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Anime 18/Anime Hot Shots’ Magic Woman M

Critical Mass’ Sexy Sailor Soldiers

Ever thought something could have great potential, only to notice how it falls
dreadfully short of said potential? These two titles have that in common. Both had
the potential for something great, and both fall short of that potential… and yet,
somehow they manage to at least eck out an AVERAGE score for one reason or
another. Read on, oh reader, read on, and find out why.

Anime 18/Anime Hot Shots’ Magic Woman M

Three potential lacking female cannon fodder characters out of 5

If you read my last review of the AHS’ line, mainly my review of Private Psycho
Lesson, you know the drill. But just in case let’s recap.

If you are a budget minded individual looking for a bit of hentai at a low pocket
price, then investing in the Anime Hot Shots deal from Anime 18 might be just what
the naughty nurse ordered.

Here’s the deal, usually Anime Hot Shots are a taste of a series, a one or two
(occasionally four in this case) episode slice of a series to give you a bit of a
“push” in your decision making whether or not to buy the series. However this
turns into the full monty for a series when you apply it to hentai, mostly because
hentais only last between 2 to 4 episodes in length to begin with, making the
Anime Hot Shots delivery system perfect for the budget minded hentai fan looking
for a little bit of savings.

After all, if you can buy a hentai for $9 a pop ($18 for a complete series) when the
present dual language DVD is going for $28 what is there not to love? I mean with
a $10 saving you can’t go wrong with that!

Oh, and did I mention that (unlike the Anime 18 DVDs) these do not have a
security glitch when you try to play them on your PS2 (in that you have to reenter
the player’s parental code over and over again in regards to the Anime 18
DVDs)? All you have to decide is if you can live with the limitations of the format in
order to reap the reward of the lower cost.

1-Anime Hot Shots are in English only, no Japanese language track

2-No extras, other than trailers of other releases and a history lesson about Anime
(which all of the Anime Hot Shots DVDs feature) there is no bells or whistles on
these releases. Recently, however, a new “extra” has been appearing in the form
of a printable “catalog” (because the DVD also functions as a DVDRom which you
can put into your computer).

3-It is in 30 minute slices. Meaning you’ll expend between $18 (2 hits) to $36 (4
hits) for a complete set (even if you spread the hits out over several orders). That
means while the 2 volume sets are cost cutters, the

4 volumes are… well… judgment calls since you might as well buy the collected
version and save $9.

Now for the review itself.

Maybe we can also call this by another thing, besides it being potential not fulfilled.

Because these two also happen to share another thing in common, mainly that
both embrace the “love” of demon slash tentacle rape… if you can call that sort of
thing “love”.

Ever since Urotsukidoji, which was the landmark of the tentacle rape genre, we
have seen attempts here and there to bring back the “glory” of the old old
chestnut but it never really took off. Of course that doesn’t stop people from
trying, which brings us to these two releases.

In this case it’s AD&D hentai as you meet the typical goofy blonde magic user
woman who has this extraordinary power she can unleash when she is embraced
by naughty dirty sexual release… that and the fact that the 30 minutes are almost
up and the story needs a quick wrap-up to go to the ending credits.

In the first AHS DVD, the monster is some gigantic orgre or troll thing with a large
monster penis that rapes a female warrior in his cave, then rapes our heroine
(who somehow stumbles onto it after investigative a ravaged and destroyed village
destroyed by said monster) twice.

The first time, yeah, but the second time… well, in this one our heroine meets a
woman tied up to a tree and saves her. How does she repay her? She (on a hill) is
witness to the creature capturing our heroine and raping her, so she repays being
saved by her by staying put… and masturbating while watching the rape.

Uh… right. Anyway somehow she gets into the mix and in the heat of… well… the
need for the story to end the blonde magician somehow summons great power
and finally smites the monster… after three rape scenes and the fact that the
story is nearly over.

Oh-kay. Right. Now what potential… oh, you know what I’m going to say already…
yeah, lesbian erotica.

There was several great potential moments for it and YET, and yet… well, maybe
not here sure but at least one or two moments could have come up. But the prime
motivation for the adult stuff is rape scenes with AD&D type monster creature
characters. Yeah, right.

The second AHS DVD is no better. After showing up abit late… just enough time
for two female characters, including one who is another magic user type, to be
raped by mollusk things with tentacles, she decides to journey with them which
leads to a three woman sit in in a tent that leads… nowhere. I mean they’re
practically naked for goddess’ sake DO SOMETHING CONSENTUAL DAMMIT!!

The rest is a long journey of walking and killing and female bonding that leads to
the two magic user women being captured and raped by Merman wannabe
aquatic humanoids before the rescue and clean (sorta clean if you don‘t count the
two having to dispel mercreature embryos out of their naughty bits) ending where
everything turns out alright… except for the fact that this is a been there done that
production that doesn’t surprise you in the slightest. Sure it’s $9 a pop, right, but
does it have to be average?

It DOES have some humor, though I can’t say it’s biting humor since I’ve seen

It does have sex though it’s all non consentual rape scenes with monsters without
a single lesbian moment despite the fact that we have a sufficent cast of females
in both to have at least one scene each AHS DVD.

The animation is abit dated in feel, but it’s not horrible, and in the end it’s alright
and all but it’s nothing special or unique. Thus why it is totally average, which the
breakdown will prove out shortly.

Magic Woman B(reakdown)

Hentai Hot

Content wise Magic Woman M is an average thing… unless you are so into the
whole tentacle slash demon rape thing then hey, go wild. Otherwise it could have
had more consentual sex (lesbian erotica), it could have not been cliché as
walking to the drumbeat of the fantasy monster rape theme to an extreme, and it
could have basically been more well rounded as a series.

It has it’s uppers, and some might like the humor and the pacing, but it’s not

Hentai Not

I think I said my peace on that already, so nuff said.

Sexy Bytes

If you are into AD&D monster slash demon slash tentacle rape then you’re going
to say sexy.

Scary Bytes

If not then this might not be your thing. That and the whole impregnation slant in
the second AHS DVD.


AD&D monster tentacle rape lives on here, but at least it’s not a 1 or 2 out of 5.

So that‘s that. We‘re looking at a straight up average 3... Out of 5. Nuff said.

Critical Mass’ Sexy Sailor Soldiers

3 “Sailor Soldier” cameo appearances out of 5 Soldiers.

You would almost think that somebody doing an hentai anime trying to cash in on
the whole addiction to Sailor Moon hentai fanfics would, you know, actually go the
distance to find out what the big deal is in Sailor Moon hentai fanfics. Apparently,
however, nobody bothered to do their homework because they failed to speak to
the masses by churning out an entirely predictible, entirely off kilter, entirely
average Sailor Moon hentai knockoff that doesn’t live up to the potential that it
should have lived up to.

Say Sailor Moon fanfic hentai to me and the first thing that comes to mind is sites
like, and I’m not just saying that because I have fictions over
there that I wrote, which features about nearly 400 or so (growing as we speak)
lesbian erotica fanfics… oh, and one story where Mina (Venus) & Makoto (Jupiter)
sexually service Artemis the cat… but enough about disturbing things like that, let’
s talk Sailor Soldiers.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you get an eyefull of the female
cast’s overtly enormous breasts as a “selling point” of the DVD? All five of the
Soldier clones here sport cheap knockoff uniforms, weird “powers” that don’t seem
to fit (like the Ami looking girl who has magical kung fu weapons that spits energy),
and gigantic super sized tits… what does that say to you? If it says “something’s
lacking in this DVD” then you’re right.

Overtly ample breast-itude seems more often than not to be an excuse to fall short
in other depts when it comes to content. Check out all my 4 out of 5 DVD reviews,
and notice that NONE of them sport female characters with overtly ample giganto
tits, which is mostly because they were “well rounded” in plot, sexual content and
storyline and flow which were all made to work… unlike this.

Sailor Moon clone girl (watch the DVD for name dropping) has a bad habit of
falling out of her clothes at inappropriate times (or just when titilation is needed).
She works as a waitress in this little restaurant (if you remember TOKYOPOP’s
Tokyo Mew Mew you might have seen this “scenario” before), where she works
alongside the psuedo Ami (Mercury) looking woman in the same job. They seem
quite friendly… except where it counts, aka the long chain of 400+ lesbian eroticas
including those with Usagi/Ami pairings (which this should have been). In other
words even when this draws to it’s end and Ami-clone is in our girl’s arms
unconscious and all they won’t be heading for anything substantial (or naughty)
anytime soon. Really, bummer.

It’s when she’s taking out the trash (as in physical trash and not a pervert who
groped her topless) she stumbles onto a dying “Sailor Moon” clone and is given
her power without her knowing it. She then vanishes once she passes off the
power, stereotypically mind you, hopefully to greener pastures where sexual
content does not involve stereotypical demon slash tentacle rape scenes. Lesbian
erotica here she comes!

And wouldn’t you know it. On the way home our heroine is molested by a subway
pervert, which triggers her powers and transforms her (naughty nudie version of a
traditional Sailor Moon transform) into… into… whatever. She almost gets jumped
by all the guys on her subway car (for her trouble) before she “flies” off into the
sky and makes her “escape”… by flying?!? Flying?? Super Sailor Soldier Woman?
I guess the power of Sailor Suited naughtiness came from the Planet Krypton.

At home she runs into her male home companion… or boyfriend… or brother
(naughty and evil) or whatever. Point is he’s dead weight, put no more thought
into this than necessary.

After awhile of being home (not long) she is accosted by her boss from work, who
is now possessed by the Rube Goldberg of demons (as in the person who created
complex ways to do simple tasks and not the wrestler). For his complex task to the
simple duty of demon rape he goes through a complex thing of having her wear a
skimpy little uniform that reveals much, before he takes advantage of her and tries
to rape her. Her boything comes in, gets the crap beaten out of him, buying her
enough time to escape as her Sailor persona (which she managed to transform
into during the attempted rape).

He flies after her, catches her, and tentacle demon rapes her… well, that was a
pointless running thing.

Ami-clone shows up, ends up getting caught, and we get an alternate pocket
dimension gang demon rape thing with tentacles and demon penises. Yeah. Then
our girl miraculously gets her second wind and fights back against the “evil
things”, and then the other Sailor Soldiers show up in cameo and helps out with
the boything coming at the end to run over the boss demon thing with a car or
something, with an obligitorily awkward ending at the end… bleah. Let’s break this
down quickly.

Sexy Sailor Soldier Breakdown

Hentai Hot

Well I guess, once again, if the whole idea of demon slash tentacle rape thing, as
well as female characters with giganto tits that gets lots of exposure (as in lots of
screen time), then you’re living large (again).

Hentai Not

If you would have rather the makers of this hentai anime learned something from
the 400+ hentai fanfics that is all about Sailor Soldier on Sailor Soldier love then
this is probably not going to be for you. Lament this series’ inability to deliver what
most readers want, lament!

Sex Bytes

I think I pretty much pointed out the notable stuff, eh? Heroine falling out of her
clothes and showing off her large large large tits. Tentacle and demon penis rape
scenes (mostly at the backend of the 30 minute episode… yeah, this is 30 minutes

Scary Bytes

If you are not into the whole tentacle and demon rape (which Ami-clone seems to
be since she goes catatonic halfway through her rape scene) then this isn’t for
you. Go and find something loving and beautiful to embrace.


Want demon slash tentacle rape with more time? Get Magic Woman M, it is about
the same price ($18 to $20 for this) with 30 minutes more for two 30 minute Magic
Woman M DVDs over one Sexy Sailor Soldiers DVD (30 minutes).

Want something with more lesbian erotica? Keep looking, oh reader, keep looking.

Don’t mind this and can withstand it being only 30 minutes long, filled with demon
slash tentacle rape, and you don’t mind the short bonus of a brief “blooper” reel
that isn’t all that funny, then this naughty Sailor thing might be for you. If not then
don’t get it.

Either way? I’m going to middle of the road this one as well with 3 Sexy Sailor
Soldier cameos out of 5.

Next month is naughty nurses month, nuff said. See you next time!
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