be in Japanese, Asian, American or European) should be measured
by, became more than the sum of it’s pages by becoming (at least to this
reviewer) a work that celebrates the best the genre has to offer, and thus
shows others the heights by which the genre can achieve when the right
talent is put in charge of the genre.

Here’s the review of Small Favors Volume 1, reprinting (2nd Reprint from
2004) the original 1999 release of Small Favors (Issues #1 to #4).

Annie is 21, and has turned the “art” of masturbation into almost an Olympic
level discipline (if they gave out gold medals for her efforts she’d be
winning it every four years). Presently when she’s not browsing her
collection of girly magazines she’s focused on her neighbor, the beautiful
and hot Yuriko. However, after masturbating to her neighbor working in her
garden (complete with dream sequence) Annie is pulled through the ground
and finds herself in a rather Gulliver (or Gullivera if you happen to know the
works of Manara) situation as she is held captive by her own conscience
(who seems to be represented by a wee little fairy sized people in the form
of one portly queen, the straight laced (but not for long) business suited
Janus, and (oh yeah) Nibbil).

Because her conscience seems to think masturbating is bad (as much as
Annie does on a daily basis which could make her a fortune if she only ran a
pay-per-view pornsite online) she is assigned a “supreme guard” of her
conscience named Nibbil… bad news, Nibbil as it turns out is easily turned
on as Annie is and before you can say “That figures” the two bond quickly.
Which is just as well as Nibbil has been permanently bonded to Annie in
order to keep her on the straight and narrow… good luck.

And thus Nibbil moves into Annie’s home, and the sex fun begins. From a
surprising bath (where Nibbil reveals she can become human sized), a
“bright” idea, a “little” bondage scene, and an attempt to make dinner which
is derailed by an angry sex hungry Nibbil, the bond between Annie and
Nibbil grows quickly until the inevitable outcome of them becoming
lifemates is all but guaranteed. Now if only the damn Government would
approve of the legal marriage between a woman and her female guardian of
her conscience lover!

This may soon be derailed by the sudden appearance of Janus, who has
come to check up on Annie’s progress… if only she hadn’t walked into
Yuriko’s house by accident, saw her masturbating while thinking dirty
thoughts about Annie (if only she knew the girl of her dreams was only one
doorknock away… which she’ll find out next volume), which leads to Janus
falling off the strict totalitarian wagon and into Yuriko’s arms (and bed), but
more on that next volume… well, so much for that threat. Too bad
Annie/Nibbil kinda had a panic attack anticipating her “arrival” which never

What else happens in this volume?

Nibbil doesn’t seem too happy that there are “people” (readers) watching
her and Annie all the time, good thing Annie knows exactly what it is her
readers want from her and Nibbil (even if it takes a little encouragement to
get Nibbil going).

Nibbil’s birthday comes and goes as she dreams about what she can do to
Annie… wow… how long does she just stand there and think? So many
things to do to Annie, so little time to think about it.

Finally (yes, sadly, the volume has to come to an end eventually) since time
is running out we go straight to the sex… oh, look, on page 104 is a certain
someone we won’t see until next volume! Wonder who… (keep reading to
find out)… oh, and then we come to the extras and that’s that.

Now look back to my previous review of Small Favors Volume 2 and see
what came next.

Small Favors Breakdown

If you didn’t know how I swing with this title already let me clarify. Solidly
done beautiful lesbian erotica that is as well written as it is finely crafted
both sexually and plotwise, Colleen Coover’s “girly porno comic” is
something any who thrive to write the perfect lesbian erotica (Japanese,
American or European) should have on their list as their homework of what
perfection looks like. Sexually charged with a fine smathering of humor that
works well, well made characters you actually give a damn about set in
storylines that are intelligently done and don’t insult you in the slightest,
and finally a fine mix of beautiful artwork filled with beautiful women that
express themselves sexually and otherwise in the most beautiful ways.
What else is there to say about this? It’s perfect, and thus as perfection it
earns a perfect score.

Small Favors Volume 1 (and 2) gets (you know it) 5 girls on girls lovings out
of 5. Group hug everyone!

Now that we got that straightened out and flying right it’s time to see what
else we have on tap.

Representing Eurotica this month we have Katy : Sexy Magic (Volume 1).

And finally representing H-Manga we have Icarus Publishing’ Taboo District.

Katy : Sexy Magic Volume 1

3 Addictions to Magical Catnip out of 5

Katy : Sexy Magic is a hentai in the vein of beautifully rendered manga-
inspired artwork, all about a hot female witch who gets in touch with her
sexual side and learns some naughty magic while having a kitty partner and
some wild nights getting it on… yeah, you’d think a title with that kind of
content would actually have abit going for it. However as you’ll soon see
this first volume (2nd to be reviewed this Halloween) has it’s own flaws
which holds it back from it’s full potential (as Sapphire did) though at least
(unlike Sapphire) it’s flaws is a little more forgivable than Sapphire’s.

It’s Katy’s birthday and she is about to inherit the magic of her ancestors,
which happens to be in the venue of sex skills like a certain sex ninja of
Japan. However unlike her skills (along with writing/artwork, finely laid out
and varied sex scenes and overall solid creation) which gave her a 5 out of
5, Katy’s skills (once she and her cat partner (who was once human) become
muddled and repetitive in almost immediately as she learns she has to study
her magic before she can become a full fledged “sex witch”, and to do that
it means learning lots of spells which ALL seem to require male sperm to
make them go ‘round. That means this title almost immediately becomes a
chain of repetitive blowjob scenes with not enough variation to even count
as being “varied”. Somehow she always has to blow-blow-blow, and hold
onto the sperm to cast magic, and while this could have opened up quite
abit of variety you’ll find that her magic fizzles quickly as while she does abit
of magic it seems for the most part the sex of the title is the same routine
over and over.

There is an evil being near the end to perplex her, and I think he returns in
the next volume (for a little bit) but that doesn’t change the fact there is
little variety in the sex. Unlike the other practioneer of sexcraft, who
managed to swing straight, demon/tentacle rape AND lesbian all in one
volume? Katy, here, just manages the art of blowjobs… and some straight
sex… maybe a little demon molestation but not in the same light as that
other sexpractioner. It’s the lack of variety and innovation of the title that
keeps it from being a 5 out of 5, but it does do what it does well enough that
it at least keeps out of the lower range of scoring too (and there‘s a little
obnoxious male cat sidekick on Katy as a cat nookie as well so that‘s…

Next volume, in October’s reviews, you’ll see some innovation creep in, but
sadly it will NOT involve her as what little sexual innovation involves a furry
sex scene between a living blowup doll girl and a bear with a large erection
and Katy getting it on with her newly returned to human former sidekick and
her (in a catgirl form)… and that’s about it on the innovation (why all the
innovation seems to involve furry sex however is abit off).

Otherwise we could have had more innovation here, and abit more oomph
to the sex (not to mention abit more variations) but at least it does what it
does rather well, and has some moments (but again the most innovative of
the sex in both volumes seems to have some furry elements in it). Still, in
the end Katy : Sexy Magic is neither the best nor worst reviewed, it’s just

Katy : Sexy Magic Volume 1 gets 3 furry fandangos (whatever a “fandango”
is other than a ticket selling service for certain theater chains) out of 5.

Taboo District

4 Bold & The Beautiful Incest Relationship References out of 5

Ah, the Bold & The Beautiful. Cannon fodder every few months for reviews.

If it isn’t the psychiatrist who runs over people (and weeks later was run
over by an oil tanker), it’s the hot manmeat family relation male on skanky
throw thyself at the guy like you’re nuts female incest that doesn’t seem to
leave the runway because the father is Ye’ Impregnator of Los Angeles (you
too can own both the clothing and offspring of Ridge Forrester!)

Long story short this month’s pick from Icarus Publishing is something
about incest… but only somewhat, as it seems my one problem with this title
is that it also dabbles in the NOT so taboo things.

A good chuck of Taboo District is really taboo content, believe it or not.
However if there is another flaw in this title is that the taboo is fixated only
on loving brother and sister consensual sex, and that’s about it.

No Cecila hot motherly sex (M.I.L.F. I think it would be referred to as).

No sister on sister sex… no, I don’t think I would swing the other way
(mostly because there is a ton of gay erotica (and a lot of recommendable
stuff that doesn’t disgrace the genre) out there and a near drought of
lesbian erotica to speak of, so they have more than sufficient
representation out there in my opinion).

No creepy father/daughter sex… well, that’s OK I guess.

And yes, no cousins (but that’s criticism of another soap, mainly the 70 year
old Guiding Light).

And if you are wondering there IS some school sex, but it doesn’t have that
Innocence oh god what a lovely couple feel to it. One is a young woman
getting it on with her guidance counselor for a better placement on her road
to college. One is a young woman manhandled against her will. And one is a
threesome of female students on one shy male (which is kinda nice except
none of them seemed willing to take their tops off).

Also, as more of a warning than a downer, be advised that SOME of the
stories cuts off abruptly just as the story starts to roll along well. For
instance in one story, where a sister wants her brother to help her
experiment on things she read in magazines, we get right up to them
consenting to full out sex only for the scene to cut abruptly and the story
end quickly. Just as the story got good it ended fast, which might not be
your cup of Earl Grey (hot).

Finally, in closing, a few of the stories could have been replaced with more
taboo stories.

A story about nurse on patient sex? Is that really all that taboo considering I’
ve done some reviews to date of nurse on patient sex titles? Come on, it isn’
t all that taboo (at least in the telling if not in the practice since we’ve done
abit of reviews of the topic to date). How about female cops being raped by
jerks? Again not so taboo since it’s a topic we’ve seen before, so can that
really be all that taboo if we’ve seen it before?

It’s a solid enough read, yes, it’s just not perfect.

The brother on sister stuff is cute (even one rare older sister making love
to her younger brother (but not THAT young, it‘s still all proper age limit and
all here), but the additional stuff that isn’t all that taboo isn’t cute (in that it’s
OK but we could have had more “taboo” content). Cutting short of a few
stories’ sex scenes wasn’t nice, but overall it’s still a nice well rounded
packet of sex scenes and story.

Thus in the end? I was more pleased with the content of the title than
disappointed, it’s just not perfect.

Taboo District rallies in the end for 4 cuddly brother/sister lovings out of 5.

Next Month

Summer reviews continues into the 2nd Month of the Summer of Reviews,
so get your trans-sexual fetish on for a month dedicated to Baldazzini, with
two doses of Bayba (110BJs and Domina in Red) and a dose of Casa
Howhard awaiting you next month! Also, we should have a new dose of
Icarus Publishing for you as well (title to be announced next month).

Otherwise that as they say is that. Bye!
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