September 2008 Edition

Previews of the Reviews of the End of 2008
October - Kristina : Queen of Vampires Volume 2
November - Peanut Butter Volume 2 & 3, Casa Howhard Volume 4
December - 4 Girlfriends Volume 1 & Honey Lickers Sorority Volume 1

We’ll we’re out of the summer and into the fall season (end of the third quarter of
2008) and we just got out of the Olympics… and only now am I getting the funds
together to begin extensively pick up review items. Review items like what? Check it
out, previews of what we’re reviewing through the end of the year.

For the record all the following information I managed to get off of and
the comments left by previous readers of said titles (but I didn’t just post their
comments, you can find their full statements on for each particular title
in question).

October 2008
Kristina : Queen of Vampires Volume 2
The last time we tuned into this title (which got a 4 out of 5 if memory serves) the title
ended with a bit of a “cliffhanger” with a new evil vampire lord creature appearing to
menace Kristina. Too bad signs indicate a possible drop in score with the second
review is some of the feedback on Volume 2 is any indication.

While not going into it too much (until the full reviews) she does end up taking a visit
with the new vampire blood, which turns into a sex orgy… or course… only for her to
end up being chased away by the same hot human female -- well I guess we’ll just
score it on the sex then if the story just ends up ending the same as Volume 1 (with
another “cliffhanger” ending and all that).

Then again somebody complained about the increased lesbian action (shut your yap,
reviewer No. 1! Bite me!) so maybe I’m going to be raving about this one… yeah,
unlike reviewer no. 1 I appreciate lesbian erotica (go figure).

So it’s balancing between a 3 and a 4. People say the storyline was lacking (a
downer) but promise more lesbian action (which to me is always a plus) so… we’ll
see how Volume 2 scores when I finally review it! (Yah! More lesbian action!)

November 2008
Casa Howhard Volume 4
After three volumes that have been hovering about a 3 out of 5 does this mean
Volume 4 means the title is going to start climbing up and up now? Now that the
whole Casa Howhard competition is over things can only get better, right?
Maybe not. Apparently the cast leave the safety of the apartments (which has been
the center of the title for the past three volumes) and goes out on some sort of
jungle adventure… what the!! Apparently one of the cast left the apartments, and
somehow vanished into some sort of convenient jungles for where the others need
to go into and search for her. From that point forward the cast ends up tangling with
the plant life (because tentacle sex doesn’t need to just come from sea creatures
and cthulu summoned necromancy monsters), giraffes… (neck too long to look up
their skirts so… the other way around? Hey! You! Stop staring up that giraffe’s
skirt!!), local tribes (bleah), and many other things that should drag this title even
further down than before.

So if the lack of focus brought about concerning the cast’s interactions,
relationships and loves during the Casa Howhard competition wasn’t bad enough,
here’s more reasons to NOT focus on any character development and get more off
focus than ever before.

Is it me or does the description for Volume 3 seem to hint at a further downgrading
of the score right down to a 2 out of 5 if things don’t turn about quickly? It’s not a
good thing to say that this story seems to avoid past plot points (relationships), and
once again someone accuses Baldazzini of being a 12 year old boy with no sexual
experience… yeah, this is why Baldazzini became so bitter and wrote that whole
explicit nonstop transsexual sex and violence romp that criticized his critics by the
way. Doesn’t help if we keep calling Baldazzini a sexually clueless 12 year old.
But it’s a consistency that Baldazzini’s works are constantly referred to as mostly sex
(and very short spurts of sex at that) and not much plot. The fact is there could be
more to the story if only Baldazzini worked on it more, but to be honest all Casa
Howhard is is a long guilty pleasure trip with only little story and mostly tranny sex
throughout (girl with dick on girl with dick sex for 2-3 page quickies that end with
almost endless ejaculations as all of these women seem to have short stamina but
the ability to cum often and repeatively).

Well, if I was hoping beyond hope that this would be the volume where I score the
series higher I guess I might as well forget it.

Peanut Butter Volume 2 & 3
Very little info is known about this, but this is what I know and what I found.
Volume 2 info. Continuing where the last one left off (Molly all graduated from her
hellish high school) she’s going on to college, but not before more sex in the
summer house which (as I remember it) includes her getting banged once by the dog
of the house (an actual dog). And, if we’re lucky, Volume 2 doesn’t have another
appearance by the Evil Hentai Mr. Rogers Clone from Volume 1... Once seeing Mr.
Rogers having sex was more than enough for me, thanks.

Volume 3 no info, but the cover is a lesbian kiss cover (nude tits on tits, full out hug)
… but since this title only dabbles in lesbian (and keeps rolling in men with cocks to
ruin any sort of lesbian romance storyline) I don’t think the cover is going to raise
any hopes in me that Molly and her best friend are going to become lesbian lovers…
that’d be nice though.

December 2008
4 Girlfriends Volume 1
As it turns out the only two people who posted about the title bitched and whined
about other people’s kids and how they shouldn’t show such a graphic cover.
Whatever little baby men, shut up. So instead I pulled another title with possible
lesbian fire burning in it’s pages and posted info on it here.

Honey Lickers Sorority Volume 1
I’ve been toying with the thought of reviewing this for awhile now, sounds lesbian to
me… doesn’t it? Well after I got ahold of these comments on it my thoughts on it…
well, let’s see what people had to say about it

Referred to as “straightforward smut”, it seems to suffer from Baldazzini Syndrome
as it’s all sex and little story (no surprise here). It’s basically labeled as “a
progression of erotic fantasies portrayed for your prurient interest. It has just
slightly more narrative than a Penthouse pictorial.”

Hmmm… that can’t be good, can it?

Artwork is supposed to be beautifully rendered, and is about a transsexual named
Tammy Ford who has the power to make anyone want to fuck her… from a jock who
used to pick on her when she was a he (unlike Casa Howhard they actually
acknowledge the former male existence of the character), to the dean of the Univ--
oh, yeah, my whole hope that this is lesbian erotica died a short quick literary death
there. Whhiirrrr (crashing noise)… smash. All gone. Forget about it. Whatever.
There’s supposed to be some variety here, so let’s hope that means some girl on
dickgirl action… well, I can at least hope can’t I. Anyway there’s supposed to be more
to this but so far the author (Zanier) isn’t commiting to a Volume 2 yet. However much
like Casa Howhard, Peanut Butter and so on I’m sure there’s a Volume 2 out there
somewhere of this just waiting to be released (or created).

Does this mean I’m going to score this past a 3 out of 5? Probably not, but just in
case I do… well, then I’d be surprised let me tell you.

Space filler?

I’m looking into picking up the three volumes of Teach Me to add content., Who
knows, two horny female teachers getting it on straight and lesbian style (I think I
heard mention of that) might be fun to review… or just another 2 or 3 out of 5
thought it’d be better, now look how disappointed I am review. Who knows. We’ll find
out next time.

Speaking Of Next Time…
Well you just saw the preview for October so you know what’s coming!
Yeah, once again we failed to fill a full Halloween schedule. My bad.

Kristina : Queen of Vampires Volume 2.

Teach Me Volume 1

Peanut Butter Volume 2

After that it’s November with…

Peanut Butter Volume 3

Teach Me Volume 2

Casa Howhard Volume 4

(And if I find the encouragement to bring back Best Hentai Of Awards I’d be

Finally December with…

Teach Me Volume 3

4 Girlfriends Volume 1

Honey Lickers Sorority Volume 1

That’s it! Until next time then see you back here in October!

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