Hentai Review Poppers

March 2008 Edition

Paper Passions featuring reviews of three anthology eroticas…
Best Women’s Erotica
The Storm & Other Erotica
Pleasures : Women Write Erotica

It’s March 2008, two years ago our first reviews went up.
Time has passed, and we are now two years old review wise.
How much have things changed… err… not really.

We’re still running the Best Hentai Awards
You’re still not participating in the nomination and voting process of The Best
Hentai Awards.

I’m still reviewing erotica.

And Sailor & the Seven Ballz is still the worst reviewed hentai I ever had the
displeasure of reviewing.

Now how have things changed.

We’re still looking for a publisher for our series of Hentai Review Popper
review books (which is now growing to two this month as the last touches are
put into HRP 2007 Edition). It’d be nice if SOMEBODY would take a chance on
the books! Anyone!

My ErosIsles site is now in the midst of the creation of ErosIsles Episode I (the
RPG Maker 3 Erotica game). The game (at the time of this review writing) was
10% completed, a far cry from a finished version (or at least a tesst version)
but it’s getting along. Right now I’m still stuck in “the village” (the first outpost
where you pick up a traveling companion and your gear for adventuring).
Hopefully by next month I’ll be saying the game is at least Preview ready (for
distribution). That’d be nice.

Otherwise you’re here for the reviews, so let’s get to it.

Once again we’re on a tight tight (stranglehold tight) budget so let’s cut to the
chase and review our three prose fiction eroticas of the month. First off,
Pleasures, a book Edited by… a doctor?!?
Pleasures : Women Write Erotica
Edited by Lonnie Barbach PhD
Published by Doubleday
Released in 1984
3 out of 5
A trend your going to see in a few of these prose reviews in the coming
months, and thus their common thread is… well… the fact that the Editor
seems to be a physician.

Physician, edit thyself.

According to the back of the book, the contributors of this volume, “in their
willingness to extend themselves and expose some of the most intimate parts
of their personal lives” have helped to promote a type of cultural
understanding that “adventure” and “enjoyment” are positive aspects of
female sexuality… how? Apparently through erotic short stories, that’s how. I
do have to agree with the whole let’s not have a guilt trip over sexuality, that’s
the censor monger’s approach to shaming you out of your sexuality -- resist it.
OK. I won’t go into the exact content of the book I’ll explain why shortly, but it
is themed up into several branching categories of erotica.

The Relationship - this is explored by sections for “Intimacy” and “First

Qualities of Erotic Moments - Anticipation, Playfulness and Humor, The
Physical, The Context, Power and Transformation outline this LONG section…
she must have liked this part of the book the best from it’s size in the book.
The Forbidden - Which is not as forbidden as you may think.

Group Sex and “Anonymous Sex” is here… and by that I mean wrasslin with
horse loving people that don’t involve the horse and two other offerings.
Thing is, however, this is a major undertaking of offerings but… odds are you
are NOT going to like it all!

For me downers would include this lesbian erotica which ends badly (in
breakup), the horse one which made not too much sense (why yes I always did
want to watch people wrassle to express intimacy or start intimacy or
something), and a few others that I won’t go into trying to hash up specifics.
The whole, told in the first person, is filled with a wide array of stories, some
good, some not so good, some forgettable, some unforgettable. Thing is,
however, the stories are purely judgement calls. Each reader will take away a
different experience, and some will like this better than others. This book has
been praised, of course, as has past books from Lonnie Barbach, so the Editor’
s talents at pooling together great people to create great writing is not in
question… it’s just that it will satisfy only to a point, not completely.

So the title is not perfect, does that mean (flip of the coin) it’s horrible? No.
A lot of the writing feels so right, and is written rather well. I do agree that, be
you a woman or her lover be said lover male or female, this is one of the
books you should have in your collection of erotica books for those cold
shivery nights when you just want to wrap yourself up with your lover and
become inspired towards expending energy in just that “right” way. The score
may not reflect my praise, but I think you’ll enjoy this more than I apparently did.
For the record? I liked it, but I had issues with it as well. But that’s just me.
Check it out and judge for yourself whether it’s for you or not.

Otherwise Pleasures : Women Write Erotica gets 3 script refills on erotica (take
two orgasms before bed and call me never) out of 5.

The Storm & Other Erotica
By Regine Deforges
Translated from the French by Rosette Lamont
Published by Grove Press
The Storm originally published by Editions Blanche
The content of Perverse Tales published by Librairie Artheme Fayard
Released in 1999 (The Storm in 1996 and Perverse Tales in 1980)
2 out of 5
Praise seems heaped on this person’s talents.
“The high priestess of eroticism.” (Le Figaro)
“If you are looking for a book that will keep you up at night, you have found it…
My only regret was that it didn’t last longer.” (Elle)
“Regine Deforges’s erotica cannot help but seduce the reader.”
Oh, so that’s what I was supposed to have felt… seduced… uh… no.
The Storm & Other Erotica is two things in one.
The Storm, a “controversial” novella, is about a beautiful young woman who is
now a widow now that her husband is gone, and the story of how she attempts
to hold onto her husband… first by remembering all the rough sex they had,
then by going after the village idiot and his big fat cock (because apparently
her husband said he’ll be doing her next or something like that), then she
goes over to his house and allows the entire male family gangbang her with
the old mother watching and participating… yeah, if you think there’s going to
be a happy ending in this one good luck on that thought! Really…
Next is a batch of stories from Deforges’s Perverse Tales. Another rounder
that seems more forgettable (or the subject of a future Dateline NBC expose)
than enjoyable… except for one thing.
Made in Hong Kong
Lots of things are Made in Hong Kong… including, apparently, the subject of
this story. Can you guess what it is? Hint… it’s not a HDTV.

The Broom Closet
Why a broom closet? Apparently it’s where sexually aroused female teachers
take their rowdy nasty male students to give them a proper education. Yes,
remember this book is supposed to be CONTROVERSIAL so teacher on student
sex would have to make an appearance in it, now wouldn’t it… only it’s not
about them, sex is implied but not fleshed out. Instead it’s all about the
teacher and her sexual awakening… here’s a hint, it’s not as interesting as it

Old Man Renaud’s Funeral
I’ll just jump to the wasted moment in this book.
It’s a funeral, and there’s this seductive niece and her young lover there.
After going abouts in this book she and her love hook up at the end in privacy,
and for all this time we think he’s a he… turns out he’s a SHE and they’re
lesbian loves… then the story ends and the greatest erotica moment of the
book is denied.

Thanks. I really did want to see family time gangbanging, teacher/student
moments, teaching Lotus and whatever over a genuinely lovely moment
between two firmly set and dedicated lovers. Really. What was I thinking
actually wanting to see more of THAT!

Last one is about a sexually functional truck driver and his sexual moments.

Let’s see… if this book is keeping me up at night it’s because of that first
story, “The Storm”, and the disturbing traipsing going on in that read. Then
there’s Made in Hong Kong and the disappointment of the Funeral story and…
well… I may not know French Erotica but I know what I don’t like… and I don’t
like this, no, not at all.

Mind you it’s all a matter of taste, and you might actually find the goings on in
this book to be your erotica for certain… but that’s up to you to judge. On my
own personal judgement ometer I have to dislike this even more than Slave
Contract from Icarus Publishing (which was at least well done enough to earn
it’s score). This, however, I can’t even pretend I found something worth giving
a good score over… because I can’t.

You may disagree, but in my opinion The Storm and Other Erotica fall short in
my POV, and rakes together 2 sad sad people with 2 sad sad endings out of 5.
Best Women’s Erotica
Edited by Marcy Sheiner
Published by Cleis
Released in 2000
4 out of 5
I don’t know, but after the two books I already reviewed there’s just something
about this one (edited by Marcy Sheiner) that just got to me. I don’t know what.
It can’t be Marcy Sheiner, because she’s the Editor of the Herotica series and I
gave that one an average score if I remember right.
Maybe it’s the naughty cover. A woman laid out on bed naked tempting but
playing hard to get (maybe it’s just the way she’s photographed). Maybe the
title will tell as I go over some of it’s content… yeah, maybe that’ll do the trick.
Oh, and I saw the introduction about “The Sex Is Not The Story”… yeah, but I’m
reading erotica so I expect… you know… sex. Isn’t that just part of what I’m
paying to read? Maybe that’s why I’m giving this a good score, because for this
“Not Being About The Sex” it sure does deliver well on that point for a title not
being about that.

Anyway what are we looking at here?

Hmm… just in time for the 2008 Presidential run it’s an erotica about a woman
who may want you to call her “Monica”… gee… wonder why Mrs. Clinton…
hmm… (don’t think too hard about it, that kinds of leaps of illogic are only for
Monied Media Political Talking Heads).
Service Entrance
Hmm… somebody’s late, somebody’s late, somebody’s late for a very
important… well… sex is involved so guess.
The Album
Uh… wait… it’s lesbian erotica… no, wait, it’s straight… it’s lesbian, yet it’s
straight it’s… it’s… ugh, I’m not figuring this one out anymore. Just read it
Something for the Pain
Yeah, I could use something for this pain of a lesbian erotica read that is more
tease (aggressive at that) then pleasure. No, sir, I don’t want no more. Thanks.
Santa’s Little Helper
Oooohhh… it’s a woman who can’t get enough of boning “Santa” (wherever
she can find Santa) during the Christmas season… creepy!
It’s lesbian but it’s also disappointing to say the least… I seem to get that a lot
out of this read, don’t I.
My Kind of Woman
What kind of woman, though… that’s the question. Read it and if you figure it
out you tell me, OK?
Ah, the memories of that special kind of group sex that seems to tear down to
the very soul… good thing these memories come with bright glossy
photographs to remember every single moment!
No, I’m pretty certain it doesn’t star the guy and that lady character from the
Disney movie of the same name… and damn you, movie, if you beat Persepolis
for the Academy Award this year, you French culinary rat movie you!
Hmm… so why the 4 out of 5?
Well, despite the fact I cringed at the lesbian offerings (a future review I will
actually review the “Best Lesbian Erotica of 2005”… I’m hoping by then the
erotica will be better than in Best Women’s Erotica, as, well, it IS a title
specifically for Lesbian Erotica after all) overall it is still a good book. Several
reads are memorable, and I found the writing to be more heartwarming than
gut wrenching (ala The Storm and other Erotica).
So despite the fact my favorite subject wasn’t represented well here for the
most part it is still a recommended read from me to you for the whole of the
body of work.

Best Women’s Erotica gets 4 side by side naked women lying in bed out of 5.

Next Month
So far it’s shaping up that April Fool’s Day reviews will actually once again be
serious reviews. This time out it’s singular prose erotica (one talent, one long

Rosie : Her Intimate Diaries III
This is the totally open and sexually rich diaries of one Rosie, and boy does
this title seem to overflow with sex scenes left and right! I don’t think I’ve
seen this much sexual context in a single story before… yeow.

Focused On Love
For the Al Gore in you! It’s the love between a hot looking female Park Ranger,
the wide expanses of nature she patrols (and occasionally has sex in) and the
hot boy toy model dude on the cover of the book who is a professional

One male, one female, insert penis A into pussy B and repeat. There, nuff said.
And one more, to be announced later, title.

Well that’s that. Here’s to our 2nd Anniversary, and the coming new year of
reviews (hoping by Summer we’ll be back to Eurotica and Amerotica and
Mangerotica before you know it). Take care and keep reading!

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