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February 2008 Edition

Paper Pleasures Featuring For the Love of Esmerelda
Prose Passions featuring The Complete Kama Sutra & Herotica 6
This is it. February 2008 and we’re rolling into the 2nd Anniversary of Hentai Review

And once the Academy Awards roll about (come hell or highwater or writer’s strike) we’ll wrap up The Best
Hentai Awards 2007 and close up the second book of reviews of Hentai Review Poppers (2007 Edition goes to
bed once the results are in).

Too bad it’s not as easy finding a publisher for the HRP book series as it is finding people to vote in The Best
Hentai of 2007 Awards (which is hard in it’s own right mind you). All we need is one good publisher, that all we
need, and the series can finally get off the ground. That’d be nice.

But let’s not dwell on 2007, as we have all of 2008 ahead of us.

Which now brings me to the latest roadblock in the sad state of affairs that is the quest to find review materials
for every month of every year of Hentai Review Poppers… all of a sudden my source of Barnes & Noble gift cards
has dried up! That, mind you, is an important thing as that is where I’ve been keeping up stock of review material
for awhile now! Now for them to suddenly dry up supplying that (then stocking a large paperweight of a “gift card
machine” that never ever seems to work) doesn’t help me any.

I can switch back to my other source of material, sure, but it throws things into a abit of a state for awhile. Oh,
well, that means if this keeps up we’re going back to Hentai Anime reviews for awhile! But in the meantime how
about some prose reviews… oh, and the second part of my Last Gasp of San Francisco reviews, of course.
(This would be a moot point if more hentai erotica publishers actually made it easier to sign up for review
material copies, instead of giving me the runaround! Maybe once the HRP series starts selling in bookstores
everywhere that will change… maybe.)

But enough about things I can barely change.

Let’s review!

The Complete Kama Sutra
3 Unabridged bridges to sexual fulfillment out of 5

Looking for a little spice in your sex life?

Craving a little variety? Mind some change in your life, yet know the difference between healthy sexual change
and stuff you probably shouldn’t do because there are laws against such things?

Then you, my well versed intellectual being, are ready to be exposed to the world’s oldest and most widely read
guide to the pleasures and techniques of sex that wasn’t written by Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

The Kama Sutra. Source of many a sexual parody, erotic influence, sexual homage, foreplay reference, visual
sex pun, and the inspiration for a less than sterling Japanese Hentai Anime that under whelmed viewers since it
was created… and no, we’re not reviewing that. Not going there, no we’re not.

Compiled in the 4th Century A.D. by Brahmin and religious scholar Vatsyayana, who himself worked off of texts
from the 4th Century B.C. (because everything works better in centuries with the number 4 in them) the work
wouldn’t be revisited again until famed English explorer Sir Richard Burton (who may or may not be related to the
actor of the same name) penned his not so erotic version in 1883.

Now flashforward over a hundred years (1994) and we see this new version (touted as “The First Unabridged
Modern Translation of the Classic Indian Text” (according to the book’s cover)) released. Translated by one Alain
Danielou, this version’s translations promises that it “preserves the numbered verse divisions of the original” as
well as “includes two essential commentaries”.

Commentaries are as follows:

- Hailing from the Middle Ages, the Jayamangala commentary, written in Sanskrit by one Yashodhara.

- Hailing from a more modern era, a modern Hindi commentary by Devadatta Shastri.
The book, which promises to have “preserved the full explicitness of the original”, deals with everything from the
art of scratching (people, not records) to relations with the wives of others (an occasional catalyst for your
favorite criminal investigation show like Law & Order, Law & Order : Criminal Intent, Law & Order : Special
Victims Unit, and Law & Order : The Show Sitting in Wolf’s Desk Just In Case Fred Thompson Comes Begging for
His Old Job Again After Failing To Become President of the USA).

The book says that it’s “realistic and pragmatic” approach deals without “ambiguity or hypocrisy” (or warning
label that some of this stuff has had laws written about them in the 2400 or so years since the original text was
forged) with all aspects of sexual life. Marriage, Adultery, Prostitution, Group Sex, Sadomasochism, Gay/Lesbian
content, and Transvestism.

It does, yes it does… of course if you want the Gay or Lesbian Kama Sutra then you’re not buying this. This only
dabbles in those, there are books with a stronger and deeper content in that direction.

Also if you are looking for the illustrations of the positions of the Kama Sutra then this is also not the book for
you, as it is all about the text (without any of the illustrations demonstrating the positions touted by the Kama

Is the Kama Sutra about sex? Yes.

Is it ONLY about sex? No. There is more than enough content, be it about the intimacy before sex, post sex, or a
lot of historically intriguing text on a great deal of topics that somehow relate to sex, this book is a rich read for
more than just it’s sexual content (which actually reads more like a sex cookbook as it seems to lay out in whole
technique and method towards pleasuring the one you love, and thus find pleasure returned in turn). An
interesting read… just, you know, be mindful this book isn’t going to come out and tell you not everything in here
is considered kosher these days (or, come to think of it, legal) so some common sense needs to be applied, lest
you find yourself holding up a copy of this book at your trial and pleading “Vatsyayana made me do it!”

Still, if you are a curious sort (and have a lover who has that same curious sex drive you sport) and you know the
difference between the stuff of 5 star porn and the stuff of an episode of Law & Order : Special Victims Unit, then
you should be well served kneeling before the ancient master of sexual fulfillment (as a good deal of this book is
as potent now as it was when originally penned way back when).

Still a lack of the illustrated side, no warning of which is not kosher (or legal) (leaving you to your own devices to
not get into trouble) and an occasional lack of focus (start reading about a straight sex technique, suddenly find
yourself in lesbian sex context without warning) turns over 3 dildo techniques out of 5. Yes, the book should be in
your shelves… it’s just that I wasn’t completely impressed by it despite it’s recommendation for people who want
to expand their sexual horizons.

But that’s just me, know what I’m saying? Feel free to experiment regardless of how I score.

Herotica 6
3 blue naked cover women out of 5

Don’t be blue, lady on the cover of this book! Herotica 6 (the “new”, as of 1999, collection of Women’s Erotica) is
actually quite readable. At times it falls short of delivering the full monty, but it is as recommended as the above
for collections looking for an infusion of fresh and different.

Edited by Marcy Sheiner, Herotica 6 is one of the last Women’s Erotica collections of the 20th Century. Starting
with a box of over 200 manuscripts, she worked it down until she was settled on 21 stories that “open wide the
window on what women really want”.
Unlike my last prose review (Lust), this one is well rounded with a smathering of straight and lesbian erotica (and
publishers keep telling me these days Lesbian Erotica is not desired these days!), though my only problem with
this book is more than occasionally the stories seem to stop at the good part (just when things are really getting
interesting) which is kind of a bummer.

But for your edification… let’s sample the wares laid out before us.
Neighborhood Round Robyn

Let’s see…. Robyn (female) is out by the pool lounging about.

Derek (male) is nailing redwood siding onto the outer wall of a sun room he’s constructing.

Perry (male) is stuck with gay male erotica writer’s block which I can totally relate to… except mine is lesbian
female erotica writer’s block, but I digress.

Tracy is trying to make lunch, but she’d rather leave her stupid husband.

Let’s see… one thing leads to another and a chain reaction of self masturbation is unleashed.

A Little Slip

A little slip the title says, a little slip. Somebody’s lesbian love just got caught with another woman… too bad the
threesome fireworks that should have transpired after this “shocking” interruption never happens. (Let’s just
say the third woman is a gift, and she would have been the gift that kept on giving if the story actually went on…

The Rose Velvet Chaise

She was a mystery writer, he was a healer of high order computer systems, maybe a rose velvet chaise (and
some serious sex with a dose of reflection on how much these two mean to each other) will get these two to that
happy ending (and that all expenses paid business trip to South America)!

The Portrait

Somebody’s having an anniversary! I guess sex will be involved!

Lesbian Bed Death : A Case Study

Eww!! Don’t ever say things like that again, book! You’re scaring me!!

That’s it! I’m going to sit in my corner and scrawl warding symbols against Lesbian Bed Death!

(Bless you, 1984 Revised Edition Palladium RPG book, and your kitchen sink + the kitchen overload of RPG
information approach!)

The Adventures of Marriage
Yes, people, there really is such a thing as “Adventures” and “Marriage”!! Read this story if you don’t believe in
the two concepts working together! Go on!

Simple Gift
Let’s see… make your male significant other into your sexual plaything and find out you both like it when you play
rough? You can’t get much simpler than that, people!

June’s High Holy Day

Yeah, the day you find a significant other with a mind blowing imagination of a sexual nature like June (or the
literary imagination of the “star” of this story combined with June’s imagination) and you got a keeper there. Me?
I don’t know what’s better about this one, the fact that it’s imaginative or the fact the writer didn’t crap out by
making them male/female (and instead treated us to an imaginative lesbian pairing which is a nice touch)! Bless
you, Shar Rednar, and your imagination!

Sure, this title might be coming up to 10 years old as of 2009, and not all the stories are as fulfilling as other
stories, but this (the 6th volume of the Herotica series) is a sublime mix of straight and lesbian cuddles and
lovings that definitely should be sitting on your bedside table!

If you can find it, snap it up (you should find much joy in it).

4 strap on dildo lube jobs out of 5.

And now, the last part of the Last Gasp of San Francisco review.

For the Love of Esmerelda
3 disturbingly drawn erotic daydreams out of 5

Yeah, as you guessed already the Esmerelda in this story is the same from The Hunchback of Norte Dame. In this
erotic “Elseworlds” version of the tale we find a very whimsical (and very sluttily dressed) Esmerelda the apple
of a few men’s eyes. One, of course, being the Hunchback of Norte Dame (who looks way worst than any version
of the Hunchback seen before or since), this very disfigured version of the Hunchback is hot for Esmerelda
(which you can clearly tell because he jerks off to erotic thoughts of her).

By the way the entire “story” is silent, so all interpretations have to be done by the reader.
She is also the lustful daydream of an important high mucky muck person who also daydreams of banging her.
Yeah. What a day. Oh, and she has the hots for this golden knight who also bangs her… then she’s found by the
angry religious mob and hung to die. Yeah. What a happy ending!

Don’t be fooled by the “bittersweet end” of the book, this is about as average as can be (and abit morbid what
with the main object of everyone’s desires getting hung by the neck until she was dead).

The drawing is abit rough, in a sense that everyone looks rather -- err -- how do I put this… well, once you look at
the interior artwork you notice a very primal style to the hardness of everyone’s appearance. Esmerelda is a bit
of a beauty though she is also a total slut in her male admirer’s minds as she’s taken by each man (sometimes
two men) who dream about dominating her sexually. She herself has her own dreams, but forget about her
getting a happily ever after as she’s hung for being -- I guess too sexually appealing or something -- by the
prudish fist of the Religious order.

No, no, I totally agree with the Religious Right that movies like The Golden Compass is so wrong to accuse them
of world domination ambitions. I mean, what 10,000 pieces of reality, literature and fiction show them
otherwise… besides like a large enough pile to fill a library that is.

Fairy Tales cumming true this romp into sexual Hunchback of Norte Dame it’s not. That is, unless, your fairy tale
is to be hung by the neck in the town square until your dead for the sin of being a sexually aware human being,
then oh by all means this is a fairy tale cum true.

Bleah. And here I was hoping to end my first batch of reviews on a positive note.

It is abit rough, and the sex is abit hard, but if you like seeing the erotic side of classic literature like the
Humpback of Norte Dame then you might actually want this as part of your collection (right next to Alice in
Sexland, Bondage Fairies, that erotica about Jason and the Argonauts, and whatever else erotica with a fairy tale
and/or classic literature twist you can find).
3 Happily Ever Afters out of 5.

Next month it’s another month of prose reviews! What? I am not entirely certain, we’ll play it by ear!

See you next month!


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