June 2007

Summer of Reviews 2 of 4 : Trans-sexual Baldazzini Month

Featuring Paper Pleasures featuring Bayba : Domina in Red and Casa
Howhard Volume 2 to 3.

It’s been awhile since we last dabbled in our first totally trans-sexual erotica
review, featuring Baldazzini’s Casa Howhard. Nuff said, here’s Casa Howhard
Volumes 2 and 3.

Casa Howhard Volume 2

3 Failing Erections out of 5

After the 4 out of 5 rating from the first Casa Howhard, you’d think that the
series would somehow manage to at least hold onto that score, at least in
terms of guilty pleasures… but if you’re thinking that then you’d be wrong
because somehow this middle volume of the series manages to avoid even

The big gimmick of this second volume seems to be it’s introduction into “full
color”, and with the exception of dream sequences and flashbacks it’s all in
“color”… won’t make the characters any less fully developed personality wise,
or make the relationships actually ones you could care about, but it’s at least
got color… if nothing else.

As the story starts it seems the purpose of the title, Casa Howhard, is at last
revealed… and I really wish it wasn’t. It seems Casa Howhard isn’t the name of
the apartment complex these “ladies” live in, far from it. It is a competition that
these ladies regularly compete in with rival ladies (from rival apartment
complexes no doubt), which is abit of a problem for these ladies because they
seem to like to cheat in a way that isn’t all too healthy for their bodies… and
title’s main lead (only lead) Angela has just been roped into being part of this
competition (between bouts of make-up fixing slash fashion trying slash
cumshots from her friends who can’t seem to stay still for two pages without
masturbating). Apparently they’re using a special concoction that makes their
penises enlarge, but a side effect is that this eventually wears off and said
she-male using said drug experiences a shrinkage of her male side (a harmful
side effect for one of these characters to be certain), though on the “plus”
side their breasts greatly enlarge as another side effect (but never to Blue
Eyes measurements if you’re wondering).

The whole story is basically either preparations for the competition or the
competition itself, which should sound interesting in even a guilty pleasure
sort of way… but isn’t. There is no real couplings to speak of, sex at this point
is a endless doldrums of repeated scenes without any spark of life, and the
competition is basically bland with little pleasure to be drawn from it. And if
you were hoping that the second volume would somehow touch upon Angela’
s new love life with her “significant other” she picked up at the end of Volume
1? Well it appears picking a “lifepartner” while being the prize at orgasm
bingo night is not the smartest thing in the world as Angela is already falling in
love… what already?… with someone she’s partnered up with in the Casa
Howhard competition. Really? So soon?!?

Otherwise a lack of character development (if you thought the second volume
would expand on what you saw in Volume 1 then you’re mistaken), lack of
quality coupling (no “Sexfriend” couple who will stand the test of time and be
“that” couple you’ll talk about for sometime to come moment here), and
overall lack of even the guilty pleasures that were somehow gleaned from
Casa Howhard Volume 1, Volume 2 falls short and fails to deliver even a
halfhearted erection… but still it has all the ladies from before, and some
occasional moments once again that show how this title could have shined if it
only had more pages, and more time to develop the characters in more depth.
So for that, and that potential lost alone, Casa Howhard at least scratches up
an average score for an average effort with 3 handjobs out of 5.

But wait, there’s more… believe it or not.

Casa Howhard Volume 3

3 Last Best Hopes for Improvement… that Fall Short of a 5

No, the title isn’t done with us yet… but at least at this point the potential
returns… only it falls short once again even if it nearly shines here. Angela
has dropped out of the Casa Howhard competition because, well, those damn
side effects kicked in (big tits, small dick, large sex drive making her horny
lots and lots). Now that she’s out of the competition she has to watch the
women she’s falling in love with continue without her, even as she’s seeking
treatment for her “ailment” and has gone to a specialist.

As you probably expected much sex occurs. And that is where the sadness of
Casa Howhard reaches it’s climax (pun intended). Right now we’re about as
primed as ever for that “miracle coupling” to finally materialize… and it doesn’
t. Sadly even here, as the series seemingly comes to an end (which I guess it
did since Baldazzini is now doodling on Bayba) that perfect coupling (or two)
never seems to gel even as the potential for such is right there right in front
of you (obvious as any of these “Womens” erections).

During a flashback sequence while in the bathroom of the apartment complex’
s mini theater (another failing of this title is that it never really breaks down
the interior of the apartment complex these women live in and all it’s little
hidden surprises… like their own personal theater complex within the
building) the doctor treating Andrea tells about the first person she treated,
and fell in love with… or lust mostly since she never talks of her again or
mentions her again, yet somehow has “fond” memories of her… bullshit.
Where is she now? Are they still an item? Why did they break up? A potential
for a coupling that is wasted.

Speaking of wasted opportunities it seems the doctor knows Angela’s Aunt
Liz, but you never find out just HOW she knows her or to what extend they
“know” each other now… waste!

I won’t go into the movie the ladies watch while Angela blows the doc in the
bathroom, listening to her flashback booty call story, mostly since the movie is
just a jerk off film for the ladies (Colleen Coover didn’t need to wank nearly as
many masturbation scenes in her title to get a 5 out of 5, she had something
called actual “relationships” and characters you actually cared about…
missing here, though again the potential for it is present if under-utilized).

Though for the record the movie is about a “lady” (ok, none of these women
are women so you know what I mean when I say those words) whose on “fire”
and needs to be “doused” by a weird “firelady” with a funny penis hat and a
firehose penis… or something like that.

Oh, yes, one more coupling with the good doctor (she seems to be a total stud
of the transsexual lifestyle or something) as the doctor has called in a pinch-
hitter to help her with Angela’s case… and yes, another chance for that
perfect storm coupling that doesn’t happen. Are we disappointed yet?

And, yes, finally the coupling that is supposed to be the hallmark of this final
chapter but doesn’t happen until a dream sequence (halfway through) and the
final boffing (end) between Angela and her new love in her life, Sylvia. Yeah.
They look like a cute couple, but that’s all they are… a window dressing couple
with neither depth nor that spark which makes them just seem so perfect (and
appealing to the readers).

And that, if anything, is the ill of Casa Howhard if I were to sum it all up.

So much potential lead to so much wasted potential.

Could have, should have, would have, didn’t do, couldn’t do, wouldn’t do.

Potential bleeds from the title, but not from it’s presence but moreso from it’s
wasted presence that was never really exploited or fully developed in three
volumes that could have been a contender, but in the end rounds out it’s final
chapter with an average score for a title that could have done far better.

But there is still a way to save Casa Howard, but more on that later.

For now harsh reality sets in and serves three oral services for the doctor
(which hopefully is Medicare deductible) out of 5.

Speaking of harsh realities…

Bayba : Domina in Red

2 Bitter Trans-sexual Erotica Creators out of 5

OK, raise of hands. Who amongst our readers are fans of Neon Genesis

OK, now that that’s settled who amongst us knows all the bits of the title,
including the stuff that (at risk of irritating Evangelion fans) may or may not be

In this particular instance I’m talking about the End of Evangelion (rumor and
speculation) because it has something to do with this title, and the route
Baldazzini took post Casa Howhard.

I won’t go into a long speech about the series, I’ll just round it up.

When the finale of Evangelion finally came about it didn’t live up to fans
expectations… as I heard of it. So much so that it had to be brought back and
done over, which is no doubt a rarity for an Anime series though I could be
wrong. It was remade, made into a movie, possibly made into a movie AGAIN
and then it was over (with an ending that was supposed to be Evangelion’s
creator’s revenge against his critics)… oh, and then he supposedly (rumor)
tried to commit suicide after Evangelion was over.

Now this is not to say that Baldazzini tried to commit suicide after Casa
Howhard “ended” (unless he’s still working on it part time much like Colleen
Coover revisits Small Favors now and then) but for all intents and purposes it
seems to me (in my opinion) that Bayba is the revenge against his critics
Baldazzini has extracted for our comments on Casa Howhard… mostly since
somehow he managed to sink far down the rabbit hole with a title that
completely throws away all the potential of Casa Howhard and leaves you
nothing but the seemingly bitter dregs of a creator who is trying to get back at
his critics by supposedly giving them “exactly” what we complained about :
mainly longer sex scenes and more “depth” of character… not.

Despite the fact that this title, Domina in Red, is the second book of the series,
it is in fact for all intents and purposes your starting point as the back of the
book suggests this came before Book 1 (the 101 BJ(s)).

Bayba is this rude little red head “female” shooting a transvestite BDSM (or
however those initials go) with a rather dim co-star named RD (Red Domina),
as well as an usurper character who pops in and out for some scenes (who
she hates). Basically the whole book is long long non-stop sex sex domination
torture, sex devices, humiliation suffering bondage torment sex with these
“ladies”… and a real flesh and blood woman (but she only pops in a short time
and her presence is meaningless). Also meaningless is the actual flesh and
blood “men” who are made more like pigs than men in this book (if I didn’t
know better I’d say Baldazzini had cast his critics in the form of the “other
white meat”… if I didn’t know better, which I don’t).

And thus why Bayba is far worst than Casa Howhard.

Yes, it is the ultimate in guilty pleasure… only because there is nothing
redeeming about it past the nonstop imagery of dickgirls getting off or being
tortured or in bondage or having mechanized sex or whatever.

Even near the end, when it looks like Bayba and RD are going to hit it off and
becoming a loving couple Baldazzini somehow manages to mess that up too,
making even that short burst of actual affection meaningless. At this point in
Baldazzini’s career, with this title, it looks like he’s more interested in getting
in his critics face (by doing what we complained about, I.e. longer sex and so-
called “Character development”) than he is in actually making a 5 out of 5

If a book that is an endless parade of sexual positioning and cum shots with
girls with dicks getting it on with each other and male pigs without either
passion or that spark of energy that comes from lively energetic fully realized
characters interests you? Well then by all means buy this book, I won’t weep
too terrible hard if you do so. If you want more, however, then maybe you
should stick to Casa Howhard. It fell short of a 5 out of 5 and didn’t live up to
expectations but at least it’s better than this.

Bayba : Domina in Red gets two backstabbing moments of truth out of 5.

And now… because somebody oughta.

Ways to Rehabilitate Baldazzini:

Rehab Way #1 : Go Back To The First 4 out of 5

In other words take Casa Howhard out of “retirement” (if that is what’s going
on) and give it a fresh coat of innovation. That means…

Rehab Step #2 - Take it all down and rebuild it…

Lengthen the stories to Icarus Publishing length graphic novels of 200+
pages. Add more depth, more scope, more character development and
personality which means…

Rehab Step #3 - …because if you rebuild it right, they will come.

No, not that way.

Couplings that are beautiful and work, more detail and depth of emotions and
relations, something that makes the reader stand up and say “dammit I care
what happens to these “women”.” because the title is written well enough that
people can get behind these characters… no, not that way… and really really
get into the title not just because it’s loaded with women that have dicks
having sex.

Rehab Step #4 - Make stories that actually balance erotica and storytelling.

Get a new “female” into the building who is haunted by the horrors visited on
her by the ignorant (which drives the “ladies” of the building to protect their
charge, as well as fall in love with her).

Get the doctor a permanent lover and have their relationship get some
mileage (Aunt Liz, that woman we saw near the end of volume 3,
April/May/June (foursomes), something!).

Let’s see Angela break up with that other girl and permanently live with Sylvia,
exploring their relationship fully. Let’s see something happen that really
explores the depths of relationships possible here.

Like I said, Casa Howhard had a great potential, but it’s a potential that bleeds
away because it’s not being exploited. This title could have been a 5 out of 5,
but it isn’t. I’d like to see that change one day, if possible.

That’s it, I’m running overtime so I better quit now. See you next month for
another month of The Summer of Reviews!
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