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Critical Mass’/Vanilla Series Anyone You Can Do… I Can Do Better DVD

Kitty Media’ Parade Parade

I almost forgot, we’re heading into the Summer of Reviews!

This month we’re taking a look at two above average titles… aka titles that don’t suck
at a 2 or 1 out of 5. We’ll have one of those back again next month, sorry.

This month the number of main characters in each marks the score, oddly enough, as
I review April 2006’s new hentai Anyone You Can Do… I Can Do Better, and Parade

Critical Mass’/Vanilla Series’ Anyone You Can Do… I Can Do Better DVD

2 well endowed women and one irritating guy (3) out of 5

One of the newest releases from Critical Mass’ Vanilla Series, Anyone You Can Do… I
Can Do Better takes what should have been a promising premise and… well… makes
it average (at best).

If you were expecting a story to go along with the hentai here you might as well forget

“Studly” looking guy is invited over to the house of a female classmate and her mom to
help tutor her.

First thing the guy notices with a minute of arriving is just how well stacked these
women are… what, is he not paying attention at school to have noticed her breasts
then? Well it looks like learning is the last thing (subconsciously) on her mind because
she dresses downright… you know… the “s” word… and all he can do is gawk down
her top at her big breasts, which immediately leads before you know it to him getting
her topless and working her breasts, which actually is not a “quickie” scene.

One of the things you’re going to see about this title is that the sex scenes are not
minimal. They actually have abit of distance and lasts abit, which is a good thing. Bad
thing? Is it me, and it might just be me, but does the scenes in this hentai seem abit,
well, mechanical.

Bounce from daughter to the next night and boytoy is invited to sit awhile with the mom
while waiting for the young lady to get out of the bath. Before Dustin Hoffman can say
“Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson” the mom is getting her thing on with the
boyfriend and he’s having his ways with her.

After a lengthy sex scene he goes up to the daughter’s room and before you know it
he’s going for seconds but that’s when the mom walks in on them, and ends up
declaring her desire to take this boytoy from her daughter as her lovetoy or
whatever… urgh, that didn’t turn out well.

It only gets less interesting as the daughter goes over to the boyfriend’s house to
prove her skills as a wife, only to end up getting her bones (and the rest of her)
jumped again by him, which is (again) interrupted by the mom who turns the ending
sex scene into a “Showdown” between mother and daughter which ends as you
probably already figured it’ll end, which is a bit of a disappointment.

Otherwise that’s about it. I think I remember an image gallery but otherwise there isn’t
much else.

As you check out the breakdown you’ll see why this is a middle of the road fare.

Anyone Can Break This Down… Like This.

Hentai Hot

The sex scenes have legs on them, in that they actually last abit longer than your
average short scenes. And the way this is put out you have a decent amount of
scenes for these two OAV episodes.

Not to mention you have two hot women characters (mother and daughter) and they’re
not entirely terrible characters, and this is one of the few hentais I’ve reviewed to date
which featured such very well endowed females in an hentai that isn’t a rape slash
torture slash bad sex parody thing.

Hentai Not

However the story is not there at all, the characters are not very well developed
(Hayase/Takabe pairing these pair-offs are most certainly not), and the sex -- well --
kind of seems mechanical. There isn’t the spark of the sex between Hayase/Takabe or
a few other of the hot pairings I’ve reviewed to date in this Anime.

Finally the whole mother/daughter thing goes to waste as you never see them pair off
together (in a lesbian scene), nor does the whole mother vs. daughter thing pan out
as it only has one scene, near the end of the second half of the DVD, which yields
predictable results that should disappoint you.

Sex Bytes

Once again only the sex scenes between guy and daughter, guy and mother and the
one “showdown” thing is memorable… since nothing else here is memorable.

Scary Bytes

Is it me or does the English cast of this one sound bored being here? They don’t
sound all that interested in dubbing this Anime, and I wonder why… actually not, but
let’s just pretend I’m wondering… yeah.


The sex is substantial and good looking, but not the most vibrant nor does it work the
mother and daughter thing well with one throwaway threesome that does nothing for
the plot but just justify it’s obvious ending.

It’s not the worst thing you can watch, but it’s not the best. So, because of that, I’m
going to place this kind of sort of interesting DVD in the middle of the hentai road and
give it a sexed up male, a well endowed young lady, and an extremely well endowed
mother for 3, 3, threesome out of 5.

Kitty Media’ Parade Parade

4 promising female characters out of 5

When it comes to hentais featuring lesbian erotica there are few I can think of right off
the bat that gives you a 100% buffet to enjoy… except there are a few “psuedo”
choices to pick up, one being Parade Parade.

While it’s main character (Kaori) is a hermaphrodite, a girl with both male and female
sexual organs, and there is one male gangrape scene (which shades the past of Kaori’
s manager and significant other, Yuko, and sets her on the path which set her where
she is now) the few lesbian sex scenes in this one are good, but even better is the
nice story which makes me hope one day we’ll live to see a Parade Parade 2.

I mean if we lived long enough to see a ReiRei sequel, and who’d ever think we’d see
a ReiRei 2 on DVD, we should see a new Parade Parade. I don’t see why not. By the
way, one of the scenes in this anime was so completely ripped off in that crappy Sailor
and the 7 Ballz DVD!

Kaori is hot in the world of bubblegum pop idol singers. She is just coming off from her
first tour, doing well in all the latest polls and fan publications, and is a top seller on
the charts. Nothing can drag this rising star from her high pedestal… except for the
disjarring fact that Kaori is a hermaphrodite with both male and female sex organs,
which she fears will destroy her “wholesome” image and ruin her… yeah, if the music
industry could survive everything it went through so far it’ll barely blink at this “hiccup”.

Anyway if there is anyone who is very familiar with dragged through the gutter it’s
Kaori’s manager, Yuko. Yuko, who used to go by another name during her “famous”
era, once was an up and coming idol singer about three years ago, just like Kaori
(only without the extra organ). That, however, came to a screeching half when an
incident of gangrape destroyed her life, and wretched her away from his woman she
loved (who later became a great idol singer in her own right) as a broken woman.

Somehow Yuko and Kaori met by chance (when Yuko spotted in while peoplewatching
on a street corner), and two lost women ended up finding each other, and by finding
each other found hope for their futures as well as love with each other. Now Kaori is
hot stuff, her new manager Yuko is back in the game though in a different way than
she was before, and they couldn’t be happier together (even if Kaori is abit quirky).

However fate places the duo on a collision course with the manager’s past as her old
lover sets her gaze on Kaori, who she wants to make her lover’s new “friend”.
Apparently she is a person who “collects” women as her “trophy lovers”, though you’ll
only see one of these who I am certain is her one and only love (but that’s just my
theory on that, don’t quote me). She somehow manages to get the drop on Kaori in
the bathroom when they end up scheduled to appear on the same show at the same
TV Studio, which is a shocker for this “lady eater” when she (to her shock) discovers
Kaori’s “secret“. However that doesn‘t stop her from giving a blowjob and titty job to
Kaori before she is stopped by Yuko with a hard bash to the head.

What happens next pit’s the two against this rival and her “lovetoy” as she hadn’t
forgotten being left behind by Yuko three years ago, and that culminates in the
second half with a sexual challenge and the revelation as to the happenings of three
years ago that tore them apart.

Light on sex, strong on plot and story, the quirky Parade Parade delivers a nicely
done hentai that, while I wished had more sex, worked out well as a better than
average hentai with better than average lesbian hentai content in it (way better than
the disappointing Sin Sorority). The breakdown will prove that.

Parade Parade Breakdown Breakdown

Hentai Hot

Light of sex it may be, but it’s few scenes are good (even if we’re talking about the
bathroom scene which was ripped off in Sailor and the 7 Ballz which was done by
Sailor Moon (as Kaori) and Sailor Venus).

This has a plot, yes, and the story here works well. Mixed with good sex and good
story, you have a well balanced little gem here worth checking out.

Hentai Not

If you’re just here for the sex you’ll be disappointed, it’s light on that.

One of these days I’ll find the optimal lesbian hentai that is well packed on that score.

Right now my eyes fall on Stainless Nights as a possible (though it is, again, Parade
Parade-esque with a hermaphrodite female from what I know of the title), and while I
heard there’s a lesbian pair in Sacrilege I heard it’s got the same light sex taint for a
more story oriented feel. Check out October’s reviews for my review of Sacrilege
(starring a pair of lesbian cops fighting the demonic) and the other lesbian erotica
touch of the demonic with Sex Demon Queen. Otherwise I don’t think you’ll find much
to be disappointed here, I wasn’t disappointed.

Sexy Bytes

The one and only pairoff between Kaori and Yuko at the start of the DVD rates high.

That and the challenge in the first half of the second DVD.

Oh, and some of the wit of this DVD works well, with a bit of a humor to the story that

Scary Bytes

I know we needed the gangrape scene to show the pain suffered by Yuko three years
ago, but… well, I’m going to be glad that we probably don’t need to revisit this if
somebody ever makes a sequel.


That, by the way, is my wish for Parade Parade. I wish somebody makes a sequel. If
somebody is going to crank out a second ReiRei, at least put into development a
sequel to Parade Parade!

If I had my way I’d like to see…

1-A Longer Parade Parade sequel, 90 minutes would be nice.

2-More Kaori on Yuko sex. They’re a cute couple, let’s see them hit it off more.

3-The return of Yuko‘s former flame and her partner as Kaori & Yuko’s new friends
and on stage rivals. Now that they’re becoming more of an odd couple friends over
rivals (which was my impression of them at the end of Parade Parade) let’s see them
pair off together on tour and bicker.

4-While we’re at it let’s see those two pair off for a solo sex scene. We haven’t seen
them pair off yet for solo action between each other, which would be nice.

5-A good story with nice with and humor. I’ll leave that to whoever makes Parade
Parade 2.

That, more than anything, makes me show my support for a sequel by compelling
somebody to revisit the world of Kaori and company. So, for the hopeful future, I’m
giving Parade Parade four shining potential starlets (and stars) out of 5.

Next Month

July rolls through the door, and by now we all should be looking for bargains to carry
us through our hentai summer. However sometimes bargains are not the best,
especially when they turn out to be bad news.

Here’s three titles that rated a 1 or 2 out of 5!

Critical Mass’ Mail Order Maiden 28 DVD

While some people have nice things to say about this quirky nostalgia piece of hentai,
I have nothing nice to say about this. An anime with the barest of bare bones
construction in terms of DVD makeup, a show with a loser as it’s “Star” who makes the
plot more of a pain than a pleasure to witness, and an animation that is allergic to
penises (finding inventive ways to show “it”)? Guess what score I gave it! Go on,

Anime Hot Shots’ Private Psycho Lesson & TriAngle 1 to 2

Are you looking for hentai at a nice low low price? You might want to consider Anime
18’ Anime Hot Shots hits. At $9 a pop, these are 30 minutes of affordable hentai IF
you are ready to accept the few quirks of the short short little DVD wonders for their
price savings.

This month I’m reviewing Private Psycho Lesson, about a professional
psychotherapists who “cures” her patients of bizarre sexually themed illnesses by
getting naked and putting them “under” through the power of her large hypno tits…
no, no, really, that’s how she does it. She counter rotate spins her breasts to
“hypnotize” her patients… and yeah, I think it’s a bunch of hooey too. Watch the
unbelievable happen as you’ll believe somebody could actually praise an Anime for it’s
“hypno tits”… really, it‘s on the case! Somebody previously actually wrote a review
and praised this for the whole hypno tits thing!

Oh, and then there’s
TriAngle… but I’m out of room.

That’s that. All done! See you next month!
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