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Prose Propositions featuring Lust : Erotic Fantasies for Women

Focus Title of the Month : Omaha the Cat Dancer

Here we go again, another year and start of a brand new school year.

I was going to go with a schoolgirl theme but it’s been months since I last heard (or
got any review materials) from Icarus Publishing so… well… I’m beginning to wonder
why I haven’t heard from them in the longest time. Anyway any thoughts of themeing
a whole month to schoolgirls went down the tubes without anything to review from
Icarus Publishing (home of 4 out of 5 rated titles concerning legal age schoolgirl

Anyway I guess we don’t need to do that since this month we’re focusing on the first
of three Omaha the Cat Dancer reviews (our newest 5 out of 5). But first… how about
a little prose erotica for your nightstand?

Lust : Erotic Fantasies for Women

4 coffee table sex warmers out of 5

Ah the endless possibilities. The deliciously wicked little possibilities… unless you’
re talking about the original review I did of this for Pop Syndicate, then there isn’t
much possibilities there at all (yes, the original piece had the content edited out of it
to restrain it’s adults only theme abit… odd since it is an adults only review and all).

But that is neither here nor there (whatever that means), this is the uncut original

Which brings us back to possibilities, which just so happens to be the premise
poised by this erotica prose fiction set for female readers.

A silky touch of a lover beckoning one into the privacy of a VIP lounge.

A stranger in the backseat of your car (who isn‘t creepy or Michael Myers promoting
his newest Halloween movie).

The beefaloaf chunk of manly FedEx driver who delivers more than just that
package in his hands for your pleasure… yeah, sure, right. That sort of thing.

Thing is, though, you’ll have to be the kind of fan of the subtle erotica experience to
enjoy Lust. And that, I guess, is the point. It’s a book for female readers, and I guess
female readers like to have abit of a balanced diet in their erotica between it’s
sexual content and it’s romantic buildup to sex (in terms of story development). But
then again I wouldn’t know about that, would I, since I am not female the last I

Lust is a well balanced meal of sexuality and plot, giving both abit of the naughty and
tugs at the heart string with some romance to go along with the heavy breathing and
physical mamboing going on here. At times the stories does have somewhat lengthy
erotic moments (moreso than script heavy hentai Amerotica Omaha the Cat Dancer
for instance), but it’s not a whole out total sex fest (like, for instance, the hentai
manga Blue Eyes which deals out heavy dollops of sex amidst it’s story). It’s halfway
in content of the two titles I mentioned above (only without the large breasts or
animorphic people), and all reading seeing how it’s a prose title.

Edited by one known as “Violet Blue” (a “big name“ in the industry if the hype on the
book is any indication), Lust is a collection of erotica written by and for women (as I
said above). A so called “fierce and joyous celebration of female desire”… that
mostly requires at least one male it seems as a title written by and for women seems
to mostly require a male partner (or two) for sexual release. Now it’s not like I’m
proclaiming that Violet Blue is an anti-lesbian editor or anything, but there is only
the… what… ONE story? Only the ONE story? And -- well -- it’s not as well written as I
would have wanted to see from a lesbian erotica tale. No offense to the tale’s writer,
it’s just that it wasn’t my cup of WD-40 Energon Premium Mix if I had anything to say
about it.

Promising to be “witty”, and “provocative”, this is supposed to lead you down the
primrose path to a forest of wicked, lustful surprises. Oh, I’m sure I tripped down a
primrose path, it’s just one I’ve been down before. Lust works, sure I don’t have any
problem in that dept., it’s just nothing I haven’t seen before.

Let’s spotcheck the tales.

In “Golden Hand” a female pickpocket gets to help a frustrated man disillusioned by
his marriage get off… payment for services rendered coming in the form of a 5-
finger discount which led to her providing services rendered in the first place
(seems… well… he has two pockets and you do the math).

In “Ripe Fruit” a frustrated fruit saleswoman whose produce is not moving in the
sweltering heat gets her fruit picked by a famous celeb with a hot bod.

Yeah. I don’t need a book of erotica to imagine that happening, tabloids (the bottom
of the print media evolutionary scale) got the market cornered on that kind of action

By the by, the title seems to share a common thread with Spanish hentai creator
Tobalina (Spanish Fly -- THERE, for once the spellcheck didn‘t misspell his name as
Totaling or whatever it was last month) in that every male with a protruding male
projection always uses a condom before the XXX stuff. (Tobalina features it often in
Spanish Fly Volume 6, for instance, and it’s present here as well).

I don’t know if it’s common or not in the hentai prose fiction category, but I thought
to bring it up.

In “Sixth Sense” somebody who is a psychic (and not the adult who used to be the
kid who said “I see dead people…”) is going to get some. Really? Go figure. I bet
that person saw that one coming.

“Tied to the Kitchen Sink”. Hey, here’s a present I could go for! A hot willing
consensual female locked up to the kitchen sink ready to do it (a few times). That’s
nice. Much better than most of the gifts I’ve had over the years. Yeah, I said the
above, why not. It’s a hentai review after all… and, well, what’s wrong with the
above?!? She’s consensual after all. It’s not forced rape (which sucks).

Three-way action in “The Butch, the Boy and Me” (two girls one guy which doesn’t
really reach a big potential as, well, let’s not be obvious here)… maybe I would have
liked it better if the two girls stuck to each other and passed on the Boy.

And, for a stranger twist, how about “Love Triangle” with two guys who seem as
willing to do each other as the girl they’re doing it with? (That doesn’t seem too off
since the Yaoi genre is rather strong these days for some strange reason). (Except
in games where you can’t get a sex game across the pacific without Sony spade and
neutering it to death even in it’s Japanese PS2 release… yes I’m looking at you Ore
no Shita de Agake, you yaoi game you.)

“Coffee Shop Boy”. Go on, guess who’s the manmeat on the menu today! Guess!

“American Bottom in Limousin”, it’s all about spanking. Oh. Sure. Couldn’t squeeze a
halfway decent lesbian erotica in this book but found the time for a spanking fetish.

“Pleasant Surprise”, the lesbian erotica fair.

Some woman opens her door to find a mystery woman who comes in and proceeds
to do her.

What? Why isn’t that nice? Because the woman in question went to the wrong
apartment and mistook the woman inside for someone else. Sure, they do become
an item and a magical coupling… it’s just that you don’t see it, that’s implied at the
end in a sentence or two. Whatever.

I think I gave enough examples. Breakdown time.

Hmm… it’s overall a well balanced title, not perfect but the dynamics of the
characters (you will find yourself liking some of the characters in these stories), the
sex (which is important since it IS an erotica title after all) and the overall balance
between the two (story/characters weighted against the sexual content) works well
enough. Too many heterosexual pairings for me though, though I suppose it’s all
well and good since this is a book by women for women and… well… I’m not a
woman. So I guess I’m not supposed to be 110% blown away by this read. Right?

Still if you like a good bit of erotic reading before bedtime (or just like to cuddle up
with your significant other, if you got one, and just share a few naughty bedtime
tales which might inspire some real life happenings between the bedsheets this
little piece of interesting read splashed with a taste of sex might be the book for
your nightstand. Of course if you want something more graphic, hardcore and full of
action (or just want more lesbian content) then this isn’t the book for you.

Lust : Erotic Fantasies for Women get 4 boxes of condoms out of 5.

And now, the topic of the month.

Title of the Month featuring Omaha the Cat Dancer.

This Month : Omaha the Cat Dancer Volume 1 to 2

With the notable exception of Blue Eyes, a majority of 5 out of 5 hentai erotica are
titles that are more than the sum of their sex (Blue Eyes is probably the only
example to date of a title that is heavy handed all out sex with women with large
breasts while the others have more plot sometimes than sex).

Small Favors. La Blue Girl the Original Manga. Endless Serenade DVD. All of these
offer a balance between the sex and the story that fills in the space between sex
(and what stories they are)!

Omaha the Cat Dancer is no different, which is why it rose up to take the rank of 5
out of 5 (a rarity though at times it seems we’re reviewing 5 out of 5s one after

Let’s see… the only stripper from a soap opera world I remember off the bat
happens to be… oh, right, Mrs. Nikki Newman (Young and the Restless). Of course
she isn’t a stripper anymore, but if she had a friend like Omaha maybe she’d still be
walking the catwalk with pride to this very day… nah, probably not.

Set in an animorphic world of animal people, Omaha (her stage name) is a woman
who strips for a living (and has no shame in her chosen profession). She likes her
popularity as a stripper, is a liberated sort who flips off the O’Reillys of the world and
their anti-sex attitudes, and has a hot boyfriend she totally bags everynight. That,
however, seems to come into danger as she finds herself suddenly drummed out of
work by overzealot anti-adult entertainment weirdos who drive the joint she’s
stripping at out of business.

So, while Omaha regroups and recovers from that shocker it’s about as good a time
as any for a flashback into her origins. See how she came to town for the first time,
met her best friend Shelley (who can shake her money maker and strip really well
herself), and how she came to meet her boyfriend Chuck (no relation to Chuck from
this Fall’s soon to crash and burn spy comedy of the same name). Sure, sure, I guess
if Omaha and Shelley hooked up I’d be ranting about the title, but Chuck is a nice
guy (more or less) and he’s that Sexfriend perfect hook-up with Omaha (though
Shelley does go so far as to “test” Chuck while on the catwalk to make sure he‘s not
a fickle kinda boyfriend for Omaha).

Anyway eventually we come back to the whole closing of the club (Kitty Korner), but
the closing of one door leads to the opening of another (an underground strip club
now that it looks like the evil Moral Majority is on the move). This, however, turns
out to not be such a hot idea as the rich powerful clientele the first night out turn
the place into an orgy/rape situation and Omaha/Shelley along with Chuck have to
run for their collective lives (with Shelley getting shot during the escape).

This leads to a long run to San Francisco, a “reunion” with a female friend, a
threesome and more danger.

As Volume 1 ends and Volume 2 begins we find Omaha being haunted by the
memories of Shelley (who we haven’t seen since that night back in Volume 1 after
she was shot). It seems it’ll take Chuck’s evil dad to get Omaha and Shelley back
together, so that we find out she’s been paralyzed by the shooting. Of course
Omaha would like to help her friend, and Chuck’s dad would like that too… if only to
break her and Chuck up. Doesn’t help any that he kinda strays this Volume while
seperated from Omaha, mind you (and he‘s barely seperated from her before he
goes and bangs that friend of Omaha‘s from the end of Volume 1).

Can these two get back together before the end of the volume? They better,
especially since Chuck’s dad happens to be involved in a power struggle that will
put the duo in great danger.

Long story short. If you are a person looking for furryotica that is a long chain of hot
animal girls fucking from cover to cover then… well… this isn’t for you. This isn’t
one of those furry fuck titles.

Looking for an intelligently designed soap opera of furryotica with sex stringed in
(but not the end all and be all of the title)? Want a sexy read with three dimensional
lovable (or hatable depending on the character) characters set in an engaging world
of thrills and dangers beyond your average cookie cutter furryotica? Then Omaha
the Cat Dancer should be the 80 to 90’s era hentai (back for a reprint in the 21st
Century) well worth your time. And now that Omaha the Cat Dancer has recently
wrapped up it’s run (ending the series only sometime ago) now couldn’t be a better
time to get acquainted with this complex stripper, her friends, and the life less
normal she leads.

First review out of a tenatively schedule three and Omaha the Cat Dancer pole
dances her way out stage left with 5 resistances to reference Showgirls during the
review out of 5.

Next Month

Well, I’d like to say we’re having a normal review month next month… but we’re not.

It’s the start of the three Holiday Reviews of the end of 2007. First up, of course,

We wrap up the review of Katy : Sexy Magic, dip into the vampire sex genre with
Kristina : Queen of Vampires and then… well… we’ll see what happens and roll with
it. So until then let’s close it up and meet you again next month.
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