January 2008 Edition

Paper Pleasures Featuring Polyp the Hunter & New Bondage Fairies Volume 1
Ideally I should have been done and done with this over a week ago.
But since I started Islands of Eros on the Yahoo! Groups section, started working on
ErosIsles RPG, and ran into a painful brick wall that is Lesbian Erotica-phobic erotica
publishers (two no doubt going on three publishers with an excuse as to why they don’t
want to publish Lesbian Erotica)… or at least the Lesbian Erotica I’m bringing to them.

But there’s no time to ponder that, it’s time to review.
So with a brand new year ahead (and thus the makings of a brand new Hentai Review
Poppers book), and another year of Bill O’Reilly delusional make-believe fantasy War on
Christmas over with (with Brillo declaring several times “Mission Accomplished” in his
War on Christmas, aka Putting the Christmas back in Christmas)), it’s time to review.
First off, a brief note.

If you were expecting the concluding review in our opening volley of reviews
concerning Last Gasp of San Francisco… sorry, that has been delayed. I got in “For The
Love of Esmerelda”, but I’m waiting on the other book now. Should be in in time for next
month’s review, so I’ll get to that right away.
In the meantime… how about two reviews that both earned 5 out of 5’s (originally slated
for review next month as part of the two month 2nd Anniversary of Hentai Review

Radio Comix’ Polyp the Hunter
5 Lesbian cuddle fests out of 5
One of the most notable things about this month’s titles is they’re about as lesbian rich
in content as you can find these days short of titles like Small Favors (which are few and
in short supply). Apparently lesbian phobia doesn’t just stop at the prose fiction
publishers, it goes right into the comic erotica publishers as well! Don’t believe me? Jot
down a list of a dozen Lesbian Erotica titles on one end and a dozen Yaoi (gay male)
Erotica on the other. Odds are you’ll only be able to jot down the Yaoi list, with an
incomplete Yuri (Lesbian) list on the other end. That’s because while there is a large
saturation of yaoi titles you’ll be hard pressed to find the opposite side of the spectrum

Why is this so? I have no idea. Really. If I had a clue I would be telling you, now would I.

But sufficient to say things are the way they are, as sucky as that sounds… and no, that
wasn’t meant to be a pun though (now in retrospect) it does seem like a pun… ouch.

So let’s see, by Kunislayer Shujo (who is actually American -- or at least non Asian if not
American, which would make this Am erotica (I think) instead of Hentai Manga or
Mangerotica), this is one of the top series that came out of Radio Comix’ line-up when it
ran back in Milk (one of Radio Comix’ hard to come by erotica anthologies… you try and
find copies of the series, I dare you!) and then re-ran in the website Slipshine (an adult
erotica site ran by Studio Zoe).

The series itself follows the misadventures of the Bounty Hunter Polyp, and the many
strange sexually charged adventures she gets into… which brings us right off the bat to
the appeal of this 5 out of 5, the package of writing to artwork to sex. But first…
Polyp is a hunter who catches crooks for bounty (or kills them outright if she has to), but
she is also a major sex fanatic to boot. She may not be completely addicted to it (she
doesn’t spend half the day finding new ways to masturbate in public for instance) but
once she’s in her “special place” she becomes just about the sex (even if she knows it’
s her life on the line if she doesn’t keep control over the situation). And that brings us
to her first “bounty”, a drug dealing femme who discovered quite by accident her power
over men. You see, she was caught by this bounty hunter guy and decided to jump him
and have sex with him in a desperate attempt to escape. Well -- OK, she stripped naked
as a distraction to try to catch him off guard, and one thing led to another and before
you can tell me again about the politician with a “wide stance” in public airport
bathrooms she’s having sex with him (the Bounty Hunter, not the politician… he wouldn
‘t be in so much trouble if that was the scandal).

Well she doesn’t want to be arrested, of course, so she goes at it with him hoping he’d
conk out and she’d be able to escape while he sleeps off the sex… two days later she
ends up with a willing sex slave and an idea how to “save” herself from future hunters
(which turns out to be about 15 by the time Polyp catches up with her). She decides to
use her new slaves as a means to enslave Polyp… but since Polyp is already a sex
addict it doesn’t take her long to go through all the men and finish by taking on her
“bounty” in a little lesbian roll in the sack. Guess who wins out in the end.

After that we find Polyp back to man lovin’ again, which is kinda sad as it seems she’s
sexually slumming’ it with a criminal. Not good. So after she handles this and heads back
for the bounty she ends up having a hot roll of sex with the female receptionist/cashier
(who is more than she seems), too bad they have to deal with intruders which leads to
another bout of straight sex and then… that’s that.
OK. Now that we’ve gone through the fine happenings, what is it about this that makes it

Kunislayer Shujo (aka Joshua Lesnick)’s writing style is whimsical and fun, with a solid
sense of humor and a bit of snap with it’s sex and violence (and yes, you will get both
sex and violence here). The art style is definitely AmeriManga in scope, with characters
sporting what you’d expect out of a good AmeriManga Erotica (AMErotica?), which works
well with the title. And then there’s the sex, which is varied enough for abit of
everything. One on one straight, gang rape (or group orgy if you don’t believe for a
minute that Polyp is ever losing control of the situation she’s in) and lesbian all thrown
into the weird vat and mixed liberally. Sex is visually interesting to look at (drawn with
this flair to it), and it’s not the bland cookie cutter stuff you’ve seen in lesser titles (not
deserving of a good high score). Put that all together, plus some extras in the back, and
you got yourself that 5 out of 5 I said this title is worth.

If there is a bad thing about this it’s that seemingly this is only a One Shot.
Not that I wouldn’t mind a second volume of this, I would like to see that (in fact), I’m just
not so sure there will be anymore. Hmmm… I have to see if I can interview Mr. Lesnick
about all this and what else he’s doing lately. But for now if you are looking for
something that has abit of everything INCLUDING a bit of lesbian action? This should be
right up your alley.

5 Lesbian Cuddle Moments out of 5... Though this title doesn’t actually have 5 lesbian
scenes in it, but… never mind. Next review!!

Eros Comix’ New Bondage Fairies Book 1
5 squeezable soft Pfils out of 5
By Kondom (one of the large talents in Mangerotica out there right now), New Bondage
Fairies collects the first eight issues of everyone’s favorite femme fairy odd couple duo
Pfil (the soft spoken until she’s in the heat of sex fairy) and Pamila- the aggressive in all
ways butch gal of the duo. Their adventures (which span from lesbian cuddles between
them to going all out with the micro animal kingdom… as in the ACTUAL micro animal
kingdom and not humanoids with animal traits) has been called (by the title itself) “One
of the most notorious erotic comics ever”. Yeah, but it is also one of the best erotic
comics ever. It is a hardship to find a title that is as perfect in storytelling, artwork, and
sexual content as this title (which is why it nailed down it’s coveted 5 out of 5 without
even breaking out in a sexy sweat). Heck, even Lesbian Erotica scribe Colleen Coover
(Small Favors) recommends this, so how can it NOT be perfect! I ask you that!
Shy but sexually insatiable Pfil (once she’s having some she can’t stop herself, though
at times she ends up the “victim” of rape scenes more than Pamila- and bossy, sexually
aggressive Pamila-- no, it’s not a spelling error, if I don’t put a - at the end of Pamila’s
name the computer keeps trying to respell it as “Pamela”… sigh. Anyway it’s their job
(part of a large network of fairies who do this job) to patrol the woodlands… and end up
getting into quite a few sexual romps with the wild criminal element (or dysfunctional
citizens of the woods).

In the Forest Woodlands, sexually motivated crimes as handled by an elite squad known
as the Special Fairy Fetish Unit… these are their stories (Law & Order sound effect).

Ah, the crimes of the micro animal kingdom!
- In a very special self delusional dream sequence episode, the Pfil obsessed criminal
mastermind “Uncle Mole” takes to having incredibly long wet dreams about fucking
Pfil… while inhaling her long thigh hugging boot or wearing her panties in ways you
shouldn’t think too hard about.

And boy what long long incredibly detailed dreams he has of Pfil submitting to him
sexually and giving him the ride of his life… and it’s all in his head too. Obviously
somebody needs to be dropped off with Dr. Wong for awhile in interrogation before
being sent to the “Order” part of the episode.

After a sexually fulfilling lesbian romp between Pfil and Pam in the woods (though
apparently not so fulfilling for Pam as she goes off to masturbate by herself after fucking
Pfil), Pfil is drugged by a mother wasp being held hostage by two labrats (named
“George” and “Lenny”. And yes, there will be no rabbits in this episode George, the
rabbit will only trample you to death). This “George” and “Lenny” are more about raping
fairies, though to be honest George is not as guilty as Lenny since he’s kinda dim even
in rat form. Anyway who should come by but Pam, after she’s done handling herself, and
she ends up tricking the two by convincing mother wasp to sneak her in un-drugged.

She saves Pfil… but not until after she has a good hard sexing with George… yeah, mind
you AFTER she’s done with him she’s all threatening Lenny but leaves George alone.
Awww… ?

Next up a gigantic monstrous insect of legend returns and demands sex… guess who
gets picked.

Next the duo are in dreadful trouble when they are caught off guard by a rapist shirmp…
rapist shrimp?!?

Next up Kondom stars as “The Masked Kondom”… or just as himself with a giant
condom pulled over his head to protect his identity. Anyway free lesbian sex show using
his tools to get Pfil off.

After giving Pfil a good hard ride on her strapon, Pam ends up providing sexual therapy
to a dysfunctional squirrel couple by talking to, then fucking Mrs. Squirrel, then talking
to, then threatening/beating and fucking Mr. Squirrel. And to think some people say you
need a license to hand out sex therapy!!

A small bug with a big sexual appetite ends up with more than it can take when it takes
on Pam, and one more story before we’re out of here

Kondom’s work here proves he is one of the talents to have on your short list of buying
titles for your Mangerotica collection. With a smooth slick writing style, a beautiful
artistic style (everything comes out beautiful when he draws it), and a wild mix of fairy
girl on micro animal(s) to fairy girl on girl (Pam & Pfil make the perfect lesbian couple
even if they are -- sniff -- bisexual!!) it’s a well packed batch of pages worthy of your
collection. Regardless of whether your into fairies, bestiality (really, even if it’s micro
animals on fairy girls it’s still bestiality… I think) and lesbian erotica then you’ll love this

One more sign on his greatness, Kondom rings in the new year for us here by bringing
us 5, five, five, count them FIVE all out lesbian Pam on Pfil-gasms out of 5. Happy New

And yes, more Bondage Fairies reviews are coming in the future! Stay tuned!
And now, next time.

February 2008
It’s the 2nd Anniversary of the Hentai Review Poppers series, and we just kicked it off
with our best two lesbian content reviews of the year (to date)! Now, to complete what
should have been this month we return to Last Gasp of San Francisco and it’s second
month of reviews.

Two titles reviewed.

“For the Love of Esmerelda”
Recommended read… only why did the title NOT get the rating people implied (from
their recommendations) it should have when it was all said and done?
A recommended read doesn’t meet with the hype (been there before, boy have we been
there before), and Esmerelda gets -- well, next month see why the hype on this read
doesn’t match the reality.


Fantasy otherworldly orgies in trans-dimensional space? Where do we sign up!
(Hopefully not another failure of hype to live up to reality ala “For the Love of

Otherwise that is that.

Don’t forget to vote in The Best Hentai of 2007 Awards (voting goes all the way to the
weekend before the Academy Awards, so vote now and vote early!)
Until then I’ll see you next month for the start of the 2nd Anniversary of HRP! Take care!
Oh, and have a safe, pleasant, and hopefully bountiful and successful 2008! Happy new

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