May 2008 Edition

Yaoi Month featuring: Stallion, Enslaved by the Dragon and Exorcisms & Pogosticks.
OK ladies, it’s the fastest growing genre of the erotica jetset of alternate lifestyle
erotica, and heaven forbid how it happened but it seems you ladies (and those men
who are into this) are far more consistent shoppers of this genre than your
counterparts (males and those females who are into that). I am of course referring to
the Yaoi genre, or the male on male gay erotica genre for those who don’t usually
banter about the word Yaoi to refer to male on male loving.

Anyway this month (thanks to an associate expert in Yaoi who hasn’t e-mailed me in
this side of forever) we’re delving into the world of man on man lovin’… and learning
that (surprise surprise) it has it’s own albatrosses in it’s closet along with yuri erotica,
but of an entirely different nature than yuri I assure you. First off, the bottom scoring

By Kosen
Publisher : Yaoi Press
Featuring “Cancellation of Darkness”
By Laila Reimoz (Writer) and Amelia Woo (Artist)
Published in 2006
Score : 2 out of 5
I guess one unifying thread about these Yaoi reviews is that they’re all Amerotica, or
“OELrotica”(?) for you nitpickers of details. Guess if we delved into the Japanese
Mangerotica we’d find the roots to why the genre is taking off, but this is good enough
to get a gist of what people want out of their Yaoi (and one of the basic failings of Yaoi
if this holds for most Yaoi).

First off, the story.
Set in the old west this is a tale of revenge, hot passion (in a perfectly scripted you’ve
seen this set up before scenario) and cowboy on native american action! Yeah, if it
wasn’t for the fact this was more formulatic than a bottle of formula I’d say this could
have done better… but it didn’t, so why bother worrying about it.

Josey the pretty boy cowboy watched a crazy bad cowboy murder an innocent girl
before his eyes, now he’s out for REVENGE!! Yes, REVENGE!!… he could have gone
and made a Wild West Boy Band but instead he’s off for REVENGE!! Anyway he’s out
pursuing this bad bandito, capturing him, only to lose him when crazed Native
American man who looks kinda girlish (named Savage Stallion, though we’ll call him
Stallion since his name is the name of the title) jumps him, and the two end up tied up
facing each other naked on the back of a horse with nooses around their neck
because they get caught by the bad guy… how… creepy.

After near affectionate nuzzling and rolling about to loosen themselves they split up on
so-so terms (after some friendly male bonding and all that), but somehow our Native
American dude is warned by his village’s local shaman about danger to the cowboy he
was with and races back to find him tied facedown in a brothel after he’s been raped by
the male cowboy… apparently it’s rather commonplace for cowboys to bang each other
in brothels since it didn’t seem to raise any red flags amongst the ladies of the brothel
who just seem to be there for filling up space as background characters of little use
(sorta like how males would fill up space uselessly in a yuri title). Anyway finding Josey
all laid out like this gives Stallion a great chance to admit his own young male rape at
the hands of the bad guys and his crew (and yes, it’s all done off camera since it would
be creepy otherwise). That begins the whole “bonding” process between the two… an
incredibly quick so few pages later they’re having sex bonding process.
Stallion is arrested for the other guy’s crime, taken to jail and beaten racist style (and
stereotypical style as this sorta love story requires some pain on one partner’s part to
complete the link between the two characters as well as to get Staillion to open up as
to why he must get that bad man).

Josey becomes all worried for Stallion, gets him out of jail, and they’re hot on the trail
of the bad guy yet again. However they do find time to pull over, stopping long enough
for the two to fall madly in love (Josey and Stallion) and have hot sex in the desert
before finding said male rapist badguy, killing him, and riding off into the sunset
together as lovers… awww…

What, you saw that one coming? Are you sure you saw that one coming? I mean I’m
sure it’s only been used as a plot device about two dozen times or more (just swap out
two males with male/female or female/female, it doesn’t matter how the pairing is as
long as it’s two people falling in love together -- oh, and one has to be a white person
and the other a Native American or some other minority easily stereotyped into a racist
beating scenario or having a good sitdown next to his or her white lover’s raped body
so ssaid person can have a good once over talk about their tragic brush with rape.
The second story is something about demonic possession with a “Twist” ending, and
by that I mean an ending you probably saw coming.

And this seems to me to be the one chink in the Yaoi armor… they’re too formulatic!
And not just the repeating of the scenario above, I mean that once they draw in this
serious format, with this serious setting and so forth it’s like a Harlequin Romance
Erotica. Serious emotions, serious vibes, serious love… no innovation. If all Yaoi is
like this, and I’ll mention the “formula” next review, then I may not have much nice
things to say about Yaoi in future reviews (sad since I thought the popularity of Yaoi
pointed to some deep passionate character creating system that Yuri wasn’t getting,
only to find out the popularity of Yaoi is more formulatic “repeating what works” than
anything deep or spiritually erotic… how disappointing!!

For a cowboy title with minimal sex, minimal working “outside of the box” and minimal
everything the title at least (due to the fact that the main couple could work together…
if there was more of this couple past what little scraps are thrown at you) to warrant at
least an average score if nothing else. Oh, and points lost for being occasionally

You got yourself a cowboy and a native american in love, hence we’re giving this one a
2 out of 5 (for that coupling).

Enslaved by the Dragon
Story by Laila Reimoz
Artwork by Studio Kosaru
Featuring The Snow Demon by Tina Anderson (Story) and Yishan Yi (Artist)
Publisher - Yaoi Press
Published in 2005
3 Forced Man Sexes out of 5
Formula. Sometimes it can be a good thing (the formula to a perfect RPG or plat
former), and sometimes it can be a bad thing (101 Recipes for a God of War knockoff
game). Here, in Yaoi, there is a formula… probably not a recognized formula but one
nevertheless. Let’s see… does the Yaoi have…

1-Pretty artwork (duh)
2-A serious storyline (no room for humor here, everything is so serious even the
captions take themselves too seriously)
3-One of the two formulas of Yaoi sex (consensual or forced).
4-A unflinchingly serious demeanor (the title is all love, no spontaneous creativity)
The serious work of man on man love continues with two stories in Enslaved by the

Man looking for his long lost mother (pick pocketing people along the way) Noah has
just made the mistake of picking the pocket of a crime lord when he needed the
contents of his wallet most of all. Bad news for him… or good news if you think about it.
It seems said crime lord has a taste for male lovers, and he needs one right now, so
his goons up and take Noah into the arms of his new “forced” lover Tokihiko who
promptly breaks him into the whole role of being sex slave a couple of times over with
sex and sex and sex (over time of course as this isn’t a marathon sex a thon).
At first Noah is resistant to being man raped, but somehow (and heaven forbid how it
happens) between the man servant duties and the sex slave duties he somehow
comes to fall in love with his “captor”… I know this is one of the two modes of Yaoi
(from my absent associate) but is this believable? It’s up to you to decide, seeing how
the so called criminal mixes kindness with his rough side, so whether or not Noah can
really fal for him is a judgement you’ll make on your own.

Anyway he so falls for him in such a complete way that he’ll even clue him in to the
cops trying to gather info on him, being “loyal” to him and all… so how does that
equate to falling in love again? Anyway the bad guy helps Noah reunite with his mom,
and the three live happily ever af -- oh, wait, even I have a problem writing the ending
of like that. Forget it. Sure, it probably happened, but still…

Oh, backup story is about one of those demon fighting priests who gets sexed up by a
pretty boy Rumiko Takahashi reject demon… yeah, right.

Let me see… we got all the trappings of a Yaoi here except the most important thing,
the innovation!

Straightforward story, straightforward elements, straightforward plot (you should have
no problem following the romantic trail to see how the story turns out) and
straightforward presentation.

So where’s the innovation?!? Where’s the bits of creative wit (some humor or biting
dramatic element that we didn’t see coming, something)?!? This is a formulatic title and
it is average at best! At best!

On the bright side of the two title (by the way I know I didn’t mention this yet but all the
sex is done with abit of modesty in that it’s not graphically portrayed in all three of
these titles) this has more sex in it than Stallion. Doesn’t make it far better with it’s
inability to surprise or show any innovation, but at least it’s packing a little more action
for you ladies just loving the site of two guys (one seemingly always a “pretty girl” guy)
doing each other (blowjobs, doggy style, missionary… believe it or not… being the
most used positions) like crazy (with some restraint mind you).

At least it’s a little more of what you came for, just not much more in the creative dept.
3 gangster bangs out of 5.

Exorcisms & Pogosticks
By Stephen Doerr
Featuring Special Treatment by Kosen
Publisher - Yaoi Press
Published in 2005
5 Wild Crazy Demon Nights out of 5
So far we’ve seen two straight up standard Yaois.
Guy on guy fare that delivered artwork, story, sexual and romantic content, and all the
trappings of a man on man love story… only without any real innovation or creative
spark of diverting from the norm.

Then we run face first into one Stephen Doerr, he who is not afraid to divert from a
seemingly established norm and get funky with a Yaoi that looks like (from it’s innards)
that it’s creator actually had (heaven forbiud) FUN doing said title! Say, isn’t it some
sort of sacrilege for a Yaoi creator to have fun working on his Yaoi title?!? Apparently
not because here’s an example of one creator having fun!

Drawn with an imaginative spunky presentation, filled with offbeat characters
(including a most perplexingly wacky lead and his strange lover/partner) we’re shown
what happens when you take the path less traveled in a genre, and really let loose with
some innovative content.

Meet Orchiee Fairchild the 3rd. He’d like to meet you… if you were a guy, a great hunky
guy, a sexy great hunky guy… or you needed his exorcism services and paid cash

Orchiee is not your typical Yaoi leading man. He isn’t a standard pretty boy slash pretty
girl boy character, instead he has a look all his own (and more hair than any other Yaoi
character to date that I know of), which is nice if you are tired of the standard Yaoi
pretty boy architype. He is traveling about with a strange male “doll” slash lover slash
life partner slash walking storage container for Orchiee’s most powerful mystical tools
creature named “DooDoo”…. “DooDoo”?!? Hmm, somebody was taking a long sit on
the throne when that name came up. Anyway DooDoo may be a marionette sex partner
but he’s no dummy, in fact he is the level headed one of the partnership as he travels
with the always scheming Orchiee.

It’s not that Orchiee is an evil person, mind you, but as a bit of a free spirit Orchiee
lives from town to town, and job to job, earning a living by any means just to make it
through another day traveling the road with his partner//”lover” (one he’s not too loyal
to as he has a fickle nature to want to bag the first handsome hunk he finds -- and he
often sticks DooDoo with strange illusion signs to hide his true nature that often
makes DooDoo look like a dog). Anyway after a bad day trying to drum up business in
the next town he visits he comes into luck (in more ways than one) when he is hired by
a handsome professor of the local university whose shaving problems with his

Once he’s cured of that and a little sex is had it seems Orichee has to stay to cure the
whole school and it’s many male students of a rapist demon turning male students into
his sex slaves. I’m perfectly certain something completely unconventional will be done
about this demon “infestation”!!

Taking a wildly innovative storytelling style, Doerr takes the Yaoi genre, turns it over,
and gives it shaken baby syndrome by totally doing things I haven’t seen yet in Yaoi
(but I just started so maybe someone else is being this innovative somewhere). Not
afraid to mix a solid humor (in both the bawdy sex humor and the regular pointy humor)
with abit of Yaoi lovin’ in an innovatively fresh way, combined with a uniquely
interesting cast and storytelling that doesn’t fall into the same old boring formulas you’
ve seen before, Exorcisms and Pogo sticks (in the form of a powerful mechanical pogo
stick slash tool of Exorcism) takes the genre and gives it a fresh coat of inventive
thought creating a title that is worthy of a 5 out of 5.

Fresh, new, funny, and insightfully original, if you want more than your typical fare from
your Yaoi this should be on your list. 5 pogo sticks of doom out of 5.

Next Month : Summer of Reviews begins!

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