(November 2009)
Updated PSP Download List from 4shared
First Reviews!

Since we last spoke I’ve added some new titles to the list of things
you can scope off of 4shared… only problem is this list would have to
probably be updated constantly on a regular basis since things are
constantly added and bumped off 4shared on a regular basis (deleted in
other words). So let’s grind it down and see what is still there from
last post, what’s new, and what was deleted since last time… (check
out my first article on the PSP and downloads back a few months to see
the whole process of making your PSP capable of converting video stuff
off the internet into proper format for viewing on your PSP).

First off let’s get the Download Without Conversion thing over with by
saying it’s halved (Stretta is still there, but Mizugi Kanojo Fit is
gone). Basically once you see me post the info you only have so much
time to snap it up before it’s deleted. Simple as that.

Download WITH conversion
Another Lady Innocent
Bible Black 1-6 (NEW!)
Cleavage 1-2 (NEW!) (also under the name TCF Cleavage)
Insatiable 1 (NEW!)
Menage a Twins 1-2
Night Shift Nurses Experiment 3
Stainless Night 1-2 (still without sound)
The Hills Have Size 1-2 (NEW!)
Thumbs 1 (NEW!)
Wife Eater 1 (NEW!)

Since the last time we spoke the following has been deleted off of
4shared… at least in .mp4 format. Some still exist in .rar or Real
Player format (you can check for yourself which if you happen to know
the trick as to how to make .rar format into something that can be
converted (which is .avi, .mp4 and .wmp formats)… and yes, eventually
I‘ll see if Real Player‘s format can be converted, but that‘s homework
for a future review when I have a fresh back up memory stick to
experiment with!)

Ai wa KagI no Kazu Dake 1
It Is A Family Affair 1
MILF Mansion 1 (*)
Mistreated Bride 4
Roommate 1
Soukan Yuugi 1
Taboo-Charming Mother 1 (*)
Viper GTS 1-2
Wife Eater 2 (*)
Wife with Wife 1-2

Wow, what a file massacre since we talked a few months back! Time
really is of the essence when I tell you about these, aren’t they! Oh,
and yes…
(*) - Denotes stuff that went so fast I didn’t even have a chance to
tell you about it!

Additional notes on .rar files and PSP Conversion
Yes there are files on some of these that are deleted from .mp4
format, but they’re .rar and I don’t know how to make those work at
all… somebody needs to help me with that as there’s a large batch of
stuff that’s in .rar format and if I can turn it into something more
convertible then… well, nuff said). Guess one regular feature will be
the constant updating of content on 4shared. What’s there, what’s not…
sad thing is new stuff has been rather stagnant of late, last update
was Bible Black and that’s it. Haven’t seen a fresh coat of any new
hentai for days and days on end… which is bad news since content is
slowly vanishing and not being replaced in the same pace it’s going…
so, like I said above, you get it when you can or you don’t get it at
all, period (or wait for the downloaders or new downloaders to make it
available again).

And yes, a majority of this content is in Spanish Sub. Just so you know.

And now my public service announcement against evil that we must stand
up to (since I for the first time ran into it on 4shared)! One more
thing! If you see pedophile crap report it ASAP and get it removed
(and quite probably the posters reported… well… we didn‘t ask for them
to be retards so it‘s not our problem if they went and got themselves
into trouble now is it!)

Everytime losers like that clutter sites like 4shared with illegal
underaged pedophile crap it eventually triggers some sort of extreme
reaction (sometimes resulting in legit erotica being punished, aka
deleted, along with the illegal stuff). So don’t let underaged porn go
unreported! After all… well… come on, really now! Nobody can tell me
there’s even anything remotely sexy about underaged porn, come on…
it’s creepy and disturbing and seems rather end of humanity post
apocalyptic to even think of that sexually… I’m pretty certain you‘re
not supposed to even consider that until you‘re the last humans on the
planet… anyway bottom line is that illegal crap ruins it for everyone!
Nip it in the bud and report it ASAP! It’s your duty to keep 4shared
safe for legit hentai and porn for all (adults of course) (mostly
because I can’t think of any other site that is as user friendly AND
doesn’t charge you a cent for it’s services -- so for that alone you
should do your best to keep 4shared trouble free if nothing else!)

Anyway it’s really rare to see retards post that crap on 4shared so
it’ll be a rare event if you’re ever faced with that quandary (and the
next thing we’re about to review seems to be a new trend I just heard
about that doesn’t need reporting even if you fear it might)… but
first things first, more links to look up.

Good thing there’s another place for clips for your PSP. Mind you it’s
not as robust as the stuff we’ve been getting from 4shared BUT it is,
at least, all lesbian content… something 4shared is rather meager on
in terms of content!

So then, new set of instructions!

1-Go to www.shoujoai.com (and yes, I put in quite abit of fan fic
fictions here… stuff I can’t never reprint here because they’re fan
fictions and thus technically the property of others… only original
content here and I’ve been rather hitting a large wall of writer’s
block on fresh content of late, sorry!)

2-Click on the Forum board and then the Yuri Images board (ton of
stuff there, but for the purpose of this we’re just going to focus on
the downloadable content!)

3-Pan through the topics until you find the following…
“Angel of Darkness Yuri Clip Compilation”
“Hottest Lesbian Scenes Ever (Videos)”
“Yumi/Sachiko Adult Video (real)” (it’s the last two Megaupload links
that still work.)

Sadly new threads on fresh links are few and abit far between so it’ll
be awhile I take it before we report on this site’s latest offerings…

Let’s see, what else is there to say about this site’s offerings?
Well first off forget “Yuri Hentai Anime Clips”, it’s all in .rar and
it all seems to be deleted anyway (another thing, as time passes these
will be deleted and I’ll have to recheck them every few months to see
which are still active or not). And of course trial and error since
not all links are still active (also you need to be signed up for
lesbiantube before you can download off of it so be wary of that
before linking to it).

Anyway speaking of the last one let’s review the two vids I got off of
that third section of the thread recommendations since we went through
the trouble of listing these few link hookups.

Airi & Meiri (Sisterly Love)
Thanks to shoujoai.com for the hook up.
Well here’s a new trend that might actually satisfy even the most
ardent of taboo minded erotica fans… legal aged porn talent that look
underaged (though in this case I mean the barely legal underaged 15-17
age set of course).

Now what if there might be someway to satisfy BOTH sides (and maybe
bring more in to the fight against illegal underaged content stuff)?
Actresses who appear to be just that taste of taboo but, in reality,
is quite adult and -- well -- insured a very short lifespan in the
genre until she’s too “old” to be mistaken for young but there’s a ton
of other genres in porn so you don‘t have to worry about the lady
being sent to unemployment so fast… like lesbian, which these two in
this review seem to hit off on just fine.

Of course there will always be a tad bit of doubt in your mind about
the claim of legitness, but it’s that kind of doubt which I take is
the illusion of the whole thing… course I will feel like a total idiot
if enough evidence ever comes into hand saying this wasn’t as it
seemed… but dammit when can we have ANY hope that what we learn is
truth and not worry about having to scrutinize 5000 sources just to
know if one bit of knowledge is correct or not! Can’t we take ANYTHING
on fate anymore?!?

Anyway back to the review. Of late I’ve seen a couple of examples of
(from reports I’ve seen on sites and word of mouth) actresses who
seemingly appear “illegal tender” (bad choice of catchphrase but let’s
roll with it all the same) but are in fact legal age (again according
to on hand info). Actresses like these two Airi and Meiri.

Yes, I know of Kitty but I have zero info on her so I’m not touching
her stuff until I have more information to satisfy my concerns on
that. She only has the one vid on 4shared anyway that hasn’t been
deleted so it’s not like there’s much to report on.

These two Japanese porn actresses (and I take it this is from Japan
and not another Asian country though one video seems to have a sex toy
with English writing on it’s handle) seem to be in appearance
underaged but (again) word says otherwise. So until enough evidence is
in hand to contradict all info in hand I’ll go with the word they’re
not underaged (illegal underaged in anycase and are legally capable of
being in porn).

There’s not much to say about the two.
They play sisters though whether or not they are actually sisters
remains to be seen. Me? I kinda doubt it since they went through a lot
of trouble for these minisodes to find two women who appear as 15-17
year old that they hindered themselves further by trying to find a
pair of TWIN SISTERS who also want to be in PORN and be INCEST LESBIAN
LOVERS in their stuff… I take it they just found two actresses who
look close enough related in resemblance and did the rest through
visual trickery (they both seemingly from my visual inspection sport
the same hairstyle which is a sure sign they are actually NOT
related). How so? Well if Anime and Japanese dramas taught us nothing,
and they taught us lots, it’s that sisters (let alone TWIN SISTERS)
often go out of their way to emphasis each other’s individuality of
appearance, and would not copy each other no matter how close the
relationship between the two -- even if it extends into the sexual.

There’s no plot (and sadly no subtitles, though in this case I take it
those are not necessary). Simply put these two like to get into bed,
and kiss, rub, touch, lick, finger and (in the first of the two videos
(the 30 minute one)) use vibes and sex toys to get each other off
individually and in unison. Simple, isn’t it?

Can you believe the scenario? Sure. It’s not like they’re doing
anything really deep or profound to make us question their playing
incest laden lesbian love sisters… though to be honest at the same
time unless you understand Japanese (and forgive me if it isn’t
Japanese and I don’t know better… because I don’t know better, of
course) and if the title didn’t say “sisters” in the title you’d think
it’s just a pair of female lovers experimenting with each other in one
of the two ladies’ room (room is another ambiance to give the
impression of slight underage but again it’s all about the illusion
isn’t it, though to be honest at times somehow I can just feel (inside
of course) they’re not as young as the illusion is set to be here and
there… then again if I’m so wrong about it I’m going to be embarrassed
to no end. Anyway what else is there to say? It’s lesbian, they look
like a lovely couple, no muss or fuss it’s down to business and most
of the video is them making out, simple enough and it’s free… really,
you can’t court our attentions better than that.

Which, BTW, is something the porn industry needs to really do. Court
us reviewers attention more. At the present they treat online internet
reviewers like dog droppings at times (unless you’re associated with a
major publisher or happen to have a high rated internet cast to the
level of, say, the Angry Video Game Nerd on the video gaming side of
the spectrum). Of course at the end of the year we might not be able
to receive physical review material from them anyway what with new
rules some bastard government branch having to do something with trade
just cooked up about bloggers and reporting items sent for review from
publishers… no, really, we have to report EVERYTHING we get from
publishers for review?!? Are you out of your fucking minds!! Come off
it, it’s only a hand up to the money media who are slowly having their
asses handed to them daily by us internet media posters. Yeah, the
minute we begin leveling the playing field they want to take the
advantage again (bunch of jerk offs!)

Well if you can check out the little misadventures of Airi and Meiri.
Recommended (until at such time it’s proven to be harmful to your
viewing health by being that kind of stuff, then I’ll remove my

Also there’s a four part video about bathing (think it’s in this
thread but it’s amongst the links I listed above if you look for it)
with two hot women who seem to be taking a bath in an abandoned
bathhouse or warehouse or something… hot, but weird… totally legal
though, can‘t mistake these two women for anything but adult… or
underaged Amazonian warrior women… don’t think you get like that being
anything less than adult.

Next Month
No more keep the conservo-censor-whores off our backs. Let’s review!
I’ll take two complete runs (with 2 parts of course) and review them.
Which ones? That’s a surprise so stay tuned! See you next month!
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