July 2008 Edition

Summer of Reviews 2 of 3

Milk Mama & Original Bondage Fairies Volume 2

Fourth of July is coming, or has come, or has passed (depending on
when you read this and where, depending on if this is the epublication
or print version of this released in 2009). Now that we're trying to
get back to doing comic reviews things hopefully we'll be on the up and
up (hopefully), but for that we'll just have to wait and see what

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Now onto the reviews for the month.

Milk Mama

By Yukiyanagi

Publisher : Eros Comix

Published in 2007

Score : 5 milky goodness sex fests out of 5

If you happen to have bought my Eros2Go Issue One download you'd
notice the review starts off with a image of a woman pouring milk down
her nude body in a provocative way. Sorry, the picture in that edition
isn't exactly what this title had in mind when it said Milk Mama but…
hmm… say, does anyone remember a time when you could hire a woman to
do that and NOT be charged by the glass? Yeah, times have changed… so
let's talk women whose milk does not originate from a carton over at
the local supermarket.

This is, by the way, what we should have had more of when we were
"treated" to Taboo District (Icarus Publishing), because it's not ONE,
not TWO but THREE genres all at once!

Women whose tits "cum" milk? Check.

And, as a sidebar note, women who scream about their lovers getting
their tits to "cum" milk? Check.

Women having incestual sex with loved ones? Check (and Taboo).

Women with large tits (though still not as large as in Blue Eyes)?

Split into five eye opening feasts of sexual joy, you'll find that
this title is not only all erotica but it's also got it's good points
past that as well. Written well, drawn lusciously, and with that spark
of lovable characters (with only one pair that draws my ire, and by
pair I mean people and not… never mind, I'll get to that in a second)
with sex that is actually hot hot hot (though a little irritating as
well in two ways) this is well worth your time and effort to own!

That bastard Hiro! He reminds me of what's his name from Sex Friend!
How he ended up getting the lucky end of the sexual partner lottery I
have no idea, but as it turns out he's about to evolve an already hot
kinky incest relationship with his milk producing mom into something

To date he's been helping his mom by drinking her milk, which is kinky
unto itself… that is until it goes too far and they move into the
fucking and milking stage of their relationship. Now you'd think
that'd be enough but somehow it just isn't… so after saving his mom
from the rapist delivery man (who rapes her and then is threatened
with death when her son catches him in the act) and a bit of sex in
school and before you know it the last barrier between the two goes
bye bye and a loving future as a happy couple awaits this newly
created loving pair… only the story ends there and you don't see how
their love blooms from this point forward. DAMMIT!!

This disappointment in relationship dynamics continues in the third
story as two female friends learn to love each other as only lesbians
can, complete with hot lesbian sex… then it turns out they're only
bisexual and the second act ends with them dining on shy yet fully
functional family manmeat and that blows away what should have been as
good a story as Milk Mama (only with lesbians instead of straight sex

Second story? Guy is jealous of his brother who married this hot women
he's got feelings for… let's see how long that lasts when he ends up
being a sex tool to satisfy said wife with his brother watching (after
he finds out the brother he's jealous of can no longer perform his
husbandly duties in bed). Yeah, sure, where's the love in that? Kinda
bitter and sad if you really think about it, in that the only way
he'll be near the woman he loves is to substitute for his older
brother in bed and feed her deviant sexual desires (without any real
love to comfort him).

Fourth story is all about finding hot sex with the Candy Shoppe girl
(which is actually a story that seems to be more than meets the eye as
you'll read more about in the afterwords by the author), and then one
guy and two sisters and lots of sex (and a threesome too). Joy?

First off the pluses of this one.

Sex is unbelievably hot, and when the pairings work and things go well
the sex works really really well. Solid writing, drawn beautifully
with very hot sex scenes this title works really well… when the
pairings work.

Hate the one lesbian couple that turns out to be bisexual. Really, did
they need a mancock between them to be together? I don't think so!

Hate the second story about the younger brother who stands in for his
older brother in bed with his brother's wife. Somehow I don't think
he'll find any real love with her as she just seems to want to be
fucked by him and not much else.

The first couple (mama and son and the many long drags of milk shared)
is the best coupling of the title. A kinda distant second is the last
two sets (though the title pair is the best pair).

But still… it got a perfect score and there's a few flaws?

Thing is this isn't a relationship romance book, it's a sex book, odds
are you're here for the fucking (not the long term loving
relationships formed between the pairs fucking each other). Sad, as a
lot of my favorite 5 out of 5 titles had perfect couples in them, but
at least the first couple was great (and then the fourth pairing with
the girl from the Candy Shoppe), and while I don't like how it goes
between the pseudo lesbians at least the first half of their story has
that moment when they look like they'd be perfect for each other
(never quite happens as I thought it would but still…)

Long story short (I know, too late) it's a hot piece of sex that,
surprise surprise, does have some great couplings and solid
writing/artwork that makes checking in for this one worth it.

No real standout lesbian erotica except for the one scene, and not all
couples are created equal, but at the end of the day it's still a
great book for you sex fans and should be in your collection. A 5 out
of 5.

Original Bondage Fairies Volume Two

By Kondom

Publisher : Eros Comix

Published in 1993

Score : 4 Wishes for more Pfil on Pamila action out of 5

I've seen this here and there on the web, so I knew what I was getting
into when I first reviewed this sometime back (Hentai Review Poppers,
that review appearing later on in this issue). However it wasn't until
it got a glowing recommendation by Small Favors' creator Colleen
Coover (during an interview I did with her sometime ago) that I really
dove into it… and I still need to finish it, which I will in future
issues (promise).

But as for this issue I guess if there was something to be said about
Bondage Fairies it's that Kondom is a damn good scribe of erotica, but
I'm just not completely happy with his work all the time (this being
one time).

After the glowing recommendation of New Bondage Fairies Volume One,
and it's liberal lacing of lesbian erotica amongst it's girl on male
micro animal slash insect slash water creatures I was ready to go on…
too bad the title wouldn't be as much of a hit with me as before (but
that doesn't mean I didn't like it, it just that I missed all the
interaction between Pfil and Pamila which was so big in New Bondage
Fairies Volume One (and only minor here).

Fairy sisters slash incest lovers with an axe to grind against Pfil
have kidnapped her while Pfil is out doing a particular job (which
just so happens to tie back into her kidnappers ironically enough),
and has given her a powerful aphrodisiac (and what seems to be an
undead fairy male to rape her… until somehow Pfil manages to bond
her captor to her advantage and manages to escape from the two crazed
sisters (but not after much male/female sex, and flashbacks as to why
the dominant female of this two sister pair doesn't seem to like Pfil
all that much, even as she drives her easily manipulated sister into
hating Pfil as much as she does). In the meantime Pamila is playing
dodge the human/dog combo while searching the woods for Pfil (who she
eventually is reunited with after Pfil escapes from her captors).

The two get a little lesbian nooky, their bond grows stronger after
Pfil is taken to recover from her ordeal, and nothing but a bad end
await for the lesbian incest pair. And that's the only story in this
volume, unlike New Bondage Fairies Volume One which had several

First the plus side.

Kondom draws hot and sexy like nobody's business, something only a
fistful of Japanese creators got down pat to the point of a constant 5
out of 5 out of me. The creators of Blue Eyes, Innocence, and even the
not so pretty artwork of La Blue Girl The Original Manga (he makes up
for it by being innovative with his style and delivery -- that and the
whole "grotesque erotica" slant he's known for), they're all up there
(and a few more to boot) as series that really should be in your

What keeps this from a 5 out of 5 is the singlemindedness of the
story, and the total lack of lesbian erotica in it (which is just so
beautiful in New Bondage Fairies Volume One). Sure, there are the
weird two evil sisters, but their moments (in flashback and present)
are so short and lacking that it's not even worth getting you even
slightly hyped over it (and again they face a most horrid ending so
you shouldn't get too attached to them in anycase).

OK. Just because there wasn't enough fairy pussy on fairy pussy it
doesn't mean the title sucks, but…. Well, it's my thang so one point
less for it's minimal appearance in this volume. Otherwise next time I
review Bondage Fairies I'm sure we'll be hip deep in more Pfil on
Pamila action and things will be back to being 5 out of 5 goodness.

Otherwise it's still Kondom, it's still solidly done, it's just not
the Pfil and Pamila I was expecting. Love it still, but just not so

4 Pfils and Pamilas forever out of 5.

Next Time

We wrap up the Summer of Erotica reviews with one more month of comic

Necron Volume 2 to 3

Let's see… freaky foreign bondage outfit scientist female and her
undead Frankenstein's monster sextoy and the active (horrific at
times) abuse of lesbians and women who should have been lesbians…
let's give this corpse a lowball (and that's being overtly kind to
this stinker)!

Skin Tight Orbit Volume 1

Wow! It's the first (and sadly to date only) erotica piece I mooched

www.bookmooch.com that wasn't a pure prose erotica piece! Well… let's
bask in this brief moment before the review comes in, and hope for the

If there's time (and word count) let's browse a recent release over at
Adult on Demand on your cable provider's on demand channels, and see
what happens when you edit together the sex scenes of a horde of 1 to
2 out of 5 substandard sex animes (with an occasional 3 or 4 out of 5
treasure hidden amongst the substandard fluff)… hint, you get two
hours of drear with only the occasional noteworthy scene to speak of.
Not good, but maybe it can at least avoid getting as low a score as
Necron (maybe).

The Erotic Edge (Erotica for Couples) got delayed, will show up during
the Fall review schedule (promise)! Otherwise that's that! Take care
and we'll see you next time!

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