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Video Downloads for the PSP (trial and error)

Let’s face it, if it was easy to download video content for the PSP
then we’d all be doing it (and sites like this would have it‘s own
section monitoring the weekly content you can put down on your PSP in
terms of adult content), but then I went on a little field trip over
the the official sony site for the PSP and got tuned in on a nice
download that’ll help make converting videos into PSP viewable format
quite simple. Now, mind you, it does cover a lot of formats but for
the time being I’m sticking to the MP4 format (the player that the PSP
uses). Why? Because it’s far easier to double check your downloads and
sort out the Corrupted Data files from the Unsupported Data files,
that’s why.

First off let’s talk tech. What you need to be an avid video watcher
on your PSP.

1-A PSP… of course.
2-A 2GB memory stick (two if you’re separating your hentais from your
other content) and you should buy one with a memory stick adapter you
can use on your PC since you’ll be using your PC for downloads).
3-PC of course.
4-A direction to go… not easy at all. Right now that’s first to Sony’s
website for the converter program (more on that shortly) then to
4shared (the only site I found that I can download stuff for my PSP).
5-A format to download… right now without conversion your PSP works
with MP4 videos ONLY (and even then there‘s a lot of MP4 videos you
still end up having to convert), so make sure when you’re looking to
always look for the MP4 format (of course once you get the converter
you can do way more but that’s up to you, I’m sticking to MP4 for

OK. Here’s the instructions on how to get the converter.

1-Go to Playstation.com and their PSP section.
2-Click PSP Forums (don’t need to sign up, you just want a link there).
3-Click PSP®Media’s thread
4-Click “Best Way To Convert .avi xVID to PSP1001 mp4 video”
5-On the second post click “PSPVD is such a program” (it’d be in red),
follow the instructions, making sure to read the requirements for the
program to make sure it’s compatible with your PC, and then download
it once you did all that). Two programs to download, PSPVD and the
CCCP program. You need both so be sure to get them both and install
them onto your PC.
6-There’s a video just in case you need it, but I found it quick and
easy to use right off the bat so you should have no problem figuring
out how to convert.

OK. So here’s my list of what I got, and what I converted.
Strangely the person doing a lot of the hentai on 4shared is… and I
hope this is just a joke on the poster’s part… a 15 year old Mexican
national… well… that’s young to get into hentai isn’t it, but he’s
(and I’m assuming he’s a he) the only real strong and consistent
poster (haven’t got a dud or a Corrupted Data from him yet) so right
now I trust his handiwork… even if it’s implying something really
awkward. Oh well.

Download without conversion.
Mizugi Kanojo Fit MP4
Type it as I did though you don‘t need to capitolize the letters like
I did. There’s only one now though the video suggests there’s a second
one (that the person didn’t put up yet). It’s about two couples and
their semi private slash semi public sex lives. Since it’s in Japanese
only (no subs) I don’t know much else, but I’ll do my homework before
review and see what else I can dig up for you on it.

Stretta Contents MP4
Younger ladies and older males, a femme who likes to take voyeuristic
shots of the couplings (possibly for blackmail purposes) while taking
multiple males on school grounds. Again something I have to research
but this one, at least, is the full two parts. No need to wait for a
download of the second half here.

Download WITH conversion
(PSPVD isn’t a workhorse of a program so you’ll have to download
everything to you memstick, then from the memstick convert it through
the program one at a time… which is a bit of a time muncher going at
about 20 minutes or so per item so that’s abit of time to patiently
wait for each on to go through in turn, but worth it… or not in some
cases, I’ll review them all over time. Here’s the names (since this
list is constantly growing and being updated per update).

I’ll post tidbits about them as I review them, BTW. A lot of these are
subtitled in Spanish (Japanese language), but that’s OK since you can
always buy the DVD if you’re interested in knowing what they’re

Ai wa KagI no Kazu Dake 1
Another Lady Innocent (This is supposed to be a high rated title)
It Is A Family Affair 1 (It’s just not an orgy… yet)
Menage a Twins 1-2 (just not that nice of a hentai)
Mistreated Bride 4 (speaking of not being so nice…)
Night Shift Nurses Experiment 3
Soukan Yuugi 1 (ah, that special kind of love between a mother and son
brought about by playing a jinxed magical board game that brings the
two together sexually as it plays itself -- no, really, it rolls and
moves the pieces itself while… oh, you get the point).
Stainless Night 1-2 (the lesbian/dickgirl one… no sound though, guess
you’ll have to get that DVD if you end up liking this).
Roommate 1
Viper GTS 1-2 (I always thought this was about spies and stuff… it’s
not, it’s about demon girls and the glasses wearing guy who summons
one particular demon… smathering of lesbian but…)
Wife with Wife 1-2 (Not as lesbian as the title suggests… not as
threesome as it suggests either, actually).

And that’s about it. And with new content coming in (guess I need two
memory sticks just for hentai content, and one for my new fascination
with the Sentai live action genre which doesn’t suck as long as it’s
not Americanized Power Rangers, which I won’t ever see here thanks to
another 4shared poster) there’ll be review content for months and
months to come. I’ll tell you if it’s good, if there’ll be more
reviews and (well) if it’s really worth going out to buy the DVD for
your collection if I liked (or didn’t like) what I saw.

One note. Even with the converter I still look only at the MP4s and at
content about 30MB heft or higher (Now that I know the one good
poster, Darkness Zero, I kinda stay away from the other content as
some (Dark Love 1 for instance) is Corrupted Data). There is live
content, but with this glutton of hentai anime there’s no need to tap
into that for now (review wise or safety wise though I guess I can
drop in some reviews in the future should my stock of hentai draw
tight and low, though for now it looks like Darkness Zero isn’t going
to disappoint anytime soon).

With present stock I have enough to wrap the year and move into 2010,
and that’s as of right now… imagine how much more I’ll be reviewing in
the near future.

Next Month
It’s Halloween so we’ll trick or treat with some of the more properly
themed content.

Soukan Yuugi 1
Nothing like a little board game that gets a mother and son naked and
sexy in bed together (and one that keeps playing itself even as they
go at it again and again until they’re happily in love and a total
couple by the end)… only now I guess the game will just be more of a
sexual aide to keep the relationship hot since they’re past the need
to be driven to do it.

Viper GTS 1-2
Something about hot demon chicks and this one human guy who scores
some. I’ll tell you more once I do my homework on it next week.

November it’s Thanksgiving so we’re picking some leftovers here and
there, and this month’s leftovers are the two titles I put on the PSP
that didn’t require a converter to view them. That’s simple enough, I
talk abit about them above.

Finally it’s the year’s end and I’ll treat with two I’ve been looking
forward to a long time to reviewing (Another Lady Innocent and
Stainless Night).

So that’s it. See you next month!
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