July 2007

Summer of Reviews 3 of 4 : A Taste of Lesbian Erotica Month

Featuring Paper Pleasures featuring Ada Lee Volume 1 to 2, Peanut
Butter Volume 1 & Pillow Fight

What with the sharp rise in Yaoi (man on man) erotica it’s time we went back to a
whole month featuring only the love between two women (though not exclusively as
some of these titles seem to dabble in bisexuality more than lesbian)… (anyone know
if Last Gasp of San Francisco has any lesbian erotica titles worth reviewing?)

Ada Lee Volume 1 to 2

3 “Xtreme” Lesbian Makeovers out of 5

If I had to narrow down the one genre that is under-represented in the hentai slash
erotica field, I’d have to say it had to be (without a doubt) lesbian erotica. That seems
to be even more of a fact now that it seems Broccoli Books is about to jump into the
Yaoi slash Gay Erotica (man on man) genre with it’s “Boysenberry” line. With several
companies focused either primarily or to a good degree to the genre of the love
between two men (to some degree) it seems that this is really becoming a repeatable
genre… only where‘s the love, as in where‘s the opposite side of the coin? You know
what? You’re so into the Yaoi side of things I think that’s all well and good, of course,
if you happen to be into that genre… yet if you checked the opposite side of the coin
you’d be sorely disappointed. That sucks.

Sure, sure, I have thrown down some Lesbian Erotica slash Yuriotica reviews of late,
but if I were to weight the reviews I had here AGAINST gay erotica reviews then it’d be
a bad balance of -- hmm -- three or four to one against and that’s being rather
generous if I were to say that. In fact if I were to think about it? I’d say someone could
write an entire review book specifically on the subject of Yaoi-otica alone (truth be
told). You can’t say the same of Yuriotica, far from it. Oh, right, should somebody do
so and write a book just focused on Yaoi-otica then power to you, and thumbs up.

But we’re here, writing a month’s worth of reviews of Yuriotica, and not writing a book
about Yaoi-otica. So that is what we’re focusing on. Broken up into several stories, we
follow the misadventures of a grounded, grunged out, poster girl for the alcohol
industry anti-Small Favors lesbian Ada Lee. Speaking of Anti-Small Favors I guess you
can also call Ada Lee and Jack Munroe the Anti-Small Favors (in a sense).

Where Small Favors is a beautifully drawn lush tabloid of the beauties of lesbian
erotica, Ada Lee is… not so beautiful. The artwork is more primal (I.e. missing the spit
and polish of Small Favors), with characters that are rough about the edges and
grungier than Small Favor’s more soft touch ladies (believe you me anything in Small
Favors can easily be called a “soft touch” in comparison to Ada Lee). But since this
isn’t the “Let’s compare this to Small Favors” review let’s tell you what’s going on in
Ada Lee that is worth talking about… it’s not much.

Let’s start off with Volume 1. First off there’s three one pagers, which don’t really
mean much but it does give you a little 4-1-1 on the star of the book. Mainly that she’s
a lesbian (duh), she loves the female form (duh), drinks enough coffee to keep the
coffee industry funded for life, and seems to like alcohol (she and Neil from Young
and the Restless should swap recipes for mixing coffee and alcohol).

Then we get to longer stories, and things go weird from there. In “Revenge of the Ex”
Ada is enslaved by her ex-lover in her own basement and tortured. Oh-kay. That’s
weird, especially since the next story “Denial & Debauchery” shows the same woman
as her new pick-up lover that she now has to house because of circumstances that
spun out of control and turned said lover into a homeless woman. So after she bags
her blonde ex she goes home to her new “roomie” and much sex (including group
orgy sex) occurs before the end and… well… whatever happens next.

Volume 2 is a single story concerning the revenge of “The League of Assorted Ex-
Lesbian Lovers of Ada Lee”… or whatever, it’s just a lot of bitter women who kidnap
Ada’s present lover and trick her into saving her and becoming imprisoned by them…
sex should overflow on this one, but somehow it doesn't completely do so which
doesn’t make the score rise any higher after the events of Volume 1 (oh, and some
weird things happen in this one).

Otherwise that’s that. What you see is pretty much what you get. It’s a bit of a mixed
bag when it comes to this title. It’s rough edged, rough drawn, roughly written lesbian
erotica at it’s average best. It’s not the worst, but it’s not the best either. Scoring this
title is not going to be a deep thought process. If you like Yuri/Lesbian Erotica then
you’re stuck with it as a choice… not much choice to really dig into.

It’s average, but it’s one of your x amount of choices so even if it is average. So think
about it and consider it.

In the end I decided to give it a 3 out of 5. It’s not Small Favors big, and the artwork is
abit on the rough side, but it’s still recommendable (if you don’t mind it being abit on
the rough side which can be violent and a tad bit bloody at times). Ada Lee Volume 1
gets 3 rough full bodied lesbian orgies out of 5.

Peanut Butter Volume 1

3 Disturbing Mr. Roger Sightings out of 5

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day to… OH DEAR GOD IS THAT

Inhuman PBS blasphemy comes to you (and yet nobody in PBS has cried foul in all this
time since it hit sometime ago) in The Diary of Molly Fredericksen : Peanut Butter
Volume 1, a title that is long long long, for a book that is not so long (and had some
potential but only some).

In a title that could have been a lesbian erotica, scenes of straight sex, group sex,
getting it on with adult adults (creepy adults adults including the anti-Mr. Rogers), sex
with the Evil Clone of Mr. Rogers (so evil it’s worth mentioning the evil twice) and
daddy getting it on with “mommy” (according to the title) taint that happy hope and…
well… drag it down to the score it is now.

I guess this review should have been set up closer to graduation week, mainly since
it’s nearly graduation time for Molly as she’s about to escape her repressive religious
school. And to prove she hasn’t been ground under and crushed by the ultra
conservative education forced on her she writes in her diary all about her sexual
misadventures of all flavors. A bit of lesbian erotica? How about her “love” (if you can
call it that) with her female friend… which turns bisexual quickly since she seems to
swing both ways.

How about a trip into said pal’s basement for a disturbing group grabass gangbang
with older adults INCLUDING a certain evil clone of a friendly neighbor… yes,
somebody thought it was highly appropriate to cast an evil Mr. Rogers clone in this
book… so if you ever wanted to watch an evil Mr. Rogers bag some grabass of female
group sex then by golly here you go… otherwise hold your guts in as he takes the
“stage” and rolls into action erection primed and everything… damn.

Two brief scenes concerning Molly’s dad and… ummm… “mom”… (I don’t know but
why is it this book goes out of it’s way to call this female that keeps climbing all over
Molly’s dad “mom” when this set up seems strangely… illegal…) (But of course the
age appropriate warnings have been slapped on this title so you are assured there’s
no underaged hijinxs going on here.)

Abit of bisexual sex, references to peanut butter, and a vicious prom from hell with
nun rape and an ending that leads to the second volume (which I heard is inferior to
this one) wraps up an average read.

Sure it’s packed, but it’s not the greatest thing I ever read… didn’t help that 1/3rd of
the content is rather disturbing, most of which concerns that one Mr. Rogers scene
but we can also add the two dad scenes and the prom scene to the not so kosher

Overall it’s just middle of the road.

On the plus side the artwork is incredibly slick and beautiful, and if you’re just down
for a hard and dirty sex romp this should fill your needs. That’s the plus side, but it
also has it’s downers.

If it was more lesbian-centric it might have gotten a better score.

If somebody didn’t think a Mr. Rogers clone was appropriate then maybe it would
have got a better score.

And if there was just more oomph to the story and not just an average romp it would
have scored higher.

Basically it’s an average roll in the hay. Not the worst, not the best, average.

But again if you want a well drawn dirty little romp that touches on abit of the taboo
side then why not roll this one into your collection, it’s abit of the dirty and it’s nicely
drawn so maybe it’ll suit your collection.

Otherwise you know my feelings about this one, so Peanut Butter Volume 1 gets 3
beautifully disturbing days in the neighborhood out of 5.

Pillow Fight

3 “Don’t Quit Your TOKYOPOP Job” recommendations out of 5

Does the name “Brandon Graham” ring any bells?

If you are a regular reader of the mangas (AmeriManga and regular Manga) of
TOKYOPOP then the name should ring a bell because he just started publishing with
them, with his first work (King City) now in print. No, it’s not hentai. It’s weird, abit
adult (or Older Teen as it is labeled) in content, but it’s not hentai.

This is.

One of a few things he’s known for (the other being Perverts of the Unknown) in the
realm of hentai, Brandon Graham takes us to a school where lesbian love flourishes…
or maybe it’s just bisexual connections that has a big fat lesbian second half to it. One
or the other.

There once was this sexually active gal who got caught in her bedroom by her parents
getting it on with her boyfriend. Well, she got sent to a boarding school and was
hooked up with a hot female roommate nicknamed “Bones” (yes, like DeForest Kelly
from OSM slash Original Star Trek Bones). I guess the writing was on the wall that they
would hit it off sexually when she spied Bones giving a pair of guys blowjobs only to
have Bones “share” her companions by having one stick his penis through the hole
she was spying on Bones, so she could give him a blowjob.

But that is the only male/female sex, which makes sense since this is lesbian erotica

Bones catches her new roommate in their room, and they totally get it on together.
After that we catch them cuddling in the shower and then we have the world’s most
confusing lesbian orgy afterwards which includes the withdrawal of dildoes from
disturbing hiding places, the liberal use of mechanized vibrator sex and lots of hands
on sex, and then Bones takes out a magic box and the last couple of pages make zero
point zero sense and seems to end in… I don’t know, Hyrule Castle… maybe if there
was a sequel Princess Zelda would have joined in on the lesbian fun… explains why it
seems Link NEVER seems to get very far with her, ending up as a drunken mess
cameoing on and off on episodes of X-Play.

Anyway why the average score? Because it’s average.

I don’t know but Graham’s artstyle is majorly wonky in hentai. It works now that he’s
gone and created the weird Wonderland turned on it’s head sci-fi mind bender King
City, but it just doesn’t seem to really catch fire as hentai (psuedo kinda sorta lesbian
hentai or bisexual hentai). It’s better than Ada Lee, and it’s artstyle is abit below
Peanut Butter, but it’s more lesbian-centric than Peanut Butter but below Ada Lee.

Basically it’s a mixed bag, and the ending was rather disorganized (wish the final orgy
scene was better structured and organized) but again since lesbian erotica is not as
widespread as Yaoi it’s one of your few picks so… well… you take what your thrown
and live with it. And living with this might not be such a bad thing since it has it’s
moments and it’ll fit rather well in your lesbian erotica/yuriotica collection.

Still, at the end of the day, Pillow Fight gets 3 magical boxes of possibilities out of 5.

Next Month

Summer must come to an end, so one more review batch and we’re going traveling.

Having trouble traveling due to high gas prices? Got stuck on the East Coast during
that whole fried systems problem, only to end up turning on the major news outlets
while stuck in the airport to find out you don’t seem to be as important as Paris Hilton’
s return to jail? You need a hentai vacation.

First off how about taking a little runaway to a sexually open trip to the beach in

After that it‘s trip south of the border (but not for tacos or an escape from Paris Hilton)
for a little Spanish Fly (Volume 6).

Finally get locked away in a house with irritatingly annoying (and irritatingly horny)
Reality TV contestants (watched over by that which won’t be mentioned) until you can’
t take it no more in… yes… a book entitled “Reality Show”. Big Brother has to be to
blame for this sad excuse for hentai.

After that, to kick off the fall season? How about a whole new perfect review.

If you have been exposed to the furryotica side of hentai you probably thought there
was little depth in this gene pool of hentai… until you read Omaha the Cat Dancer for
the first time. A soap opera wrapped in a light covering of hentai, this little gem is
wrapping up it’s Collection reprint run which makes it as good a time as any to get you
up to speed on this unique furry title with the first three Volumes reviewed.

That’s that otherwise, so take care and I’ll see you next month.
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