November 2008 Edition
4 Girlfriends Volume 1 & Secret Plot Volume 1

Out went Halloween, in comes the Election and Thanksgiving… though
this has more to do with Thanksgiving than the Election per se.
Definitely. Of course if I did want to theme this to the Election I
would have gotten that Sarah Palin lookalike porn vid that just came
out… not like it's going to get a good score, even if I don't like
her I'm sure it's total crap, but still -- it's election related. Anyway
if the makers of it want to send it to me, feel free. I just won't
spend actual money to review said crap.

Well nuff said, let's get to the reviews of the month.

Secret Plot Volume One
Published by Eros Comix
5 improved teaching lessons out of 5

Recapping what I said last month, to date we've only reviewed a few
titles over the past few years of Hentai Review Poppers that covers
teacher erotica (teachers that get into hot horny sex that aren't in
trouble of being locked away or demonized by FIXED NOISE for being
sexually active). This is of course yet another one of those.

This time no references to Professor Shino or Desperate Housewives,
we're not in the "company" of refined scheming plotting rich women
teachers using their bodies to save their schools. Far from it.

These two teachers (one being a PE teacher) are not rich, nor married
rich. Far from it… though it does look like they were adopted from
the father of the hardcore action sci-fi hot female heroine (Shirow
Masamune). They also are not out to save their school from budget
shortfalls, nor are they plotting anything major past the immediate
need to get it on and get off however they can.

Only three stories in this one, split about evenly between it's two
main stars (Miki & Mayumi), it's abit short but there's always other
volumes of Secret Plot to review.

In "Junkie Teacher" Miki woke up extremely horny, too bad she has to
get to work otherwise she'd have more time to relieve herself… maybe
after a long day at work she can find a way to get herself off with…
oh I don't know… two senior classmales in one of her classes maybe?
Just as well as it seems she's not going to make it through the day
without getting herself off, as shown with her consistent drifting in
and out of thought into erotic daydreaming throughout the day. She's a
sex junkie, she knows it… and she just doesn't seem to care (why
should she feel bad about it dammit!)

Catching two of  her seniors watching a pair of lesbian students going
at it, she takes the two off to a nice quiet place on grounds and
gives them a -- oh, heck, she gives HERSELF a good time she'll never
forget. They end up enjoying it too.

In "Secret Plot" Mayumi the PE teacher is approached by one of her
seniors who has a problem, and barely a few seconds into the
conversation she's already thinking of doing him… which won't be much
of a problem since his problem is he can't wear his gym shorts because
he has a monster penis…. Yes, occasionally Japanese hentais you are
confronted by people with monster penises who are actually embarrassed
by the fact that they have monster penises. Long Dong Silver or Moby
Dick he ain't.

So she has a go with him in the first half… and promptly makes him
her secret lover and has a second go with him over at her place (which is
more imaginative, including finding a way to roll him up to the point
that he can give himself a blowjob, all the while filming the
experience for her personal collection.

Unlike Teach Me this one is just more -- interesting. Heck, while I am
at it it is also just more. Scenes are longer, the teachers are more
endearing (and just more all about including a better personality than
the occasionally witty ladies of Teach Me). Sure there's more sex
scenes in Teach Me, but they're shorter (and they're with older men
half the time). Sure, it's running the edge of acceptability with
senior classmen and all but oh live a little! There's the standard
warning of all characters are legal age and all that here so no
worries neh? Right.

Looking forward to seeing Volume 2 or more, but for now Secret Plot
gets a perfect 5 not so secret "plots" for sexual gratification out of

4 Girlfriends Volume One
By Atilio Gambedotti
Published by NBM/Eurotica
3 sex that gets the job done out of 5

It's like EVERYTIME I pick up a title with a lesbian cover it always
is proven in the end to be a red herring. What, so apparently only
when it's two guys on the cover in a Yaoi scene then it's real,
otherwise… what… where's my yuri/lesbian erotica readers people,

From the maker of Room Mates (which maybe should have been my first
clue) comes 4 Girlfriends (as in friend friends with only one abused
manipulated mistreated lesbian in the bunch). Set in some future
setting (which really does nothing for the story) four girlfriends try
to make it in that crazy world out there (with high powered jobs like
model and sportswriter and so forth). One, 19, seems to want to make
her life by being a con artist and tricking men into "raping" her
(tricking them into thinking she's underaged jailbait) and then
blackmailing them for money (which later in the volume comes back to
bite her in the rear hard). The second is a loser who jumps anything
with a pulse (mostly to satisfy herself or further her career) while
the third is a rather meek lesbian who loves her (yet ends up being
driven into having sex with a dirty old male priest out of depression
for the way she's being mistreated by the one she loves so). The
fourth (a female player in a hockey team) gets it on with the rookie
(who she might actually have a thing for).

Sex is plentiful, but I draw the line of the term "lovable"
characters. There's hot women, hot sex, and a few of the cast are nice
character wise… but it's just not all that warm or endearing a title.
Oh, and the model lady who's getting it doggie style by the
female/male (women's body and male's dick) on the cover? She'd have
been far more endearing if she actually wasn't such a bed jumping
bitch (driving Maria into being straight seemingly as she beds her
dirty old man priest in despair).

Otherwise you're not picking this up for any great thing other than
it's a fuck title, it's women are hot and they fuck abit. If you were
hoping for more depth and story and lovable characters this is hit and
miss on that. Still… hot women that fuck (sometimes fuck threesome or
shemale or gang rape… well, that's nothing to be proud of actually)
then here you go. Three fuck-athons out of 5.

Next Time
End of the year is here, and December I'm going to try and review both
Domin8 Me and Pink Sniper from Mangerotica's line. So otherwise that,
as they say, is that. Until next time then see you back here for the
year ender! Bye!

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