October 2008 Edition

It seems that every Halloween comes and goes and I never put out a
proper Halloween edition, this year being no different. This year
we'll have a little more concrete theme in Halloween, mainly a little
trick and a little treat, which these titles deliver… just a little
bit of a trick and a bit of a treat. Enjoy.

Teach Me Too & Teach Me 3
By Enrique Villagran
Published by SQP Inc.
Teach Me Too : 3 Lessons in Horny School Teacher 101 out of 5
Teach Me 3 : 4 Extra Credit Lessons in Sex Ed out of 5

Let's see… we've only reviewed a few titles over the past few years
of Hentai Review Poppers that covers teacher erotica (teachers that get
into hot horny sex that aren't in trouble of being locked away or
demonized by FIXED NOISE for being sexually active). I think I can,
believe it or not, count the number of titles on one hand.

Professor Shino's Lessons in Seduction… upcoming Secret Plot

this… hmm… I guess Sexfriend though technically she's a school
nurse and not a teacher (the one adult in the sex title)… the teacher in La
Blue Girl The Original Manga Volume 1... And that's all that comes to
mind. Oh, well, add Teach Me to the list.

Too late to attempt to get
Teach Me (the original first volume) so
we'll just roll from here. Though I have a feeling that you'd want to
go back to the original and kick it off from there (I don't know but
something in me feels that it will probably get a 4 out of 5 if I
reviewed it). How so? Let me recap the means…

It's sorta like Professor Shino meets Desperate Housewives, and it was
so much of a hit for little known company SQP Inc. So much so that it
shook said little company out of it's usual rant of fantasy and pin-up
art books and threw them right into graphic erotica books (though they
need to not borrow the oversized look famous with Amerotica slash
Eurotica slash Last Gasp of San Francisco).

The original Teach Me (which I guess I can review at some point in the
future) is one of this company's hottest titles going right now, which
explains why they just cranked out a Teach Me 3 (which I'm reviewing
this review), and which might mean a Teach Me 4... Though of course
I'd like to think SQP is going to be good for more than just Teach Me,
after all a good one trick pony is still a one trick pony.

When the trio of Daphne Valentine (glasses bearing cutie who knows
French and French orgasms… maybe), Roz Morales (dark haired History
teacher without morale(s)) and Donna Richardson (lovely physics slash
phys. Ed teacher whose idea of phys ed usually involves a bed or large
sex room or some other place to have sex in) set their mind to save
their school through fund raising they do find the most interesting
(I.e. sex laden) ways to save their own school. In Volume 1 (which I
will review sooner or later) they raised blood pressures by holding a
money raising school play for a select group of grown-ups… I take it
an orgy broke out during the play and much money was gathered.

In this volume once again that old call to raise that money is made,
and once again the trio rises to the occasion to raise money like
hell… and by hell I mean through sexual means. To this end they
gather the right "sponsors" to one of the ladies' backyard pools and begin a
little orgy fundraiser to gather the money, which works out well
enough until somebody sneaks into the house and snatches the video
tape of the orgy to blackmail the ladies with. This will be resolved
in the next volume, but for now we move on…

The second part of this story is weak, though, quite sad.

It's a bit of a western with cowboys, Indians, horny sex and violence
… too much violence though, not my cup of tea. Just rambles on
between sex and forced rape sex and sex and beatings and violence and sex and
rape and beatings and… back and forth. That is why this is most
likely the only 3 out of 5 of the three Teach Me(s) I'm reviewing or will be
reviewing in the near future. Also it sucks that there's a front and
back cover of the three ladies making out with each other and NO
lesbian content whatsoever! (With all due respect to Mr. Villagran I
would have been happier with a second story covering the three lovely
female teachers having an all woman orgy with each other than the
cowboy and Indian violent sex rape nonsense that was the second half).

Teach Me 3 has three stories, and more interesting than Too's second

First off the aftermath of the gaining of that orgy video tape from
Too as the trio find themselves being blackmailed… though one's
discovery of the joys of incest sex with her nephew, another's
reattachment to an old boyfriend, and the turning of the tables on
the one blackmailing them for all the sex he can take (and them some).

Second story is a flashback story about Donna as she does a thesis on
the handiwork of three hard working unionized workmen working on her
mom's place (sex ensues).

Finally with what may be another cliffhanger the trio end up under the
spell of a mysterious freak named the "Mojo Prince" and his sex
inducing substance (which is a cover for a money stealing scam). How
will this affect the title? Only Teach Me 4 will show (in the near
future hopefully).

I have to agree with SQP that their one and only Enrique Villagran is
a hot talent for their company, as he draws the sexiest women, writes
some wicked content and does rather well overall with the escapades of
this delicious female trio.

With the exception of the cowboy/Indian sex/violence/rape romp, the
misleading front and back covers of Teach Me Too (which promise but
fails to deliver lesbian sex), and the straight up only sex that could
use more than just a lick of lesbian now and then it's mostly good.
Split scores due to the content of Too, otherwise it's going to get a
mostly good score (including the as yet reviewed first volume though I
do plan to review it in the near future). So one 3 out of 5 and one 4
out of 5, and a recommendation from me to you to pick this up if the
idea of sexy sexed up hot teachers look like a good read (and it is).

Next Time
November is Thanksgiving, and to thank myself for making it through
another year of reviews (though still looking for a home for my
collection of Hentai Review Poppers series of books or my Eros2Go
epublication) we'll review a nice little batch of reviews as our
yearly banquet of reviews.

This November we're reviewing a little lesbian with 4 Girlfriends
Volume 1 (lets hope this title promoted lesbian lives up better to my
expectations than past reviews I've done) and a little more teacher
action with Secret Plot Volume 1 (one of those teacher hentai titles I
mentioned this month).

Then in December so far we have scheduled Pink Sniper… then we'll
figure out what to review next (Domin8Me seems a good choice,
right?)…and we'll close the year up.

So otherwise that, as they say, is that. Until next time then see you
back here in November!

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