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First Look at Broccoli Books’ “Boysenberry” first launches.

Focus Reviews of the Month : Halloween

Katy : Sexy Magic Volume 2

Kristina : Queen of Vampires Volume 1

Once again we have come to the triad of months that mark the new Best of
Hentai voting months.

It’s the holidays, everyone! Three months each with their own holiday,
each special for their own reason.

So let’s get right to it.

First Look at Broccoli Books’ Boysenberry Line

Featuring first launch titles Delivery Cupid & Pet on Duty (both available

I really don’t know what’s worst.

The fact that there’s this invasion of the Yaoi kind… or the fact that the
Yaoi bug has gotten so infectious that it has even gone so far as bitten a
company I thought would never get into hentai of anykind!

It’s true, however, Yaoi is dominating the English written hentai market.
Damn. I thought Yuri (aka Lesbian Erotica) would rule, but for some reason
for every Small Favor, Adventures of a Lesbian High School Girl or
whatever there’s a whole company cranking out volume after volume of

Sure, if you happen to be (oh, I don’t know) one of the girls of Seven Seas’
Aoi House (or, you know, a guy whose into this sorta stuff) then you’d be
tickled pink by this prospect… if not, however, you’re just plain out of luck.
Still it’s a reviewable item -- which I may end up reviewing since I am on
Broccoli Books’ review list (though I have a thought I‘ll have to order
these volumes in order to review them).

Sure, I guess I should have seen the signs of this coming with “Until The
Full Moon” which is for the most part Yaoi (except for the part where the
other guy turns into a woman on every full moon) but I didn’t read between
the lines so this caught me off guard. Anyway let’s take our first look at the
Boysenberry line.

Makes me want to bitch to Broccoli Book about equal time for yuri/Lesbian
Erotica, but that’s neither here nor there… let’s get this over with.

The first book out of the Yaoi starting gate is… Delivery Cupid.

It was out already when I had just started writing this review (August), and
lord knows by the time mid September rolls about this might have turned
from a “first look” to a full review… not. Guess I‘ll have to order it direct
from Broccoli to review it… “lucky” me?

Taking up the Icarus Publishing style of anthology story books (only
seemingly without the follow through of having an ongoing anthology
magazine to back up the books unlike Icarus Publishing) the first book out
of Broccoli Books’ line up is an anthology of six short stories (which is
short since Icarus usually throws a dozen or so stories per book your way).
What’s the connection? Maybe it has to do with the title, “Delivery Cupid”
… maybe.

In the top title story, we have a romantic comedy about Tsubasa (who is so
not the CLAMP created fucking bastard character I hate from CardCaptor
Sakura) who happens to be half-human and half-cupid… what the fuck!
Anyway Tsubasa wants to become a full cupid (earn his wings, get a step
up on the cupid pay scale, whatever) and in order to do that he’ll have to
finish a task to unite a couple… easy, right?

Well it’s NOT so easy as you may think (of course since this is a romantic
comedy and all) as the target of this unexpected “Love Connection” (with
no Chuck Woolery in sight to give assistance) is a so called “evil” man
(aren’t they all in comedies like this) named Norimasa who shows no love
for anyone (EXCEPT -- duh duh duh duh… the title character!)

Fhhheewwwwww….. Yaaawwwwlllllll…. Crash.

Well, that was generic, been-there slash done-that and predictable all
within the first paragraph. Not good.

Let’s hope the other five short stories haven’t fallen headfirst off the
generic Yaoi bandwagon.

Delivery Cupid, featuring a voucher inside that you mail in to receive a
free Delivery Cupid sticker, is available now for $11.99, if you’re (you know)
into this sort of thing and all that.

Review… well… maybe in the near future. Once I, you know, order it and all

I don’t have to like reviewing it, yes, but I promise a full unbiased review.

Except that you might not want to hold your hopes up because if the whole
book seems to on such uninspired generic cookie cutter plotting as
Delivery Cupid’s mainstory then Houston, we may have a problem here.

Next up it’s Pet on Duty, the September 2007 release which (yes) should be
out now as it’s already October as you read this review.

Mizuki just lost his job (awww… don‘t care). Without a job or a place to live,
Mizuki has no choice but to stay with his older brother in his company
dorm room. However it seems there are supposed to be no non-
employees in the dorm, so Mizuki must live there in secret… like a house

Yeah. Young male hiding in his brother’s apartment like a “Cat”, that is so
unexpected… not. As you no doubt have already guessed you can expect
weird happenings as “kitty” ends up getting all jiggy with his older brother’
s roommate Toru, eventually rolling in the sack with Toru and getting all --
yeah -- OH-kay. That’s enough of that thought. Let’s move on.

Pet on Duty, not featuring a free sticker if you send in a voucher, should
be out by now and it’ll set you back the same $11.99 in order to get this

Now the reviews.

Katy : Sexy Magic Volume 2

3 fully functional blow up girls out of 5

Be it that I would never see, another title like Katy : Sexy Magic… and yet
here we are.

You’d think a title about sexy witches learning sex witchcraft would be
great, lord knows I did because I am in the process of publishing my own
title about this very topic. But with the same one trick pony (I.e. all magic
requires the obtaining of male sperm usually gained from blowjobs or
hardcore sex ending in sucking off your male “sperm donor”) this is most
definitely no La Blue Girl (the original manga).

However that got Katy : Sexy Magic Volume 1 an average 3 out of 5, how
will it fare when it comes to the review of Volume 2?

Not so well. The first half of the book is somewhat tride and if it is a wee bit
original it’s not very much original, with only the second half finally
bringing some innovation (but too little too late).

In the first half of the volume we find that Katy is almost done with her
training, and has to do just a few more things (one actually) to finish her
training. To this end she just needs to drain the waist tap of the hot male in
her apartment building (after a bad surprise with an elderly “substitute” for
the guy she was looking for) to get the sperm needed for the final spell.
This ends up being rather botched as she ends up in a universe of
penises, which almost leads to an evil Urotsukidoji slash Demon Beast
Invasion ripoff invasion of the penis creatures and evil penis man devil
thing… yeah, right.

After that Katy finally passed her final lesson and becomes a full fledged

To “celebrate” she finally turns her meager “Salem” clone male turned cat
“mentor” back into human which leads to male on “catgirl” sex… then the
actually innovative part comes up, after the sex is done and you find out
Katy is running out of steam in her innovation drive (if you didn‘t know that
already from the relentless beating to death of the one trick pony).

Somehow Katy ends up bringing a female blowup doll to life, which (after
her first owner is turned into a blowup doll by accident by a messed up
Katy who was trying to turn to blowup doll girl back to what she was) ends
up getting adopted by weird ass kids. This leads to some rather
disturbingly interesting blowup doll girl on stuff male bear sex… really…
the stuffed bear just gets all horny being close to her after saving her life
from a crazed toy with a sharp needle, and before you know it they’re
doing the wild thing.

After that somehow Katy shows up and delivers sex upon toy soldiers but
that’s when the innovation drops headlong down again as the nurse (now
not so cute as she was a few pages ago) is just a bystander in the rest of
the volume. The story ends and we’re basically mostly disappointed by the
so-so content (again).

For what little innovation this had it’s mostly wasted by the one trick pony
(which is beaten throughout Volume 1, then sliced open like a Tauntaun
and used to warm what was left of the innovation between volumes --
which is both sick and useless as you no doubt noted), or underwhelming
content (Katy’s few consensual sex scenes in this volume are not worth
communicating via fireplace to your local witches’ council over) marring
what could have been a good read.

There is the blowup girl (with a voice that sometimes sounds like a bike
horn honking) on stuffed bear sex but for the most part it’s just not worth
paying cover price on this one (especially since the blowup girl is a short
innovation that quickly stops being innovative by the end of the volume).

Still it’s alright, but once again dredges the middle ground with 3 blowup
girls out of 5.

Yeah, it would have been nice if it somehow rose above the averageness
it’s been muddled in, but it’s just not doing that no matter how much we’d
wish otherwise.

Kristina : Queen of Vampires Volume 1

4 bouncy female cops out of 5

Up until deadline I was certain we wouldn’t be coming back to Kristina land
in terms of reviews.

But as of a few days shy of Halloween 2007, Kristina : Queen of Vampires
Volume 2 hit’s the market and becomes available. And, well, if it is as good
as this one (or at least as agreeable) then you should consider placing
your advance order down on Volume 2’s release this October.

You heard this story before, but you’re just here for the sex so I guess it
doesn’t matter if you heard it before…. Does it? Anyway Kristina is this
powerful vampire female who went out of her way to piss off the little
people she victimized whenever possible. This didn’t last, as you no doubt
guessed, as she was finally caught by the peasants she mistreated and
punished for her bad deeds… y’know, AFTER they tried out her wares and
kinda took a little time to stick their Johnsons into her. They raped her
shapely bod (for a little bit during the introduction) and put her to death,
only for her to come back to life years and years later in the present day
due to unforseen circumstances.

This brings the crafty, cunning and still kinda horny female vamp back into
the game… but considering how she died way back when she decides to
change her “tactics” in how she attends to her “business” in the here and
now world of the present (she does, after all, throw a hissy fit and start
crying the minute she kills her first modern day human). So to this end she
decides to go vigilante and drink only the blood of evil people, mostly
since she figures out nobody will give a damn if she taps out the
underclass scum of blood.

Thus begins her first days in the world of modern man.

She gets about, picks up a few servants slash sex slaves to play around
with, runs afoul of a happy heterosexual male/female cop slash coroner
team and somehow manages to get out of this book to get to that October
2007 Volume 2 Kristina book. But not before she gets some in both pairs
and threesomes (male/female), we witness the two cop/coroner banging,
and then there’s the ending… won’t spoil it for you but Kristina ends up
the worst for wear and drags herself back to her lair like something the
Cerebus chewed up and spit out. Of course, as the volume ends and
Kristina falls into a restive restorative sleep it couldn’t just be the end of
it… oh no. Seems like there’s a more powerful male vampire out there
somewhere who will probably be nothing but trouble for the cast of this
title (once Volume 2 comes out I’m sure we’ll find out more about him).
Then the story ends with sex and that’s it.

Is Kristina : Queen of Vampires innovative or original? Well… it’s not
dreadfully formulaic but on the same note it‘s not very original either, so
we’re depending entirely on the sexual content here to carry the title past
the drear of averageness. That is, actually, good enough as while the story
is so-so good (and has it’s moments that will make reading it worthwhile) it’
s the sex in the title that gives it it’s better than average score. The sex is
strong enough (and done well enough) that even if there is abit of the
been there done that in the overall makeup of the story it won’t upset you
too much or make you regret reading this. And, yes, there is the sequel
coming this October so you’ll have something to look forward to, if hot
female vampires doing normal humans (and hot male vampires with
bisexual female vampire slaves) rock your blood soaked boat in a way that
this kind of thing should. Solid vampire and human sex, a fair enough story
(even if occasionally the dialogue borders on the overtly campy in
moments here and there), and beautifully rendered artwork (full color) all
bring this story to a rather decent score for it’s first time out.

Kristina : Queen of Vampires will feed your hot vampire chick sex needs
well enough with it’s Volume 1 release scoring 4 hot and bothered female
coroners (like in MIB the Movie only hotter and shapelier and “fully
functional”) out of 5. Let’s hope Volume 2’s review (in the coming months)
holds up as well as the original did.

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Holiday Reviews of the end of 2007 continue into Thanksgiving and
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