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Anime - Kitty Media’ Sexfriend

Print - Eurotica’ Emily’s Secret

If you’ve been checking me out review wise over at then
you know what I do on a weekly basis. Review Animes, Mangas and Video Games,
with the occasional adult review but nothing on a regular basis. That just changed.

Once again because I hate restrictive authority, especially when they have
censorship on their lips and restrictions in their minds, I felt now was as good a time
as any to defy the “Hill”aries (fall down oh “Hill”ary) and damn the O’Reillies
(bloviate!)… or whoever is complaining about adult material these days and go all
out. Anyway remember to never ever let light minded short bus riding censorship
types repress you. Stand up and be counted… just don’t go overboard please,
remember that, don’t go overboard and stuff… otherwise that’s my opening speech
and I’m going to stick to it like the LPGA is sticking to their allergic reaction to Hawaii’
s TV and Print media.

Ok. Now that that’s done with let’s go into a brand new month of reviews before I
ramble on further.

This month I had to shuffle the review abit since my last review pick-ups seems to
be… well… abit late. Abit gone actually… but that’s between me and Right Stuf

This month we’re going to school for Kitty Media’ Sexfriend, while we take our first
look at a little Eurotica (European hentai print) with Emily’s Secret… hopefully that
secret involves my last Right Stuf order, now fortified with starpower of between one
to five… out of five stars… (blinks)… damn you Adam Sessler, damn you.

Kitty Media’ Sexfriend  

4 “sexfriends” out of 5

School was never this much fun when we went there, wasn’t it!

For a title that proclaims everyone is over 18 it’s abit disconcerting that the end of
this one has the guy telling the mousy other girl that she’s now an “Adult” after a
threesome… uh… I guess nobody told them she already WAS an adult at over 18,
and an adult at the end of the first half of the DVD to boot... Oh, well. Let’s forget
that faux pas happened, especially since I’ll explain it shortly.

Short and sweet it‘s time to become jealous of the guy in this series!

Lucky bastard Takabe-kun is about to spend the most productive “hour“ of his life
as his girlfriend best friend and hot female character Hayase-chan upgrades his
relationship with her to become his “sexfriend“, hence the title of this show. And, yes,
for ONCE you get a pairing that‘s beautiful together and works well together with
entirely consensual sex and a relationship that can only grow as time (and a non
existent sequel that should be) can attest to.

It all starts when the sexually hip school nurse is revealed to let students use the
nurse‘s room for sex, and once Hayase takes Takabe in there and they hook up we
‘re off to the sexual races.

It seems there‘s also a mousy girl with dark hair and glasses who also has the hots
for Takabe and she likes to masturbate in the school library while imaging he‘s …
ahem … raping her. He does eventually get to try her out, more than once (twice in
the first half and a threesome with his girlfriend at the end) but (for once) you’ll
actually be detracted by the interference in this relationship… oh, and as you can
see the woman in question became an “Adult” in the first 30 minutes despite the
fact… uh… never mind, she’s an adult.

As for the interfering second doubles pair? Yes, the nurse and this desperate
schoolgirl all get their thing on with Takabe (in the middle of the DVD), but the real
loving (that you should care about) comes with Takabe and Hayase, so much so
that you become abit angry with the interference from the other two (who should
have hooked up with each other in this DVD to become a lesbian couple, oh, and
there is mention of one lesbian scene but it’s nothing to e-mail your sexfriend over).

If only it was more Takabe and Hayase, or the threesome was more sensual
(Hayase introducing Takabe to her sister or something and it being more
consensual and less “whose the better lay” thing which is no contest since Hayase
has a firm lock and load on Takabe’s heart (and other vital organs) from the start
on)! Otherwise it’s one of those good views that should have a nice spot in your


Sexfriend Extras

English Audio, Japanese Audio, English Subtitles, Kitty Media Trailers.

Sexfriend Breakdown

Hentai Hot

A school sex DVD with a consensual relationship that actually has bite and works
well? You don’t say!

The relationship between Hayase and Takabe is rare, especially since you don’t see
enough of these lovely mutual relationships in hentai these days. More series like
Sexfriend would be nice for those who like a little actual real romance with their sex
which makes said sex seem that much more fulfilling and special.

Let’s hope we see more “sexfriends” in school based series (or other hentai series)
in the near future.

Hentai Cold

Threesomes are nice, but having the other two women interfere with Hayase and
Takabe’s love and sex is just abit… well, not welcome. The nurse and the needy girl
should have become their own item.

Sex Bytes

There’s abit of sex and it’s balanced well with the story of friendships that touch into
the sexual, and the feelings that grow between Hayase and Takabe as they grow
sexually together.

Scary Bytes

Was the one lesbian scene in this DVD really worth talking about? I’ve seen some
people rave about the one lesbian scene (the scene between the girl and Hayase
doesn’t count because it’s a threesome) but it’s just not all that some people have
made it out to be. Sorry.

That and… what the hell… why is Takabe’s privates a dark tan color? He’s been
having close personal relationship with tanning booths lately or something?!? Is his
hormones malfunctioning? That’s disturbing!!


When a girl loves a guy to the point that mutual loving sex is a beautiful thing you
find that two is all you need for love. Threesomes need not apply here, though I
guess once is enough (or should have been more mutual). With only the occasional
meddling of the nurse and the other girl to drag down what could have been a more
fulfilling love between two friends become sexfriends? I mark the homework and
grade Kitty Media’s Sexfriend for a grade of four “sexfriends” out of five.

Eurotica’ Emily’s Secret

2 perverted daydreams out of 5

Have you seen these books? The publications of Amerotica & Eurotica (and
sometimes I think they also have Mangerotica books). These books, about as large
as a small handshield and capable of putting out somebody’s eye if thrown like
Captain America’s shield, are not the most… functional books I’ve seen.

The day the publisher of these learn how to publish in manga size (pocket books)
and not in these monstrous giant health hazard publications? Well, that’ll be a
beautiful day indeed.

Another beautiful day is when they put out more good things.

It’s a hit or miss proposition when you’re buying from these people, mostly miss.
Here’s another miss.

Emily’s Secret is erotica that tries to be sophisticated, only it misses the point by
being rather sketchy in what counts and rambling on to the point of ignoring what we
should really be here for.

Emily is a woman who is having abit of a life altering change in her life.

She’s an aspiring artist who lives in a strange psuedo past-future world where it
looks like the Victorian Era has been gangraped by the weird bizarre future era,
resulting in a mish-mash of technology and old world “Charm” that does nothing to
charm… and mostly just recycles things you probably seen in other series before
you even picked this book up!

Anyway Emily has this locket which contains the ability to unlock the sexual dynamo
within it’s wearer… oh, and it also seems to be filled with tons of illegal drugs since it
makes Emily trip out a lot, to the point she sees people making out (and imagines
things coming to life to do her), sees annoying little fairies, and sees a vision of her
mousy short haired glasses wearing friend (female) naked.

Yeah. Obviously she needs a mousy glasses wearing female friend so she can
discover her hidden lesbian love for her despite the fact most of her sexual visions is
straight male/female sex… right. Anyway as you guessed Emily obviously has the
hidden hots for her pal since she is inspired to draw her friend naked (after seeing
her nude on the airship ride to her aunt’s place), which turns into hot blooded (but
short) inspiration for Emily to masturbate herself with fruit and fingers while staring at
her friend’s naked image in bed.

Too bad these feelings for her friend (and vice versa) is barely touched on, which is
a shame.

Time is wasted on her visions, which is also wasted and short (one more). Then she
gets an invitation from her auntie who locks her in a cage and has her buff male
assistant rape her… bleah.

At the end Emily’s friend puts on the amulet and has a vision of her doing Emily…
which may or may not have happened in reality since there’s two scenes and we’re
not exactly certain if the second happened after Emily returned to her friend and
they made out!

Anyway the two end up as a couple, and Emily’s career as an erotic artist takes off…
she then passes the amulet to someone else and completely destroys the chance
that any sequel will come to further flesh out the relationship between Emily and her
lover. Loss for you, loss for me. Loss for people who thought they’d get something
more substantial and found that they have been deceived.


Emily’s Secret Breakdown

Hentai Hot

Not much. Even when Emily and her friend finally hook up it’s just disappointing. It
could have been better, and it should have been better. Too short, too unfocused,
too little and too late.

Hentai Cold

For all the promise the story had it strayed far and wide and didn’t stay focused. I
would have been far more entertained if we stuck to Emily’s feelings for her friend
(which we find out is returned in full as she finds her own feelings for Emily revealed
near the end), and not all this pointless ramblings. It was OK, but just OK isn’t
enough… it should have been better.

Sex Bytes

Back to Emily and her friend making out… and that’s it. Not even the bondage scene
is worth talking about, though I guess the short (and I mean SHORT) scene with
Emily masturbating over her friend’s nude image could have been nice… if she
emphasized on her newly awakened feelings and actually added some context to
her doing that, as in how she’s suddenly become so hot for her friend or whatever!
Anything would have been better than what you got here!

Scary Bytes

That there might actually be a “Sequel” with another woman tripping out on
hallucinations and screwing up her story of how she found love with her female
friend for pointless visions of sex and unfulfilling plotting.


The story should have been all Emily and her friend, but it strayed and wandered
and by the time they hooked up the story was over and we saw nothing of the duo
together worth mentioning.

There are better out there, like Adventures of a Lesbian College School Girl and
Small Favors, so ignore this in favor of these titles (they’re actually better fleshed
out and worth your time to read).

So, because of the lack of focus and how what really should have mattered here
didn’t seem to matter, I’m giving this romp 2 pointless perverted daydreams out of 5.

Next Month

Still trying to get back on track here. Anyway let’s see where we’re going next time,

This month seems to be an Anime 18 kind of month in one way or another.

Anime 18’ Sin Sorority - A DVD that proclaims Girls Will Do Girls… but with a
possible “cliffhanger” and no “sequels” in sight will this lesbian faire be a must see or
a must wait to see if there’s an ending to this “tail” of feminine passions? We’ll see.
Just as long as it’s not lousy lesbian faire, that’s all I ask.

Adventures of a Lesbian College School Girl - She may or may not be college, but
the title is one of the better lesbian themed ones I’ve seen in awhile. I mentioned it
this month, now I’ll tell you more about it and why it might be a good read for you
next month.

Otherwise that, as they say, is that. So until next month then take care and don’t
forget to do your research before you buy!
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