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Critical Mass/Vanilla Series’ Professor Shino’s Classes in Seduction

Critical Mass/Vanilla Series’ Endless Serenade

November has finally come about. If you are living in the USA then you are gearing up
for Thanksgiving. And if you are not living in the USA (or somewhere else that
celebrates Thanksgiving in November) then you are gearing up for Christmas… or
Hannukah (sorry if I mispelled)… or Kwanzaa… or something. But as it may very well be
a time to be thankful then let Critical Mass’ and Icarus be thankful… for good scores.

Like these. Two 4 out of 5s and a brand new 5 out of 5 (three in as many months)!

Critical Mass/Vanilla Series’ Professor Shino’s Classes in Seduction

4 Extra Credit Lessons out of 5

Have you ever felt that something was good yet could have been better all the same?

Sure, the subject in question probably made a mark on you and all, but overall it just
missed that something that could have made it perfect (hence a perfect 5... Out of 5).
This is the perplexing conundrum that’ll face you down like Bill O’Reilly on a bloviating
spree (allegedly) in Critical Mass’ Professor Shin’s Classes in Seduction.

The cable news cannon fodder topic of teachers getting caught in teacher/student sex
affairs seems to have been taking a wee bit of the backseat lately (pun not intended) in
light of the spree of school invasions that has happened as of late (and that whole
North Korea thing), but before FOX News starts sharpening their hatchet jobs and lets
loose the O’Reilly I’d like to point out that Shino is a FICTIONAL HENTAI! It is not by any
account the true or actual live action account of a female teacher getting her act on with
her students (and everyone in this DVD is of legal age according to all the legal
warnings) so bug off FOX.

Anyway as you guessed when you get a title with a teacher as the star you’ll get a
special kind of teacher “bond” with her students in that special way… just remember, it’s
only a fictional hentai animation (repeat it over and over again just to make sure).

Another one of Critical Mass’ recent bouts of 30 minute a pop releases (for $20),
Professor Shino might be the opening volley of a possible new OAV series (from the
beginning title and hanging ending there might be enough proof to speculate that there
will be more to come). Anyway it’s time to get your Teacher’s pet on as Shiro opens and
our lady Shiro is already getting her sex-ed on with this guy who she seems to have a
thing for, in fact they seem to be such an item he can’t help but cry out a marriage
proposal during sex with Shino… gosh, how “romantic”. Anyway Shino shoots him down
(but not enough to stop sex) and when the scene ends we find her showering (and yet
quite lonely). Well, according to the DVD jewel case Shino is supposed to find love
somewhere… maybe in this DVD? We’ll see.

As for Shino she’s a professor at a school, but she’s NOT the sex ed teacher! She’s the
professor of science for the school, but her true calling it seems is the science of sex
which shows itself after school as she finds herself being half Marina Sitris (Counselor
Troi from ST-TNG) and half Dr. Ruth as she helps a shy girl have her first sex with her
athlete boyfriend (right down to double teaming said manly man with the girl in a little
threesome action and some verbal “direction” as the two lovers get their sex on).

(Still, Hayase and Takabe didn’t need step by step lessons when they first got their sex
on in SexFriend!)

Shino’s true destiny, however, seems to lie in the hands of a smokin’ punk who snags
Shino and, with his own little posse’ of punks, “rapes” her… only to later learn (soon
enough) that his little gang bang only dropped him headlong into a situation he has no
control over as he is way out of his league against Shino… and that’s where it ends.
The DVD ends with a riddle as Shino teaches her “attacker” how to love and have pure
sex, only to suddenly seemingly fall for him… or did she? Did this ending sex scene turn
these two opposites into lovers, or was this just “class” and ended up as a one night
stand that leads nowhere? Only time, and a sequel, can answer that one… maybe.

At the end of the day, however, unlike Critical Mass’ other possible hanging series that I
couldn’t care less about finding out what’s next (Sexy Sailor Soldiers) I actually think you’
ll care about finding out how Shino carries on from this ending, and whether she bonds
with this guy or not when the second 30 minute DVD hits… maybe. But that’s (again)
consideration for a future review, let’s break this 30 minute pop down.

Professor Shino’s Scientific Breakdown Class (Lesson 1)

Hentai Hot?

Overall this is a solid 30 minutes. Nicely rounded sex scenes, a fair enough plot (though
nothing that will win any adult sex awards anytime soon), and a main character who
actually carries some impact in her presence in the title (a plus since sometimes the star
of the title can be such a burden to witness in some bad hentais). I also liked how the
second half of the series actually has a nice twist that even I didn’t see coming.

Hentai Not?

I guess the hanging ending is the only problem, as we have to wait and see whether or
not there’ll be another Shino (or if this is going to be a one shot like Endless Serenade
with no more to come).

Please, Critical Mass’, just end the speculation! Will there be another Shino or not! Spill

Sexy Bytes

The opening sex scene, Shino’s learning “Threesome” with her female student and her
jock boyfriend, and the final five minutes are memorable.

Scary Bytes

Let’s see if eventually Shino will swing variations and help a lesbian couple with their sex
needs (after all 2 out of 3 perfect titles reviewed offer up variations in sex instead of the
same genre over and over).


I think I said all that needs to be said. All we need now is a “Sequel”… soon, Critical
Mass, soon.

Shino schools up 4 fully functional sex lessons out of 5.

Critical Mass/Vanilla Series’ Endless Serenade

4 Second Chances out of 5

For months it seemed as if we would never see a perfect title, only now we’ve seen
three perfect titles in as many months. This is, by the way, as important to Critical Mass’
as Blue Eyes’ 5 out of 5 was to Icarus Publishing, because this is also the first Anime
Hentai to get a perfect score.

Unlike the two previous 5 out of 5s, Endless Serenade is the first Anime hentai, and also
unlike the other two it is also far shorter than the others by being a 30 minute one shot.
This is 30 minutes of pure solid story intermixed with bursts of sex, plot, and drama all in
a small shot of hentai that is quite affordable (I bought mine on sale from The Right
Stuff International for under $10)! Pity it didn’t have a sequel, but considering they have
recently released a sequel to ReiRei I’m hoping 5 out of 5s like this get a second go.

Yuji (the main man of the title) has been totally hung up on landing his recently
deceased brother’s fiancée that he’s so hung up on (Satsuki). Well, it seems for him
forever is a long year after his death, which is (in a sense) forever since it’s, for
instance, the time you had to wait between the release of Svetlana Chmakova’s
Dramacon V. 1 to this October 2006’s release of V. 2.

Anyway when Yuji’s not suffering from excessive wet dreams about Satsuki he’s working
alongside her (and still suffering in silence) as he continues to hope and hope his
chance with her will come at last. Yeah, you just know nothing good will come of his
pining for this “unattainable” woman. However don’t despair yet, Yuji! Before you start to
go maniac depressive, thinking of pulling a Kratos or a Lemmings or death by watching
48 hours straight of Al Gore’s Current channel you might want to consider an alternative
to Satsuki. Indeed, as he has a hot steamy night of sex with a woman he saw coming
(and yet knows so well) he’s about to find out one essential truth… love, it seems, finds
a way, even if it’s not with the one you thought you should end up with. Lovely.

Now here’s something unique! A love story where true love overcomes, sprinkled with a
smattering of solid sex, solid storytelling both heartfelt and heart rending, and nice
animation that really brings out the solid work of the story and the sex. With it’s solid
content this is perfect, and the low price is only an additional incentive to pick this one
up as soon as possible.

There are a few regrets, yes.

I regret that the story ends just as true love blooms between Yuji and his chosen love,
robbing us of another Sexfriend Hayase/Takabe growing love scenario. Sure, this did
come out in 2003 so MAYBE there’ll be a sequel picking up with this new love growing
and growing, but somehow I seem to doubt that it’ll go further. A pity since I do wish
there was more to this than what we got. I mean, damn, if something like ReiRei can get
a sequel then why can’t a worthy title like this see a sequel in the near future!

Recommended it is, a nice solid high score it gets… darn, now I’m talking like Yoda…
read on, breakdown coming it is-- sigh. Move along.

Endless Breakdown

Hentai Hot?

A solid premise of a hentai one shot that sprinkles a solid story with sex, plot, drama,
heartfelt emotions and solid animation throughout. Well worth owning, and not just
because it comes with a nice low price depending on where you pick it up.

Hentai Not?

I only wish they come up with a sequel for this so we see how Yuji and his lady love’s
relationship grows past this beginning. Otherwise I have no regrets about this one.

Sexy Bytes

Yes, the finale when Yuji finally bonds with his true love, hopefully for good. That’s sexy.

Scary Bytes

Too bad it’s all over once true love blooms where you didn’t see it coming. That and
hopefully he’s all over with his excessive wet dreams that seem to lack focus during the
heat of “sex”… yeah.


Not even a desire to see a sequel on this one will diminish the final score on Endless

Solid, recommended, and available at a nice low price if you look hard enough. What
more is there to ask?

I’ll give this one 5 second chances at true love out of 5... Now love on, everyone, love

Icarus Publishing’ Patchwork

4 elven dickgirls out of 5... Wow!

Speaking of love, here’s some love for Icarus Publishing with another solid score… feel
free to send anymore review material anytime soon… (sorry, I had to ask).

With the exception of Slave Contract it seems I have the three anthologies Icarus sent
me on track for 4 out of 5 scores. Next month will be the second review of three to get a
4 out of 5 but for now it’s Patchwork.

An anthology of stories that seemingly have no connection to one another (a
“patchwork” of tales), we have a nice fistful of hentai here. Some I liked, some I didn’t, of
the ones I did like…

- In “ Feel Free to Come Up” we witness that special kind of love that can only be
shared between a man and his… and his… rabbit girl? OK, she only has rabbit ears
(long) and a little cute cottontail on her rear but she’s 100% all hot woman… and she’s
hungry! (No, not that hungry though there’s enough of that to “feed” reader appetites).

Well, don’t just stand there, man! Cook! Cook like the wind!

- In “Used Dolls” (Iiiiiitttttssss…. SHOWTIME!) a man gets his thing on with the Cultural
Club teacher who is hot as heck, and looks like she just up and swallowed a whole
mouthful… of crazy. See little hand puppets be used in ways only seen in badly done
porn flicks (only we will forgive her for being unhinged -- maybe -- uh… yeah. Maybe.)

- In “Like A Leech” a guy named Sirius (no relation to Black or his relative Harry Potter)
gets his LOTR fix on by totally banging an elf girl only to end up becoming all curvy and
female as she becomes a dick(elf)girl… technically speaking does this make their
relationship all lesbian in nature or not?

- In “Point of Slumber” a bedridden male gets the best “nurse” anyone could have in a
caring young lady who seems to be possibly family (or close like family in a friendship
way) though she won’t let that stop her from bringing him the medicine, and comfort,
and hot sex to put him to bed. Yow!

- Snobby female thinks she has this guy on her finger in the two part “Under the Open
Umbrella”… until he like totally finds out while spying on her having a gangbang, which
leads to him finding true love with another woman who actually cares about him (good
for her)!

A taste of what Patchwork has for you. It’s Showti-- I mean Breakdown time.

Patchwork SHOWTIME!

Hentai Hot?

It’s a nice solid little anthology of short tales by Rego Yokoi. I didn’t like them all, but
when it’s all said and done I liked it more than dissed it. Solid sex and solid story, good

Hentai Not?

I honestly can’t think of a thing I am down about here. Nothing.

Sexy Bytes?

Most of it gets my approval, and should be worthy of your attention.

Scary Bytes?

Let’s see… I could mention the Woman who uses hand puppets as a little diversion for
something usually only done by doctors… eew. And I could mention the little strange
romps with one rabbit woman and one elven dickgirl… but I already said all that so nuff


Once again I said all that I could say, so I won’t say no more… except the score.

Patchwork knits and sews up a quilt that scores 4 out of 5 at the judge’s corner.

Next Month

“Innocence”, “Slave Nurses” and a harsh “Spotlight” on pop idol sex (maybe)… oh darn.
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