December 2008 Edition
Pink Sniper Graphic Novel

As you probably already noticed this year we are NOT doing a Best
Hentai Awards. To be quite honest previous awards were so dismally
received that I, honestly, couldn't muster doing it again with the
lack of input. Really, why do an awards if it's just mostly ignored
anyway. So until there's interest enough to warrant it we're going
awardless for awhile.

Well nuff said about my lack of faith in the voting public (and after
all that talk about Yes We Can this year during the elections)! Let's
get to the reviews of the month.

Pink Sniper Graphic Novel
By Kengo Yonekura
Published by Eros Comix (Mangerotica line)
5 devil woman health room nurses out of 5

I was supposed to have both this and Domin8Me for review, yes, but as
always a lack of budget kinda nipped that in the bud (hope to have it
reviewed soon though so stay tuned). This month we take a look at the
rather interesting merger of the sorta furry and the all too human in
a school where both come to learn, and the health room hellion who
turns a powerful rich student into her own personal sextoy… oh, and
the somewhat "furry" and non furry threesomes that spring up along the

In a school manned by both humans and animorphic human/animal ferals
the only thing worst than pop quizzes is bodily injury… because when
one is hurt in this school he or she must be sent to the devil health
nurse Haruna Sakurai, who treats all her victims… I mean patients… as
her own personal sex toys where she works herself off on them
regardless of how much they protest so.

It's not that she's not beautiful or hot or nothing, it's just that
she's mentally disturbed sexually and overtly aggressive in getting
her "way". For some that's kind of a turn-off I suppose. Well not to
the founder of the Hakuho Institute's Chief of the Teaching Hospital
and Don of Modern Medical Science Professor Niiba, because he just
sent his son to learn at the foot… in the bed… on top or beneath
depending on the mood… Haruna Sakurai.

Almost immediately she takes him to bed, and suddenly he becomes like
Jekyll and Hyde once they're really going at it. He may complain a lot
but at times he really does seem to like the sex. Really.

But it's not just the two of them, as a cavalcade of threesome
partners come in to fill bed space. Like a lovely innocent cow wet
nurse who helps keep patients going with her nurturing breast milk
(only she seems to be running low and needs her old friend Haruna's
help to "refill"… which, yes, will require the help of the young Niiba
(who is seemingly now her "dog").

Next we find out a temp substitute teacher (female) used to be
Haruna's rival, before she lost to Haruna and became her sex slave…
yeah, it's not as interesting as it sounds.

We roll to the end with a "rival" in a "high school girl"… wait, she's
in High School?!? Well, the age warning says she is so I'll take it as
it is. Anyway this freakishly hyper newbie seems to want to make Niiba
Jr. into her own sex pet… and she shows up in TWO stories and has two
goes with him and Haruna in threesome action (once even with him
dressed as a schoolgirl).

Speaking of that, in another twosome between Haruna & Niiba Jr. she
does a little gender swapping with him, so she becomes a dickgirl and
he becomes a girl girl… weird.

A horny catgirl needing relief (but not from either Niiba or Haruna)
and one more story rounds out the volume and brings it to an end.

I like it, for a one shot it is pretty good. Haruna is abit over the
top personality wise and Niiba is abit rough on his own personality
(they don't make much of a couple) but who cares since it's just a
chain of hot twosomes and threesomes with yiffing (human/furry action)
thrown into the mix. Written well for a hentai, drawn nicely for
erotica, it really works out well for a one shot (and if you want more
Mangerotica have other recommendable titles like Milk Mama (reviewed)
and Domin8Me (still to be reviewed). Pick it up, and give it a spin. 5
medical sex practices out of 5.

Next Time
That's the end of another year of Hentai Review Poppers. Ended a bit
meekly due to the need for a greater budget to work with, but what can
I do neh? 2009 starts up next time out, and so far nothing is
scheduled yet… shopping trip! Tune in next time to see what we open up
with as our first reviews of 2009! See you then!
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