Sexaudia is an fun and senusual site that is dedicated
to all things that deal with sex.
My favorite subject.

The station focuses on promoting sex education
through entertainment and an overall open attitude
toward human sexuality.

Sexaudia is the world's first and only online radio station
dedicated to all things sex 24/7.

The station is 100% free and was first launched January
15, 2006

Theres much to listen to and do while on the site.
You can listen to discreet confessions, and ErosMusic.
Or you can listen to sexy interviews.

The site is easy to use and you can listen to previously
aired shows in their archive or check out the schedule on
the site to find out when your favorite show will air. You
can even make a request for your favorite show.

For those who enjoy keeping up on sex related news.
Sexaudia covers various topics from safe sex, to sex
addiction, masturbation, porn news, and sex related
politics to name a few.

There is a forum to discuss erotic topics with other
listeners and sex minded people like yourself.

Or you can listen to Doctor Dick give advice to listeners.

My favorite part of the site is SexaudiaTheater. In this
area of the site you can listen to audio erotica via
podcast, spoken word erotica, and erotic music with
great trance tracks that have sex/orgasm sounds
overlaid or mixed in. Its really hot!

Yesterday I was listening to audio erotica that was very
tasteful and entertaining.  Definitely a must for those who
like to get more personal with stories and experience in

Sexaudia is a sexy site that pushes the boundary on sex
and opens your mind to all aspects of sexuality.

Want to learn more? Listen to the radio station from this

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted June 2007 button