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Anime - Anime 18’ Sin Sorority

Print - Amerotica’ Adventures of a Lesbian School Girl V. 1

Anime 18’ Sin Sorority

School was never this much fun when we went there, wasn’t it -- thank god.

Unlike last review cycle’s excellent Sexfriend from Kitty Media, this time out we’ve
been dragged to the dark pedestrian side of schoolyard hentai with Sin Sorority,
from those people at Anime 18 who are best known for their Xtreme line… in this
case apparently Xtreme is common place schoolgirl rape and slavery scenarios
with blood as thick as pudding poring from pussies and an anticipated lesbian
erotica tale gutted and flushed down the proverbial toilet of disappointing male
intrusion. What a bummer.

Riddle me this, oh reader!

Name for me five lesbian erotica DVDs, and by that I mean FIVE which has 100%
lesbian erotica content… can you do it? Can you?

If you can’t don’t feel too badly about it. You will be hard pressed to do any such
thing from what I can see of the whole sorry affair. Sure, while you CAN name a few
gay male on male DVDs (even I can name at least one), and a fistful of male on
male reads in hentai Manga, you can barely find any examples of quality lesbian
erotica out there worth promoting or even talking about. I can name one manga…
and that’s it.

Lesbian Ward? I mean a title with the word “Lesbian” in it must meet the criteria,
right? Nope. No way. Despite the fact it has the title “Lesbian Ward”, and despite
the fact it’s supposed to be about lesbians… it falls short. For one thing male
penises keep appearing in the show from what I heard from it, and really what kind
of lesbian erotica is THAT! I guess I must review it in the near future but still… weird.

At least, however, even if male penises do make surprise guest appearances in
Lesbian Ward at least it doesn’t go down the dark bloody rabbit hole of
disappointment as Sin Sorority does, which is just a damn shame considering it has
such a promising “subtitle“ to point to. I mean if the show is going to be subtitled
“Girls Will Do Girls” then at least stick to that premise dammit!!

Here’s the plot… such as it is. Girl goes to new school, find out the sorority she
somehow gets into has a dominating lesbian “leader”, then finds out there’s guys in
this “sorority” and they hand out some rapes here and there… bleah. So much for
the lesbian erotica angle promised in the subtitle “girls will do girls”… right. With a
sparse few tastes of lesbian erotica here and there there is not enough here to fill
more than an extras clip on the bonus section of a DVD. Most of the stuff either has
males in it, or the female on female stuff there is is half of the time disappointing
pedestrian “hardcore” sex which has no real spark or erotic energy to it. Rape,
brutalize, blood, violence, yuck. Even the hope of the main girl’s best friend turning
lesbian and eventually being the only saving grace in her torment is thrown away
as she commits suicide to get away from her tormenters leaving the star alone and
loveless (again). What a bummer.

At least Sexfriend had a real erotic sense to it. Consensual lovemaking makes for
beautiful sexuality which really has genuine passion and heat to it over this bland
domination and rape shit. You’ll come to appreciate the total sexual passion from
series like Sexfriend once you realize what disappointing tripe stuff like Sin Sorority
is in comparison. Total loser stuff!

Oh, and the “cliffhanger” ending.

Not to spoil it, which you shouldn’t care about since this isn’t worth being surprised
about, but in the end the girl lead escapes from her tormentors and hides on
campus only for a shadowy figure to be approaching her… who is this figure, what
is his/her agenda, is our heroine in danger once again… and who cares!!

Now if it was revealed to be her female friend who was supposed to be dead, and
she whisks the girl to a good lesbian sorority who is fighting the evil one and we
actually (heaven forbid) find real lesbians who are not bad stereotyped sadistic
animals who join forces with loser males (including the apparent leader of the male
side of the equation who seemingly has a Mobile Suit Gundam cosplaying fetish --
what the hell), and she wakes up to her passions to find that lesbian relationships
(and love) really can be beautiful things… yeah, then we’d be talking a good
plottwist! HOWEVER the odds of THAT happening in the “Sequel” to Sin Sorority
are about as good as the chances of the Massachusetts Catholic Charities
embracing gays and lesbians and renouncing homophobia forever for a kinder
gentler future for all… yeah, right.

Long story short (too late) skip this tripe! Don’t watch it! You’ll find better stuff out
there, though sadly the only close to lesbian stuff I heard about that is quality is
shemale (hermaphrodite) stuff. Mainly Stainless Nights if I remember the title right
(sorry if I got it wrong). I heard there might be merit in Parade Parade in the same
venue as Stainless Nights but I have to check it out… oh, and then there’s
Sacrilege which is supposed to have a lesbian lead couple but probably nothing
much will come of it.

As for Sin Sorority? Breakdown is coming but you’ll see the error in this flop of an

Sin Sorority Breakdown

Hentai Hot?

There is a small smathering of really hot lesbian stuff here, but it is too few and far
between and not worth your time and effort. There is better out there. Find it and
love it.

Hentai Not?

This! Oh, and this sucks on the PS2 if you’re using it’s DVD watching capability
since it has a glitch which makes the system CONSTANTLY ask for your passcode
for allowing you to watch adult content stuff… bleah. What a pain that is! Watch
this on a DVD Player!

Sexy Bytes?

As I said there are a few seconds of genuinely sexy cuddling and coupling here…

Scary Bytes?

… but those few bits of genuine hotness are too few and far between! Damn! Most
of it is most ignorable.


The subtitle should have said it all. “Girls will do girls”… and yet that says nothing
about what you end up with in this DVD! The subtitle is an empty promise, a
promise that doesn’t deliver what it should have as you end up with more bi-sexual
or pedestrian lesbian rape/torture scenes than you really needed which really
pisses away what true potential this DVD should have had (and could have had if
they did it better)!

Nuff said!

R1 DVD Notes

English Audio, Japanese Audio, English Subtitles, Anime 18 Trailers

Amerotica’ Adventures of a Lesbian College School Girl

4 Erotic Lesbian Daydreams out of 5  

Finding quality lesbian erotica is not the easiest thing to do it seems. Nurse fetish?
Check. Schoolgirls got your number? Got that too. Fantasy AD&D sex romps?
Good to go. Lesbian erotica of any flavor? Err… not so easy if I do say so myself.
Well here at least we have one recommendation for you, this as well as the small
independent press wonder known as “Small Favors” should be on your radar if
lesbian erotica is your forte per se.

Here’s Petra! She, who seems to be possibly inspired by the title’s real life writer,
has a problem.

Apparently she’s a sexually unfulfilled lesbian looking for her dream hook-up to
satisfy her not so stellar non-existent sex life short of her Yellow Pages sex
technique of letting her fingers do the lovin’. At least she can emote her problems
to her silent diary, who dutifully “listens” to her problems and judges her not. Here
she can write out all her sexual frustrations without fear of being embarrassed or
humiliated, which is nice since she doesn’t even have a close confidant to confide
her deepest frustrations to! All she seems to have is herself, endless temptations
(being in an all girls’ religious school) and her diary to keep her warm… oh, and let’
s not forget her endlessly limitless imagination!

And oh, what an imagination she has! As the story opens you find out (via an entry
in her diary) that she has just bought a brand new strap on only she has no one to
put it to use on… apparently she doesn’t subscribe to teddy bear strap on dildo sex
ala that disturbing cutscene from the godawful “Leisure Suit Larry : Magna Cum
Laude” PS2 video game… skip that game, people, don’t play it. As a crappy sexed
up platformer slash “gopher” quest mission game it’s not worth your time or money
to play.

Anyway while thoughts of putting her new ton on an old “Friend” and embracing
furry love is not on her agenda, having several pages of wet dream lesbian sex
sequences is. She dreams of herself, her toy, and a mini parade of female lovin’
which ranges from Victorian era lesbian love, Gymnastics lesbian love, Law &
Order : Special Lesbian Unit and ERLesbian.

Eventually, however, she has to wake up (an unfortunate truth we are all too
familiar with). As she gets herself ready to head out of the door, hiding her diary
key as she does, little does she realizes what a truly rewarding day this is about to
be for her.

Sure, the day doesn’t seem very rewarding, what with her having to bypass a
rewarding orgasm in order to wake up and go to school, there is more in her path
to taunt her needy self.

Let’s start off with the awkward lesbian couple who seems to have made it their
duty to torment her by having their makeout spot be right next to where Petra has
to wait to catch her bus! Talk about daily torment! Getting her to school won’t settle
her down on bit because she then has a “close encounter” of the imagination
stimulating kind when her seatmate touches legs with her which sets off brief 2
page wet dream daydream in Petra’s mind… which only gets her into trouble when
she “falls asleep” in class! This means she ends up being “volunteered” to tutor the
new girl, Jennifer (the artist of the title) to get her up to speed.

The rest of Petra’s brief day won’t go any better. What with her getting an eyeful of
shaved female womanhood, and then being brought into Sister Teresa’s room to
be… “punished”… apparently the sister’s idea of punishing girls is to… ahem…
“spank” them (real and not so real) while she masturbates herself through her
robes. Hah. And Petra thought she was the only lesbian in her school!

Turns out she isn’t the only one, but first she has to… argh… get through her
suffering of having to tutor the new girl Jennifer who she takes home with her (when
she would rather masturbate in bed… or play Rez with that female vibrator
attachment for the PS2 which vibrates as you shoot things… or whatever).

That’s when opportunity comes knocking at her door, or sends her an e-mail, as
Petra becomes too distracted by gawking down Jennifer’s open top (at her breasts)
only to knock heads with her and spill her drink on Jennifer’s top, which means she
has to wash it out (while still managing to daydream about using Jennifer’s breast
nipple as… a dildo… what the…) which leaves Jennifer alone in Petra’s room
where she accidentally discovers Petra’s diary key and her diary which quickly falls
“open” “accidentally”.

From there on out it’s off to the relationship races as Petra finds the love of her life
in this girl she just brought home, and things can only get better from there for the
new couple. Lucky her.

Ok. Breakdown time.

Adventures of a Lesbian Breakdown

Hentai Hot

What do you know! It’s actually good! There isn’t many lesbian erotica reads out
there worth talking about, but this is one of those reads! With titles like Small
Favors, this is worth a pick up and read, nuff said.

Hentai Not

The read is rather short, which is not as bad as it seems but I wish it had more to it.

Also it’s not for pocket reading since it seems Amerotica/Eurotica can’t seem to
publish anything smaller than Captain America throwing shield sized clunky reads.
When this company learns how to microsize their reads (like manga graphic novels)
it’ll become more accessible to readers.

Another bad point is that this book has no apparent sequel. Worst if there isn’t
already a sequel out there somewhere there probably never will be one. After all,
this title originally came out in 1997! And with that much time passed (it’s 10th
Anniversary coming in 2007) it seems highly unlikely that we’ll see a Lesbian
College School Girl sequel ever.

Sexy Bytes

When Petra dreams, she dreams big. Now if these scenes were fleshed out,
expanded, and put into an Anime DVD we’d have a really big show here! Again it’s
a shame that Petra/Jennifer didn’t do more with this title past the one thing they did,
but I guess something is better than nothing.

Scary Bytes

Apparently America is so sexually repressed you’ll be hard pressed to find
American hentai animation… I.e. American hentai animation worth talking about!
Unlike Japanese hentai anime studios which are seemingly commonplace,
providing a steady release pattern on a yearly basis, good luck finding that kind of
hentai animation studio activity here in America! And no, Lil’ Pimp (Sony Pictures)
so does NOT count!


A good idea of a one shot that (sadly) was never fleshed out to it’s full potential
(sad to say).

This is a pity, by the way, since at least a sequel book, or a hentai animation worthy
of the read would have been most welcome by readers. Hell, even a Lesbian
College School Girl live action hentai movie would have been something (just as
long as it didn’t smack of La Blue Girl the Live Action Movie campiness).

Overall despite my misgivings here and there I still think it’s a good read. So for a
read that is worth reading I’m going to give this one 4 happy lesbian daydreams out
of 5.

Next Month

If you’ve been checking out Right Stuf’s wares of late you noticed they had some
titles for sale recently. Next month we’ll have two of these up for review… can’t say
more because I’m nearly to my word limit so I better cut it short this month! That’s
that. All done. See you next month!
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