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April 2008 Edition

Paper Passions featuring reviews of three novel eroticas…
Focused on Love
Rosie : Her Intimate Diaries 3
A Stately English Manor

Once again another April has come about, and another April Fool’s Day.
And yes, once again I fail to line up enough titles for an April Fool’s Day parody
review… sigh… maybe next year. Until that day, however, we’re still reviewing
and this month it’s titles with a more singular focus (erotic prose novels).
If this keeps up we’re going to end up with a 2008 review book of mostly prose
erotica, which may not be a bad thing but I’d like to get my reviews in order and
find some companies willing to part with their review material copies of their
erotica for review! At the very least I’d like to know why Icarus Publishing hasn’t
sent me a review copy in this side of forever! Whatever happened to me being
on their review list?!? Sheesh!! Do I have to refile every three months???
But let’s not go into that. Let’s review

Focused on Love

By Terri Pray
Published by Magic Carpet Books
Released in 2005
3 Al Gore Environmentally Sound Eroticas out of 5
Hmm… yeah. Here’s a good one.

DanI (note how the spellcheck Editor thinks her name is “DanI” and not “Dan(i)
for some reason, and since I don’t have any intent to reedit the name over and
over again I’m just going to leave it and call my spellcheck ignorant).

Anyway DanI works as a Park Ranger, l;ong seduced by the beauty of nature, the
wonders of the great outdoors, the feeling she gets masturbating while thinking
about men. Yeah, those feelings. In come a troupe of female models with a
handsome professional photographer (who I suppose is the guy posing on the
cover, the manly man man Steven).

Insert penis 1 into pussy 2, hump, blow, lick and repeat.

Yeah, there is this whole thing about whether they’re right for each other, the
“forces” trying to tear them apart, the “incidents” that raise the “danger” of the
title… but in the end you’ll come to appreciate the fact this is a so-so erotica with
the same pairing over and over again. If there was others I just missed it,
especially since the main pairing always seems to be DanI (she of the misspelled
name by the spellchecker) and Steven.

I don’t know, maybe having a not so disagreeable female model tempt DanI with
the wonders of lesbian sex (and maybe a twist ending where DanI sends her stud
farm male away and keeps the lesbian lover) would have been nice… at least it
would have been surprising or at least unexpected. Instead the title is a long
slow drudge of you know where this is going writing, which has predictable
elementss, predictable sex, and predictable ending all over it. Still, if you like girl
finds self (hand job), girl finds boy, girl fucks boy, girl and boy experience
relationship and life threatening woes between fuckings, and story ends as you
want it to then this is for you.

Otherwise it’s middle of the road fare. Love it, hate it, find something else.

3 throbbing needs to talk about eco friendly outdoor sex out of 5.

A Stately English Mansion

By “Anonymous”
Published by Blue Moon Books
Released in 1990

3 Dateline NBC exposes out of 5
Maybe it’s me, but when the author of the title refuses to acknowledge that he or
she was the author of the title (and it’s marked as “Anonymous” then maybe you
should worry about the content of said title.

In truth I am beginning to wonder if I am not going to end up the focus of a
Dateline NBC investigation after this review airs. I would break out into song
about how Chris Hansen will stalk me, and camera crews will sruuound my village
and hunt me down… but that’s too paranoid even for me. So bugger off Chris
Hansen, you freedom hater you!

Thing is, however, I am hedging my bet on this one but I am certain that, well, if
any of us here at BareBackMag actually wrote the tontext of this story and
presented it to our Editor Natasha? She would most likely turn it down for
release. Why? Maybe it’s the setting (old Victorian era England I’m taking it from
the dialogue and so forth), maybe it’s the old fashioned dialogue… maybe it’s the
fact that (at best) most of the female cast can best be described as “barely legal”
in this story!!

I didn’t check the ladies’ ID, nor did I did a Dateline NBC Fictional Investigation of
their status as fictional females, but why is a a good deal of the female heat in
this title feels as though there should be a “child porn” “lolicon” warning slapped
onto the read?!?

I take it at least they’re teenagers, not dreadfully underaged but at least 16 or
more, but the way this title is written I can see why it’s described as a
“underground Victorian classic” and there’s no listing of the author.

Miss Martin is the lovely governess of the household, though her duties seem
mostly to help the master of the house and his male friends make the ladies of
the house (some of who happen to be the flesh and blood daughters of the men)
ready for sex. There’s the man of the house, a nasty Colonal, a strapping young
man named Jonathan and probably more… oh, and all the sex. This title is
crammed with it, and it varies though I wish it had more lesbian (for a good
reason). Some lesbian content is to be had here, but it seems only few of it is
genuine lesbian interest as our lovely governess seems to use lesbian talents
on the ladies to make them “ready” for the men, having one of them beg for cock
while she’s serving her while another (a threesome) she gives one lady the
impression she’s complimenting her lesbian skills when she’s really
complimenting the manmeat that was fucking her. Yeah, not really what I was
looking for… but then again it seems par for the course as I finally started
reviewing full out lesbian erotica only to find a glaring reason why it seems to be
on the downslide popularity wise of late.

But that’s a story for another month of reviews.

I don’t know, but it seems mostly disappointing as the girls seem to turn to each
other for affection and maybe love as at least one of the ladies has lesbian
affection for her fellow housemate, but mostly male on female sex (group sex,
single sex, etc) is the order of the day here. Obviously older men (and one
younger male) gets their way with the sex schooled ladies under Miss Martin’s
stewardship, which is a tad more creepy than erotic in my book if you ask me.
Worst yet, not all the girls thread lightly (or not so lightly) on the imaginary
perceived age line this book seems to have with some of it‘s cast but in the
opposite direction that we‘ve been talking up for the past few paragraphs. While I
perceive some young “thangs” in this book, possibly, I damn well know there are
some obviously older (some fathers and at least one mother of one of the ladies
from my understanding), which only heightens the creepiness factor of the title.

You know what? With all this creepy older men lusting for young pussy fare you’d
wonder why I would rather have likened to a more lesbian fare here (actually you
shouldn’t wonder because the whole older men lusting for young tail should
creep you out as well). Seems to me Miss Martin just has lesbian sex with the
ladies to get them sexually mature (or begging for mancock which is so wrong on
so many levels), though I would have to wonder how much better (or more
comfortable) the story would have been if Miss Martin was a sympathetic
character struggling with her own lust while trying to protect the girls (school
them in the way of men to protect them from men while opening their minds to
gentler more loving lesbian sex).

Maybe it would not have been much better given the disposition of some of the
female characters, but maybe I would have liked it better… and maybe the
“Anonymous” writer wouldn’t have felt that they had to be so “Anonymous”, and
actually left a name on the Author credits.

Of course the title is riddled with old English, and sometimes the sex sounds
rather off as it’s a bit odd to listen to people cry out in passion in old English --
really, read it and see (if you haven’t already plumed the lines of erotica set in old
England). Otherwise it’s a give or take proposition on this one.

Obviously it’s not child porn otherwise it would have been yanked from
distribution ages ago, so the girls are legal age. I mean, really, Big Brother had
about nearly 20 years of this title being published to figure out the disposition of
the title so it must be acceptable (at least in the freedom of expression range)
otherwise, again, all copies would have vanished ages ago if this was even
thought to be “child porn”. So there’s that.

Otherwise if you get past the feeling of oddness with some of the ladies in this
book you’ll find -- the title still is abit creepy. OK. Yes, if you don’t mind the older
men at times getting the younger tail, the creepy “incest”, and the lesbian scenes
that really could have been better (or not so much about schooling ladies to want
cock) then maybe there is something here for you to check out.

Either way it’s a underground Victorian classic, it rebels against all things PC, and
if you don’t mind the few foobahs above then this one is going into your shelf for
singular reading… I don’t know if you’d actually want your lover in your arms as
you read to her about dirty old men plumbing their daughter’s bottoms with their
ruddy large stiffers or whatnot, but hey it’s your bed and your significant other…
just, you know, don’t blame me if things go badly and she files a restraining order
against you or something.

Despite the awkward feel that Chris Hansen is hiding under my desk as I work…
go away, Dateline NBC… I’ll give this one a pitch right down the middle (take it or
leave it) score of 3 out of 5.

Rosie : her Intimate Diaries 3 : Reckless Raptures

By Rosie D’Argosse
Published by Blue Moon Books
Released in 1993

4 Funtimes with your Flatmates out of 5
Unlike the last book, in which some of the females of the title seemed to have
this whole vibe that they may not be, as the prune sucking censor prudes would
put it, legal tender… actually they wouldn’t say it like that, they’d throw heavy law
books at you and shriek about what a dirty old (whatever) you are and demand
you be dissected in the name of their children (or whatnot). Yeah, censor
mongers are fun… when they’re thousands of miles away or in a cage so they can’
t get at you.

This book, however, no such problems. Even the youngest I am sure meets the
whole legality thing of people in sex scenes should be this height (and this age)
to ride the sex machine (or whatever the proper analogy is for this reference). In
this, the third volume of author Rosie D’Argosse’s Edwardian tales. Starting off
with a rather strange notation questioning the fact or fiction of this story (I say
fiction since I’m sure no actual human being could ever be so fortunate to get
into this much sex fun in the span of so many days) we find Rosie is going to be
spending the weekend over at a Welsh country house.
Of course if the action was limited to just her and her mates experiences over at
the house this wouldn’t be 4 out of 5 material, now would it. Dispersed
throughout the read there is action at the house, yes, but there is also cummings
and goings before the trip, in flashback tale, and through readings either via
book reading or through the erotic transcripts from letters. Each their own little
slice of sex in a book that just swims in sexual energy (at least far more than any
other prose erotica I’ve reviewed so far with the exception of the other Blue
Moon title I just reviewed, A Stately English Mansion).
If this title has any flaws in it’s near perfect silk panties armor it’s that the sex,
especially when revolving about a male/female partner, can at times become
repetitive. The overall story does take a little getting used to, since just about
everyone speaks in thick accents and even sex seems abit off unless you’re
used to reading erotica from this era, but that is nothing compared to the
sometime repetitive nature of some sex scenes. Woman gets man excited (maybe
a blowjob to make sure he’s hard), he crams her pussy, they cum, then comes the
cuddling or the let’s go now attitude. There is more than enough variations and
scene setups that make even the somewhat repetitive scenario above palatable
more than a dozen times, but still it’s the titles one real sticking point.

Otherwise if you don’t mind the accents, can stand a prose erotica with a bit of a
frilly intellectual whimsy to it (even if it is filled with sex happy whimsy people it is
still far more intelligent than your cookie cutter bang and cum book) then the
third outing of the lady known as Rosie could be for you… and, if you can, you’d
also probably want to see her previous two outings as well to see what her
diaries of sexual freedom were like then.

4 diaries that weren’t sucky (don’t remind me about Miku’s Sexual Orgy Diaries)
out of 5.

Next Month

Abit stuck to topic right now.

If we finally get back to Mangerotica stylings it’s…

Like this sandwich. This sandwich filled with meat… manly meat on manly meat…
see all that meat? Layers of meat on meat on meat on meat… doesn’t this make
you want to just say… YAOI…? Well, tough, I got a batch coming in for review and
you’re listening.

If not this then we’ll swing the opposite direction and prose you a batch of novels
that are supposed to be into the vast variations of lovings between Lesbians in
the Best format of books about lesbian erotica… though, and maybe it’s just me,
these books might be proof positive evidence why (somehow) Lesbian Erotica is
NOT living up to it’s full potential!

Bye now, see you soon!

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