August 2007

Hentai Summer of Reviews 4 (of 4)

Paper Pleasures featuring the Travelogue of Hentai and Click
Volume 1, Reality Show and Spanish Fly Volume 6, and the new
Back Issue Bin feature featuring Time Traveler Ai.

That’s it. Summer is wrapping up (of course if you’re me then summer is done as I
have already gone back to my usual non-summer work) and we’re slowly getting
ready for the new school season and Fall and whatnot (including the launch of the
October to December video game season and some of the best games yet slated to
come for all consoles and handhelds).

But for us it’s the end of traveling out of town for summer (if you could get out of
town or were not traumatized by delays in airports or evacuation from fire zones,
flood areas or whatnot that gave you fits whether you were or were not on

Didn’t go on vacation? How about vacationing vicariously through hentai?

Three titles that take you here to the land of the Spanish, there and here and there,
and then lock you away in a house with people whose only redeeming trait is that
they’re hot bodied cannon fodder for sex.

Let’s start out with a work from one of the icons of Euro-Erotica, Milo Manara.

Click Volume 1

3 Clicks of the Controller out of 5

If you are a major player in the Amerotica/Eurotica circles then you should know the
name Milo Manara by heart. One of the major (if not THE major) talents of the
Eurotica circles, Manara has this flair about his creative talent that makes him much
in demand. Maybe too much in demand. If you have been around the used book
buying circles at places like or Barnes & Noble you probably seen
people selling their old Manara stuff sometimes for $100 a pop. One-Hundred-
Dollars a Pop (give or take). I know the guy is one of the “in demand” people but
that is abit much for a used copy of so-so quality of the work of Manara (isn’t it?)
(Apparently nobody ever heard of “reprints” or “collected graphic novels” (or seen
the books of Icarus Publishing since I don’t know of a time when Amerotica/Eurotica
ever published a book that isn’t “Captain America throwing shield” size flingers).

So then, what are we doing reviewing this? Because… well… why not.

I don’t know if I can review further books (because I don’t want to drop $100 or so
per used copy), but let’s see what I can do starting with this… Click! Volume 1 from

Claudia is a rich rich frigid bitch of a woman that seems rather like cold fish of a
human being until some ugly pug-dog faced man thing plants a device in her head
that amps up her sex drive everytime someone turns the little knob on the
controller with the tell-tale “click” of the control.

At first it’s not too bad. She’s only masturbating in a dressing room, or trying to
blow off a store associate. Soon she’s masturbating in her bedroom during a major
party, making passes at a priest, then she’s taken to a independent flick with her
older stereotype of a rich dude only to end up getting banged by some punk dude
watching the same… wait a minute, what’s a guy that age and that social class doing
watching a snobby hoity toity independent art flick anyway?!? That is so wrong.

Anyway now that she’s an occasionally burning flagpole of female sex (at the turn of
a controller that looks like an old controller used to play pong on the Atari 2600)
she has to be put into hiding (where she’ll briefly learn the joys of bestiality,
shoving candles with diamonds hidden at their base up her snatch, and then the
almost joy of being gangbanged by two stupid criminals).

Then the story ends, she has the controller and seems to have given in to her dark

Which is good because how many sequels of this book have there been? 3? 4?
How many?

I don’t know but the series has just gone on and on past the simple premise of
turning a frigid woman into a sexual dynamo, and probably lost it’s charm with each
sequel (I glanced briefly at a sequel which involved her traveling to some cult
island freak show with freaky guys controlling a large cult of women for sexual
servitude and I stopped caring about the specifics of the title after that).

Basically the title is a good start, which seems to have a good continuance (with a
James Dean lookalike getting control of the controller) that spirals into an alsoran
title that just seems to find new (and less and less interesting) ways to get
someone to turn her knob to the full power position and get her horny.

Yeah, nice start but too bad it didn’t carry along past that.

Still if you ever heard of this people swear by the first Click just fine. It’s just future
Clicks I have a hard time finding glowing testimonials over. Still I did sorta kinda
like this one and give it an average (in a kinda good way) 3 out of 5.

Reality Show

3 Powers of Danny De(Veto) out of 5

Unlike the last one (Click), while I gave it a 3 out of 5 for all the best of reasons… I
gave Reality Show a 3 out of 5 for not so good reasons.

Yes. As the name suggests it milks the diseased zombified cow of Reality TV like
nobody’s business.

And the show? Yes. It’s Big Brother. I know Big Brother is still going strong,
whether I want it to or not. I mean dammit, everytime I thought the show would
come crashing down it keeps on going and going. This is no better, only it’s creator
Messina did do one saving grace… he filled it with hot looking women (and, yes,
men) who look good while fucking. Too bad he took hot bodies, big breasts, slick
looks and so on and used it to replace personality and anything remotely
redeeming about these people.

They’ve been in the house for a month and they’re all horny as heck.

Now they’re finally going to get each other off anyway possible.

Lesbian. Straight. Orgy. Masturbation. Whatever.

Oh, and then get voted off by the prudes in the network or whatever until the last
personality-less shrew with a plan remains to win the prize in the end. Whatever
the prize is.

And that is basically what the story is. Sex linked with a parody of Big Brother that
doesn’t go far except for the fact that it’s just good for sex that just goes abit and
that’s it.

It is what it is, nothing more.

You’re not buying this for the story.

You’re not buying this for the depth of character or personality.

You’re buying this for a smathering of sex and hot bods and that’s it.

Whatever. It’s alright for a good horny read but it won’t be any deeper than that.

3 hot masturbating sexy females out of 5.

Spanish Fly Volume 6

4 Lubes of Spanish Fly out of 5

Milo Manara is one of the major powers of Eurotica.

Another is Totaling. You might be familiar with his better known titles, this being
one of them.

Spanish Fly is a collection of volumes covering a batch of tales covering hot
blooded Spanish women who make their lovers happy they’re alive (and have
enough personality to actually score better than a 3 out of 5 to boot). Somehow this
particular volume seems to have a religious tinge to it.

Lucky for this ordinary guy in the first story he just banged a hot female… he ends
up getting the shit cracked out of him by cops when he throws up on their squad
car a few minutes later. Not good.

Then there’s this religious priest who first sees hot women turn into dickgirls and
bang each other in his mind’s eye while on the streets bitching at people… then he
rapes a woman seeking confessional in his mind, then gets same woman pregnant
and they burn her at the stake.

There’s other bangings going on here.

Good banging, bad banging, guy in a closet paying to watch the pizza guy bang a
woman, rich old dude having his tall hot “maid“ (yeah, maid, right) help bang his
prostitute for the night. Lots.

Thing is however, unlike Reality Show which was all sex no personality there is abit
of a personality to the title, and the characters which is a step above what we’ve
reviewed before this.

Totaling has done a good spin on this title, and with at least 6 Volumes out as of
this review (maybe more though I have no idea where this title is now) it is a little
guilty pleasure of a read that should have a spot in your collection. Drawn well, with
some vastly interesting tales of erotic bliss and excess throughout the series (this
being no exception), Spanish Fly should help enhance your… well… whatever it
was that Spanish Fly (the product usually sold only in adult porn magazines) helped

4 Spanish Ladies of the Night out of 5.

Hmm? Oh, it looks like we have time so let’s introduce a new category this month…

Back Issue Bin Hentai

Every so often, when we have some spare time (and spare words) let’s delve into
the old back issue bin and see what we can find for recommendation (or non

This month let’s take a trip through time, space and known reality with abit of Time
Traveler Ai.

CPM Manga’ Time Traveler Ai (English - 1999, Japanese - 1994)

2 Horny Trips Through Time out of 5

It’s coming up to being 20 years old, this title when it was translated into English,
and yet somehow it doesn’t seem to have held up well as other titles (La Blue Girl
the Original Manga for instance.

Ai is some kind of model slash stereotype alsoran female that looks like her
character design was lifted from a certain more “popular” character (of the time) in
an itsy bitsy bikini (occasionally flirting with nearly topless pics) who, along with her
camera crew, is taking pictures by the beach. That is interrupted when the spirit of
an old guy lures them into a cave with a thing shaped like a UFO which holds the
key to time travel in the form of a necklace whose power is triggered by female
ecstasy… yeah, basically everytime Ai cums she takes a trip through time. Gee. I
don’t think we’ve heard that kind of plot since the 90’s (oh, wait, this IS from the 90’

Aren’t you glad the fixation of hentai in the 21st Century is mega tits, anthology sex
romps and… bleah… yaoi? I am… except for the yaoi thing. That’s not my reviewing
bag. (Sorry.)

Once the “artifact” gets her male camera crew horny enough to jump her and get
her off, the trip through time and space begins starting off with a trip to Ancient
Rome… what? You mean this traverses TIME and SPACE… who would have thought
it! Don’t get all comfy with the idea, of course, it’s just a pre-tense to get Julius
Caesar to dress up in a demeaning doggy motif (urged on by Ai with a leather
dominatrix outfit and a whip) just so he can bang Cleopatra (which causes the
entire nation of Egypt to get all horny and start banging away)… yeah, that was

Oh, and Ai thinks she can get away from some of Rome’s finest by whipping them…
yeah, turns out it’s a total turn on to them… go figure. Anyway she cums and once
again it’s another trip through time.

Now I missed #2, so I come back in at #3 and she’s the prisoner of Kublai Khan
which leads to another way to get Ai off and another trip through time, this time to
the Old American West where she ends up in a duel with a pissed off woman who is
tired of Ai’s lip (and her calling her old and saggy chested).

And that is just a taste of the substandard, so-so, be glad the 21st Century has
better erotica than back then content you have to look forward to if you delve back
into the piles of hentai past and come up with Time Traveler Ai.

The artwork is OK but the sketchy sexual content (not to mention the sketchy
overall content) is just not as important or big as subsequent releases that make
far bette reads than this (even if it does have a Graphic Novel version for you to
get ahold of). 2 time travel bangs out of 5.

Next Month

Furry is as furry does as we look at what may be one of the few (if not the only)
Furryotica from Amerotica that has earned a solid 5 out of 5 perfect score.

Less about wall to wall furry sex romp and more focused on it’s furry soap opera
with smatherings of sex laced about the read, Omaha the Cat Dancer takes a genre
like furryotica and spins it into an engaging soap opera of sex, violence, drama,
relationships, humor, and plot twists. Concerning the life and love of a catgirl
stripper named Omaha (and the many people who make up her world from friends
to enemies), the title is an intelligent read that should have a spot on your
collection (and certain to get that coveted perfect 5 out of 5 score though only next
month will say for certain). Now split this review into 3 nice bite sized bites of
reviews, starting with our first look at the series with Omaha the Cat Dancer Volume
1 to 2, and we have the next possible 5 out of 5 for your consideration in the
coming months.

That also means we’ll need some filler content review wise for the month.

How about something I am reviewing for!

Might as well since, technically, I’ll never be able to say everything I want to say
about the book there… it being all sexual in content and all… so why don’t I tell you
the full unedited 100% truth about what I thought about Cleis Press’ “Lust : Erotic
Fantasies for Women”… what? It’s all straight heterosexual sex… or is it? The
review of this Notable Novel (another new review category) is next month.

So that’s that. Until next time then see you around!
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