June 2008 Edition

Summer of Reviews 1 of 3
Another Prose Erotica Month featuring The Pillow Book of Erotica & Naughty Fairy Tales
from A to Z

Well good news people, of SORTS. I’ll let you chew on the implications once I make
them (of course). We may finally be making the turnabout and headed back to more
familiar ground in terms of Erotica reviews (Hentai Manga, EuroErotica, AmerErotica,
etc) but that depends on all of you readers out there! This month I’m launching my all
new erotic epublication Eros2Go and I’m looking for support from all of you out there
to bring in sales (and thus fill up the old review budget so we can keep bringing you
fresh erotica reviews each and every month).

We’re not asking for much from you, people, just $0.99 for a download. OK? All you pay
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information (all you need to know will be provided when the title launches this June).
Hmm -- on a sidebar note I’m presently looking for contributors for the title. Erotica
fiction writers, article contributors, reviewers, our own person to write the erotic
horoscope of the month, we’re interested in all you have to offer! Contact me via email
at david@barebackmag.com and we’ll see if we can’t hook you up with some work!
Another note before we go further.

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Now onto the reviews for the month.

I was going to return to the stuff we haven’t talked about in awhile this month, but you’
ll have to blame the US Postal Service for slow delivery. I’ll let you know at the end of
the reviews what you can look forward to (a new friend and an old returning friend is
all I’ll say for now).

The Pillow Book of Erotica
Various Contributions (written & artistic)
Publisher : Crown
Published in 1994
Score : 3 little inspirational erotica moments of the day out of 5
Question : What do you get when you combine a book with the thickness of a GoPhone
and the size about 33% wider of a Nintendo DS game jewel case?
Answer : This. The Pillow Book of Erotica.

Assembled in 1994, this mini read is from no particular source (be it the artwork nor the
phrases within) though it’s purpose is quite singular and focused even if it’s content is
nothing of the sort. Filled with artistic erotica and choice soundbites of erotic
literature, this book draws from a great deal of Ages (which is ironic since I’m spending
a little time this month review deep in another form of Ages for another
site/epublication, I.e. my review of Myst for the DS). From 8th Century Japanese poet
Akahito to “ultra-modern” Nicholson Baker, The Pillow Book of Erotica covers a wide
spectrum of the sexual “viewpoints”, moods, styles and tones (in both visual and
written word).

The goal of the book? Inspiration.

Apparently assembled to inspire the erotic creationist inside of you, you are to take
away from this little experience inspiration for the creation of your own little worlds of
erotic bliss, be it either in the written word or the artistic expression.
At least, that’s what the title says it’s for. But I didn’t feel particularly inspired in that
sense. So how about as a way to kickstart sexual inspiration in a shy lover not quite
certain how to express their erotic selves to the one you love? Hmm… darn, I knew
being single and dysfunctionally unattached would bite me in the arse one day! I have
no idea if that happens by reading this or not! (Please would any of my married or
seriously in love co-workers please mooch this book off of someone and test that out
for me? Thanks.)

So what’s left in the realm of the possible?

It’s source of inspiration for erotica writer future is doubtful. Dysfunctional single
people can’t write about the wonders of using this to bond with one’s significant other.
Then what is left after all of that is thrown out?

There is the book itself. As far as mini pocket books (pocket meaning the large pockets
of your coat as opposed to the tight ones in your pants) it’s got some merit. The
artwork is cultural erotica, and even the most erotic still have this sense of refinement
about it. Not your usual fare from a standard adult sex mag to be certain.
The writings are chosen bits of writing from selected poems and books, with a range
as wide as the range of artistic and photographic expression seen in this book. Each
read is short, and as far as reads goes this one you could possibly flip through a lot of
it’s content just waiting in line for tickets to a movie (unless the movie is Indiana Jones
and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on Memorial Day Weekend then you’ll probably
need a bigger book like the next one I’m about to review for that line). You can also
absorb most of this book while waiting for your significant other to go to the theater’s
bathroom, waiting for them to stand in line for food at the concession stand, and
waiting for the movie to finally begin (amongst the many few minute things you can wait
for which this book can be easily whipped out and read in a short period of time).
Best place for this little book? Well, it’s not your pillow. It’s a hardcover and it’s got
sharp edges (try to explain to your emergency room doctor why you harmed yourself
with this book while sleeping). Put this by your bed, and read it while waiting for your
lover to cuddle in for the night… then, well, see if it managed to inspire you in ways the
book wanted to (though I take it you’ll be doing something more physical than writing a
piece of erotica or a quickly jotted letter letting said lover know how hot you are for
that special love of your life).

Otherwise the book itself is a uni-tasker, I.e. it has the one purpose (sexual inspiration
if you want quick right now arousal ideas) and that’s it. It’s lack of overall uses or
reading makes it only a 3 out of 5, a recommended 3 out of 5, but a 3 (out of 5)

So go and share the little morsels of erotica with someone you love (and hope you get
back something in a more super sized capacity for your effort).

Naughty Fairy Tales from A to Z
Edited by Alison Tyler
Publisher : Venus Book Club
Published in 2003
Score : 3 Overtly Modernized Fairy Tales out of 5
Topically this review is perfect considering what is about to occur (or has occurred).
After all the announcement of the winners of this year’s Bare Back Mag naughty fairy
tale competition is about to happen (if it already hasn’t happened by the time you read
this). So then, as the anticipation of the results is no doubt chewing away at you (or the
anticipation for the coming book is similarly chewing away at you) this is about as good
a time as any to treat you to a book full of naughty fairy tales… only for you to realize
our own happy contributors are more inventive than these writers in some cases.
From A to Z this book features 26 tales of fairy tale erotica, either set in a traditional
setting or (as most of these are) modern “interpretations” of classic tales (gone wrong
for the most part, sad but true).

A sampling of the fare include…

All McQueen’s Men : None of the horses, all of the men, you fill in the blank (no talking
ego eggs will be harmed during this interpretation).

Clever Jack : How clever is Clever Jack? Clever enough to get “Some”, that’s how

For Want of a Nail : OK, this is not actually based on anything but it’s kinda like a fairy
tale… with sex in it. Yeah, that works.

Goldilocks and the Three Pairs : Now you’d think a story about a hot women who
samples boring straight, hardcore gay and just right lesbian would actually appeal with
me… uh… nothing about this “modern” interpretation appeals with me. A sad truth a
few of these “modern interpretations” had with me.

Hannah & Greta : Speaking of unappealing modern interps? How about this one where
the Han and the Gret are pale skinned Euro gals who must protect their skin tone from
a madwoman and a tanning salon bed! Yeah… so not good.

Jo White and Cocksucker Red : How the hell did something about Snow White and
Rose Red turn into something so bad…!!

Lucky Number Seven : Somebody assembling this book sure had a thing for Snow
White and Cinderella! There’s two Cinderella tales and three Snow Whites in here, this
is the second Snow White by the way (the third being a rather unforgiving tale called
“Zoe White and the Seven Whores”… oh, right, that sounds “nice”).

Princess & the Penis : This is the Sleeping Beauty one. Guess what happens in it!!
Raver Ali and the Glo-stick : If you have to ask me where the glo-stick goes in this one
you’re not ready to read this one.

It’s a mixed bag for my part, and no doubt yours as well.

For my part I didn’t like a lot of the “modern” interpretations of the fairy tales. And,
really, considering last year’s erotic fairy tale contest here at Bare Back Mag (and this
year’s) we’ve all got a great taste of what a good erotic fairy tale told in context feels
like (and how you don’t have to set it in some modern context to make it a great read,
just ask the winners of last year’s contest who didn’t set their stories in a modern

Some of the tales are quite good, some of the tales are not so good… and some are
quite abit on the disturbing side for one reason or another. So when it’s all said and
done this collection of fairy tale erotica is sorta like a recipe for wedding gifts (in a

You got something old, something new, something borrowed, and something that
should creep you out to no end. And that’s why Naughty Fairy Tales from A to Z counts
up to three, three, THREE glorious tellings of Snow White out of five! Har har har har
har!! (And by glorious I mean dear god never show me these again.)
Next Time

Well, it‘s the second month and lucky you we‘re finally going to get back on track!

Next month we have something old, something new, something borrowed and… well,
let‘s not push our luck with getting back on track! Just remember that you need to belly
up and pick up copies of Eros2Go when it comes out this month because every unit
bought will help keep the review budget up (and bring in fresh content for review)!

Bondage Fairies the Original Volume 2
Well I couldn’t get ahold of the New Bondage Fairies Volume 2 so I got the next best
thing! Betting it’s going to get a 5 out of 5 when reviewed!

Milk Mama
It’s not one fetish, not two, but three, three, three fetishes in one!
Got a fetish for women with large tits? Check.

Got a fetish for women with large tits who are lactating and don’t mind letting their
lovers “milk” them orally? Check and check.

Now do you got a fetish for women with larget tits who are lactating and don’t mind
lettinter their lovers “milk” them orally who happen to also be their family (like her
son)? Well nothing I can do about that, except review this for you.

All that and one more title to be announced (hint : Just because we’re rebounding on
the mangas doesn’t mean we won’t spend a little time every month with a fresh prose
review! Next time is The Erotic Edge (Erotica for Couples)… a topic I totally know
nothing about but thought you’d like the review all the same and all.

So that’s that! Take care and we’ll see you next time!

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