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Halloween Edition

Featuring Paper Pleasures review of…

Icarus Publishing Midara

Anime 18’ La Blue Girl Original Manga V. 1

And our Anime review of Sacrilege DVD.


2 Golden Dildo Idols (slightly used) out of 5  

Be it as it may that we ARE in October, we are thus in need of a title that has
some ancient evils or tomb raiding… or policewomen victimized by monster
men… or whatever. So, starting off with the most unbelievable “premise” listed at
the start of the anthology (which I don’t even believe which is abit much
considering I actually listen to Talk Radio at night) let’s start out with the Tomb
Raider sex parody story and go from there…

Megumi Raider

Let’s see… female tomb raider with big tits getting raped a lot… well, not much
intelligent thought went into that one did it. An interesting premise that gets
dropped down a pit and raped for no good reason.

The whole “let’s raid some ancient temples and get raped while doing so” thing
may be abit old, but as much as it is already cannon-fodder for Tomb Raider
hentais here we go again as starlet of this title Megumi goes into ancient places
and ends up getting the service… yeah, right. Oh, and she also lugs a few
hundred pounds of man flesh that does nothing but provide the stupid sidekick
for the story… bleah.

First off she raids South America and the temple of one god Quetzalcoatl, which
(if you remember your Animated Star Trek history) you might be familiar with.
Anyway she raids his sanctuary only to end up dropped in a pit where she’s
raped by golden dildos coming out of the wall… how “original”?

Second, in a story sure to irk a certain well known Egyptian Archeologist, she
heads over to Egypt and gets molested by a giant worm thing with tentacle rape
things in it’s “mouth”, only to end up in a gang-bang with a rival female (who
sicked said worm on her in the first place) with Egyptian mummies and an old
Pharoah looking for some Ankh… and no, I’m sure Ankh is NOT what this story
says it is. Have the beefy male thing desecrate an Egyptian tomb with porn art at
the end and we’ll wrap this part of the story.

Female Detective Rape : Saeko

Let’s see… female police detective with big tits gets raped… who saw that one

Seeking a story here is not important as knowing that three stories pretty much
finds new ways of making Saeko spread her legs and… yeah… and I wonder
why this title got a 2 out of 5 again… no I don’t.

Sleep Talking, Peach Colored Tropical Fish & Lover

Three stories that only share one thing in common… yeah, that thing.

Otherwise watch a girl give her guy a layjob just because she’s no good at
reading between the lines.

Then watch a so-called hard swim team get a woman to be the closer on getting
members into their club by offering herself up as sex bait in the water… like
Jaws, only without the death or blood or the terrible anniversary video game with
the world Unleashed in the title.

Finally a guy orders the star of this book in a mail order catalog and ends up not
wanting her, much like many people may end up not wanting this title… yeah.

Midara Breakdown

Hentai Hot?

Not much. Not even the sex in this title is enough to make it go higher than a 2
(which is being overtly generous on my part) because a lot of it is abit run down
and hasn’t got any spark

Hentai Not?

Large breasted women seem to only get a break from me in my Blue Eyes
reviews… not here. Maybe because the sex is not all that sensual, or it just
seems to be kind of paint by numbers point to point to point. Either way this title
just isn’t getting anywhere though it is good just for a mild read, though you
better be getting a discount on this because it’s not worth a drop of $20.

Sexy Bytes?

Hmm?? I guess if the thought of mummies getting some ANKH which leads to a
two women rape scene or a female cop being raped while drugged on a
substance that makes her horny… or whatever… or the whole concept of the
swim team chasing down the overtly developed female in the pool for pool sex
is… well, if this does it for your then celebrate because it’s all here for you.

Scary Bytes?

Then again if this does it for you then you’re aiming low. Aim higher, intelligent
sex life may be found elsewhere… really.


A mild time passer that would have been worth it if the title was a bargain title like
5 out of 5 La Blue Girl the Original Manga, but at a $20 price tag this not so
finely crafted hentai is a money waster. There are far better titles from Icarus
Publishing to be had, go for one of those.

Midara from Icarus Publishing gets two plundered golden dildo idols (slightly
used) out of 5.

And finally…

La Blue Girl the Original Manga V. 1

5 Sex Ninjitsu for Dummies Manuals out of 5

If you are a long term fan of Japanese hentai, most certainly aimed towards the
“Darker” taint of it’s “horror” erotica you should know this series without me
having to tell you.

La Blue Girl, one of the essentials of the genre, is the work of the creator of the
“Erotic Grotesque” style of Manga and Anime, one Toshio Maeda. But, you might
say, didn’t the last La Blue Girl manga that came out years ago suck? Well… it
probably wasn’t as good as this because it was NOT Maeda’s work.

Let me set the stage. Meet Miko Mido, practioneer of the ancient art of the ninja
sexcraft… when she’s not, you know, the practioneer of the equally ancient art of
the College University Undergraduate (which some might complain is as
dangerous an occupation as sexninja).

Now she’s supposed to be answering the call of duty, protecting us from
horrifically (and horny) Shikima demons… but that is not so easy, what with her
school studies and her “family” life and the time her grandmother was teaching
her her ancient arts and accidentially had the bad manners to drop dead and
curse her to be hunted down by demons until she’s dead (all because she
dropped this shiny thing with this signet that reflected the northern sunlight
which… oh, she’s screwed).

Partnered up with her own “horny” problem in the form of Nin Nin (her short
partner with a tall sex drive) she has to balance school, demon fighting, and
occasional masturbation or family ills like her sister, who runs a porn studio, who
is not above drugging her little sister to use as an “extra” in her porns which this
one time gets her sister all loopy for awhile which somehow leads to her
accidentially getting her female professor horny which lead to a sex scene and…
uh… let’s move on.

Anyway one thing leads to another and Miko has to travel to the underworld to
save her professor (the one she totally got it on with earlier) because she’s been
abducted by demons… isn’t that a pain! Also you’ll meet the ruler of the
underworld and his big… assets… and find out that Miko does have a “friend” in
the dark places of the underworld… nice, everyone could use a friend in a place
like this. Really.

More plotdriven than sex (unlike another 5 out of 5 with a blue theme, Blue
Eyes), La Blue Girl is abit on the “grotesque” side but it also more intellectual
than your usual run of the mill horror style hentai.

With a slicker storytelling pace that puts down more emphasis on it’s plotting and
action (and it’s grotesque hentai angle which works well here), but don’t think it
lags on the sex because while it comes in short bites these bites are fairly
dispersed about the title and it all flows together well. Add to that it’s unique
visual style and the fact we’re looking at a work from the “creator” of the whole
“erotic grotesque” style and you can see why this is a 5 out of 5. Breakdown will
prove that out.

La Blue Breakdown the 1st

Hentai Hot?

Delivering a nice package of plot, “sexual grotesque” and humor you got here a
nice round up that makes it a solid read. From the creator of the style you’re
holding here, you should only expect a solid experience that isn’t a gross out like
poseurs in the whole “sexual grotesque” experience, while still being abit on
the… you know… managing to balance the whole experience in a way that
makes it work well (unlike other titles that are so La Blue Girl poseurs).

Hentai Not?

Nothing. It’s solid and isn’t sick at all… and for something that is called “sexual
grotesque” you’d think it’d be disgustingly sickening… and yet it isn’t. Maybe it’s
just me, or maybe it’s just this volume but I found it to be actually more
atmospheric and moody than gory grotesque which is probably the point I
suppose since I’m not up on this whole “sexual grotesque” term… sorry.

Sexy Bytes?

Well balanced all around if you’re wondering, the drama, action, demons and sex
equal out well and you have a full experience here, even down to the sex.
Straight, lesbian, demon tentacle rape, you got it all… how lucky for you! (Unlike
other titles that promise more than it delivers this one doesn’t make promises but
delivers a full package all around nevertheless).

Scary Bytes?

Apparently the art of sex ninjitsu includes a Parade Parade style move… and by
Parade Parade I do mean exactly what you think I mean. Yes… that. And wouldn’
t you know it, two whole scenes with the female professor are also in here in
which ONE scene uses this power. Wow… that’s not as scary as you might think
it is, really.


Let’s see… you can spend your $18 on a copy of Sexy Sailor Soldier and get a
substandard demon tentacle rape DVD or you can spend it here and get
something from a person who knows his stuff… and have some money left over
to save for an order of La Blue Girl the Original Manga V. 2. A 5 out of 5.

Sacrilege DVD

Four Intergalactic Immigration Reform Bills out of 5.

We’re almost out of time so let’s rapidfire this!

Some evil cult that seems to have an intergalactic immigration addiction (as it
seems to have lots of sexed up hairless women from the planet Delta (remember
Star Trek The Motion Picture?)) are putting out this illict drug that transforms me
into sex crazed monster (tentacle rape), though one of these men also turns out
to not be such a pawn of the evil guys as he (after becoming a monster and
raping his significant other) ends up on the side of good trying to stop whatever
is happening to him (or something which leads to at least one bang with a female
police officer in demon form).

Police partners and woefully underused lesbian couple Atsuko and Kei are the
main hitters in this one against the evil cult, investigating a shady drug deal that
(during the couple’s one and only rubbing scene that leads nowhere) gets them
involved in the demon thing when a woman being chased by a demon guy (to be
raped in front of the two lady cops) gets them thrown headlong into the case
against the criminals.

A cut above your adverage cops and demons ploy, the sex is not as important as
the drama but several cuts of sex are available here EXCEPT where it counts,
but more on that in a second. Balanced out with a nice drama (with it’s occult flair
but in a sick gore fest way) this one is abit more of the intellectual demon rape
thing with brains as well as beauty under it’s hood providing a more interesting
view than some other things you could be watching this Halloween with your
significant other (squeeze squeeze foreplay whatever).

Two failings of this title though.

One is that despite the fact the box CLAIMS that our lesbian couple here Atsuko
and Kei have to find time to pry themselves away from each other to do their jobs
they seem most able to do that as they do NOTHING with each other! What is the
point of having a lesbian couple in this DVD if they only have one throwaway
rubbing scene that goes nowhere fast! Yes, one of our tough ladies (the blonde)
is molested by a female enemy while her lover is raped by one of the big males
of the evil cult (in his bed no less) but action between the two loving ladies is nil
and that sucks.

Second thing is you have this great build up to the end… only for the end to…
well… breeze right past you. Once you get to the final confrontation the ending is
a quick unapologetic sequence of events that roll fast and end faster, leaving
you with an ending that was OK (things turn out I suppose well enough) but it
could have been abit more thought out all the same.

Breakdown time.

Sacrilgious Breakdown

Hentai Hot?

It’s abit above the normal with more plotting than your usual demon tentacle rape
cult sex whatever thing. Despite missing the bandwagon on a few pointers this is
still a worthy view.

Hentai Not?

Think I said my grievances about this one above… so, nuff said.

Sexy Bytes?

Some of the sex is interesting, and the fact that this has a solid enough plot is
also good (since other series has had the worst writing ever… Sexy Sailor
Soldiers comes to mind on that score).

Scary Bytes?

The fact that Anime 18 can’t make a DVD that works on the PS2 for some
damnable reason! This thing is such a glitchy glitchy problem when trying to
watch it on a PS2 that I won’t even go into the headaches I have trying to review
Anime 18 titles


A cut above your standard demon cult rape monster whatever thing, it fails in
having a lesbian couple that does NOTHING sexual and an ending that could
have rolled a little better (or a little longer with a bit more satisfying ending that
seemed abit rushed due to time constraints).

Still, for being as good as it was, I’m giving this one 4 copies (out of 5) of F3 for
Atsuko & Rei to… ahem… get them in the mood for love… whatever.

Next Month

November will give Critical Mass and Icarus Publishing something to be thankful
for. Bye!
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