November 2007 Edition

Well the holidays roll ever onwards, unfortunately it looks like we’re wrapping up
the end of 2006 on a bit of a down note review wise… here, check it out.
Did I mention Icarus Publishing anytime within the last few reviews? Well if you’re
wondering why I haven’t reviewed anything from them in x amount of months, it’s
mostly because they stopped sending review materials so many months ago.
Yeah, the one people I thought were different in this industry suddenly up and
stop sending things to be reviewed. Thanks a lot people.

That definitely dried up the old review material pool rather quickly if I do say so

With that said I’ll see about getting back on the ball and pulling in stuff on my own
for review.

This month it’s Thanksgiving which means, yes, the long inevitability of leftovers,
starring the king of thanksgiving leftovers… the turkey (that’s why they don’t serve
turkey in the real world 11 months out of the year, so you build up an actual desire to
eat it… and eat it… and eat it… you get the point.
Anyway since Icarus Publishing has bailed out and no longer sends things to review
(please e-mail all complaints about that to Icarus Publishing and their editors…
thanks) it’s a leftovers month this month (sorry about that).

Femme Kabuki
4 Live Sex Shows out of 5
Ever saw a concept you wished was better developed, had more content or just…
well… went longer? Here’s one if there ever was one, and if you find out whose
selling the Trade Paperback of this one shot 9 issue run then please pass the
word onto me, I’d love to hear where you got your copy.

Have you heard of the Sexy Fruits line? No? Well as far as I know they’ve been
defunct for… for… hmm… I have no idea when, but seeing how these come from
all the way back in 1998 and up (and it’s now 2007) your guess is as good as mine
as to when they trooped off into the sunset. All I know is I haven’t heard of them
lately being in the business of hentai manga, and I don’t know when they fell off
the planet and stopped doing hentai manga. Here’s a hint, though, they were the
adult imprint of Studio Ironcat (which later became I.C.Entertainment, then
reverted back to being Studio Ironcat… so, you know, if somewhere in that twisted
and not always happy infighting that was the heart of Ironcat somebody has an
idea what happened (or is happening now) to Sexy Fruit please let me know).

But of the few really recommendable lines from them (in both the mainstream
Ironcat line and the hentai Sexy Fruits line) was Femme Kabuki. Here’s a brief intro
from Issue #3 (9)

“Female Kabuki (including Femme Kabuki) were sexy, and often erotic, live
performances which started in the mid-Edo period (around 1750A.D.). They danced
around and exposed themselves without paying much attention to the play’s
scenarios. People claim it was more erotic than anything done by today’s

And thus we come to the group of sexy femmes and their many trials and
tribulations (and sex) on the road. Strangely enough, though, the title is not
considered Lesbian Erotica despite the fact this is an entire female cast… mostly
because they use their bodies for sex to manipulate males, get raped, and have
lovely scenes between male/female lovers (and that’s just in these four of nine
issues) so there you go.

There are some nice lesbian scenes, yes, but still while I haven’t seen all nine
issues for a complete review (boy would I want to) somehow (if these four issues
are any indications) the taste of lesbian is not enough here (and you’d wish for

NOTE - If I had to guess what five series I’d personally like to get the rights to, and
write myself back into existence, this is one of them (if not my first real title I’d like
to plunge into as a new creator)… though it’ll never be the same as the original as
I’d probably go mostly lesbian but that’s my thing.

Of the four issues I have here (at the start and end? Here’s the highlights.
Issue #2 - The girls lose their touring gear (and their personal stuff) to
overzealous local police. It’s up to the troupe’s worldwise seductive manager and
her two Yuri/Kei-esque polar opposite personality performers to get their stuff
back (lesbian alert! The two who are supposed to steal back the stuff from the
police end up doing it in the area where their stuff is being held!)
Issue #3 - Somebody is willing to pay good money to have the troupe drugged,
raped and sold into sexual slavery for their own personal amusement… so can
somebody come to their rescue?

(Lesbian Alert! The opening stage scene has a scene!)
Issue #8 - The troupe is stranded in an island village and they’re running out of
options for boarding as it’s raining nonstop and their temporary “landlady” is a
monster. So the gang has to open up an ultra erotic little eatery to keep the money
flowing in… yeah, totally won’t make them the enemies of the local eatery right? I
mean what’s a little friendly rape gang for hire between businesses!
(While the lady of our troupe that is targeted for rape ends up overcoming against
her adversaries… mostly because they lack an real sexual stamina… she
threatens to do the female business owner who hired them to rape her, but you
never see her actually “punish” her).

And finally Issue #9 - Is it true love between this guy and that girl? Maybe him
doing her on stage for her first time having sex will prove just how much they’re in
love! Really… well, at least it’s touching… no, not in that way.
Yeah, five issues missing and I’d like to see them, but I have more than enough
here for a review.

There was just something really classy and sexy about this little read, an
overlooked underestimated title that I really wish went farther than it did… it didn’
t, and all I can hope for is to dig up a Trade Paperback from this series to at least
see it in it’s entirety. If you have any information do let me know.
Otherwise sexy Femme Kabuki does a stage show for 4 standing ovations out of 5.
Good luck finding this one in the back issue bins of your local adult comic shop…
you’ll need it!

2 horny catgirl mysteries out of 5
Let me be perfectly clear, the idea of “sexy” women doing it in fantasy laced hentai
hit it’s low point with that World of Warcraft adult porn knockoff live action movie.
Yeah, right. Sure World of Warcraft has zero sexual content but it does have
everything else that has made it (to this date) an addiction on the internet that is
impossible to shake (once it got it’s claws dug into your RPG side of your brain).
But since World of Warcraft porn knockoffs are NOT as addictive as the original
what hope does other titles set in a fantasy setting have? Short of a few standout
cult classics like Dragon Pink, Elven Bride and one more (whose name eludes me)
for starters I really am not raving much about hentai fantasy porn. It could be
better, far far better.

As if to accentuate this fact is old school 1995 title from Venus Comics (an imprint
Doug Dlin and the rest of Antarctic Press probably wish never came about if they
had any say about it) called Gorgon.

OK, let’s face it, Antarctic Press’ big guns have NOTHING to do with hentai manga.
Gold Digger, Ninja High School, DinoWars, Pirates vs. Ninjas, titles that have zero
sex and yet rate a good solid score of 4 to 5 out of 5. Yet 12 years ago Antarctic
was dabbling in the hentai trade with it’s own imprint… and since I don’t ever
remember Doug waxing poetic in any e-mails about the future of Venus in the 21st
Century I’m guessing it’s long gone and buried (shallow grave though since you
can still find stuff from this era if you look hard enough and in enough bargain bins
of places like and Barnes & Noble). And, well, if Gorgon is any
indication there’s a good reason why it’s buried.

Gorgon has three sisters out adventuring to make a fistful of gold or do a good
deed or whatever.

Thing is it’s these three sisters, their various classes in fantasy “jobs”, and the
many things that spread their legs and take them in mostly rape scenes. Yeah,

I have 3 issues of this, but I do remember that there is a Graphic Novel out there
somewhere collecting the whole series… it’s just I don’t know if you want to waste
your time reading it all if these three issues are any indication. It’s no Femme

Issue #1 has fighter sister Ciera who takes a job to fight bandits… who turn out to
be the undead and damned in the form of zombie, vampire, mummy… mummy?!?…
and dark knight. They all gangbang rape her… wait… the zombie too? That’s now
how it’s done! I’ve played Resident Evil games you know!! Uh… anyway they
gangbang her and imbue her with their special abilities as her “reward” for getting
them off… thanks, but next time just leave your Unholy Damned Express cards
(never leave hell and damnation without them).

Then we tune in on the ditzy cleric sister of the trio, who promptly gets lost while
questing for her sisters (so soon after telling her master she wouldn’t get lost)
and then tries to help the poor starving undead by casting a healing spell on
them… yeah, that’d work wonders. She then runs into an evil sorcerer dude who
promptly bangs her with evil magical dick serpents. Yeah, then she ends up in a
fight with her rapist that ends badly (for him)… apparently he caught a bad case of
sexually transmitted stupidity and fell off the face of the title during a transition
scene where Ciera (the now cursed) shows up at her sister’s old hangout to find
out she left to look for her… then we go back to her and her rapist is nowhere to
be found. Oh, well, not like anyone is going to miss him. Loser.

In Issue #2 we find out that the inability to perform sexually can affect lycanthrope
as well as humans as the third sister (a black mage) runs into a sexually inept wolf
guy… and sells herself for sex as a prostitute. Yeah, sure she’s just getting him in
bed and fucking him for his money (and the fact this title needs a sex scene in the
start of it’s second Issue) but it won’t turn out well as he becomes more of a
handful than she can handle.

The issue ends with the cursed sister being gangraped by city guards… that goes
into Issue #3 when she remembers (after so many orgasms) that she has the
power of the undead, and turns the table on her attackers… right. After that the
trio (now finally together yet hating each other too much to even think of having a
3-way daisy chain lesbian moment between them) run into a stray catgirl who ends
up giving one of the sisters the only substantial lesbian scene of the book (in the
first half of the book in anycase).

After that the rest of the story is the second half, but I wasn’t too interested in
finding out the rest after going through the first half.

Long story short it’s alright, pussies are drilled and sex is had… but it’s not the
most deepest of reads, and there must be better done fantasy sex titles out there
so, you know, skip this one unless you can find it cheap or you just want to see
what the adult side of Antarctic Press once was.

Either way Gorgon gets 2 saving rolls versus gangrape out of 5.

S.W.E.E.T. Cops
1 shallow lesbian makeout scene out of 5
Yeah, the idea of two female cops in a sex title may seem hot… then read the title
and find out it’s not as hot as you thought. It’s 2020 and the old future looms
(mostly because the vision of the future changed a lot between this title’s English
debut in 1992 (a part of ADV’s past they also probably wish never happened) and
today). The one and only really good sex scene is when the female lead cop bangs
her future partner lesbian style… and that’s only a few pages. After that we’re
drawn into the case of hot female androids being used to commit violence. It’s
short, there’s no more sex after the start and while maybe other issues of this
might be better… well… rack my brain on this one but I don’t remember much of
this title having a future (and I never saw anything about a graphic novel for this
title or anything).

Anyway this is ADV’s brief infatuation with adult erotica and I don’t remember much
coming from that attempt (one of a fistful of “experimental” content (both
mainstream and hentai) across the board in the AmeriManga/Manga trade that
never panned out. Like Pioneer’s brief stint at printing AmeriManga which only
produced one full series (Tenchi Muyo) out of four attempted series for instance.
The title is not worth talking about.

It’s short, briefly sexy (and I’ve seen better) and I am sure (like Gorgon) there is
far better sexy policewomen (doing each other) out there than this. Really. Skip
even if you find it at the bottom of a bargain bin. S.W.E.E.T. Cops? Whoever made
this one give me the rights to the title and I’ll show you how S.W.E.E.T. cops can be
when done right. Otherwise the Un-S.W.E.E.T. Cops get 1 failed “Law & Order” spin-
off (“Trial by Jury”) out of 4 Law & Orders and a Without A Trace.

Next Month
It’s December, so next month we’re going to talk about the stuff this year that
should be on your short list for hentai in print. The best of the best, stocking
stuffer ideas for the person who likes a good naughty read. 4 and 5 out of 5 reads
highlight this memory laner, as well as who I recommend these tree stuffers with
(since a lot of these are actually too big for most normal stockings) for that special
mate of yours who likes their hentai (as long as it doesn’t suck in the wrong way).
That’s next month. See you next month, don’t forget to nominate titles for Best
Hentai of 2007. take care and have a happy upcoming Thanksgiving!
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